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3000 Pinewood Avenue, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7Y7| Phone: 604-464-2513| Contact Us
Pinetree Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Ms. R. Armstrongrarmstrong@sd43.bc.caPEWebsite
Ms. M. Babcockmbabcock@sd43.bc.caMath
Ms. A. Brackenabracken@sd43.bc.caScience
Ms. Y. Chanychan@sd43.bc.caScience
Ms. L. Charltonlcharlton@sd43.bc.caScience
Mr. R. Cooperrcooper@sd43.bc.caScience
Ms. I. Cuiicui@sd43.bc.caMath
Mr. C. Davieschdavies@sd43.bc.caPE
Mr. D. Floresdflores@sd43.bc.caMath
Ms. J. Hopkinjhopkin@sd43.bc.caSocial StudiesWebsite
Mr. M. Iacobuccimiacobucci@sd43.bc.caSocial StudiesWebsite
Mr. L. Irelandlireland@sd43.bc.caPEWebsite
Mr. S. Jacksjack@sd43.bc.caPEWebsite
Ms. R. Jacksonrejackson@sd43.bc.caHome EconomicsWebsite
Mr. C. Kachorckachor@sd43.bc.caTechnology Education
Mr. P. Kerrpkerr@sd43.bc.caSocial StudiesWebsite
Ms. C. Kingcking@sd43.bc.caBusiness
Ms. P. Korbypkorby@sd43.bc.caLanguagesWebsite
Ms. C. Kwokckwok@sd43.bc.caStudent Services
Ms. E. Lamelam@sd43.bc.caEALWebsite
Mr. S. Lauslau@sd43.bc.caMath
Ms. C. Leecolee@sd43.bc.caLanguagesWebsite
Mr. H. Leonghleong@sd43.bc.caLibraryLibrary Website
Ms. B. Leslieeleslie@sd43.bc.caLanguagesWebsite
Mr. G. Linglin@sd43.bc.caMath
Mrs. K. Lockwoodklockwood@sd43.bc.caScienceWebsite
Mr. P. Lockwoodplockwood@sd43.bc.caScienceWebsite
Ms. N. Lovelocknlovelock@sd43.bc.caDrama
Mr. A. Lualu@sd43.bc.caInformation TechnologyE Sports Website
Ms. L. Lulilu@sd43.bc.caBusiness
Ms. V. Martinovamartino@sd43.bc.caScience
Mr. E. McDonaldemcdonald@sd43.bc.caScience
Mr. E. Melnik emelnik@sd43.bc.caSocial StudiesWebsite
Mrs. K. Mobiliokmobilio@sd43.bc.caPEWebsite
Ms. S. Mohamed Alismohamedali@sd43.bc.caPE
Mr. K. Nelsonkenelson@sd43.bc.caCounselling
Ms. N. Shottonnshotton@sd43.bc.caTechnology Education
Mr. J. Szejsze@sd43.bc.caMathWebsite
Ms. T. Tsengttseng@sd43.bc.caMath
Ms. L. Ugonotti lugonotti@sd43.bc.caSocial Studies
Dr. O. Uttingoutting@sd43.bc.caScience
Mr. K. Waznykwazny@sd43.bc.caPE
Mr. D. Wintermansdwintermans@sd43.bc.caPE
Mr. I. Wongiwong@sd43.bc.caArt/Photo

Pinetree Secondary School

3000 Pinewood Avenue, Coquitlam BC
V3B 7Y7
604-464-2513 604-937-8056
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Our school strives to keep our community informed. However, during urgent events, visit to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.