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Pinetree Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Pinetree Parent Advisory Council

​​Presidents:   Natalie Wang

Secretary:  Shirley Xin     

Treasurer:  Nazanin Habibollahi
DPAC Reps:   Maria Ledezma

All parents are encouraged to attend PAC meetings.

 To Contact the Pinetree PAC please email: 

2023 DPAC Summit Resources

2023 DPAC Summit

2023 DPAC Summit presentations: slide decks shared by the presenters.

2023 DPAC Summit Brochure which includes:

  • a welcome message from our President and Executive Director
  • the Schedule of Events for each day, with details about the sessions and presenters
  • information from our Sponsors and Exhibitors


What is a school PAC?


A school PAC (Parent Advisory Council) is a body that through the school act gives parents the right to provide feedback in their child’s school. PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents. The PAC is a forum within each school community to discuss matters affecting the school and the education of its students.


Below is a link to the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils with more information on what is a PAC and how they work and a PDF document about PACs.


Parent Advisory Council.pdf


September 26th  2023 Minutes Pinetree PAC.pdfSeptember 26th 2023 Minutes Pinetree PACClose, Janine
April 18th 2023 Minutes Pinetree PAC.pdfApril 18th 2023 Minutes Pinetree PACClarke, Jeremy
Jan 24 2023 Minutes Pinetree PAC.pdfJan 24 2023 Minutes Pinetree PACClarke, Jeremy
October 18 2022 Minutes Pinetree PAC.pdfOctober 18 2022 Minutes Pinetree PACClarke, Jeremy
September 21 2022 Minutes Pinetree PAC.pdfSeptember 21 2022 Minutes Pinetree PACClarke, Jeremy
May 2022 Minutes.pdfMay 2022 MinutesClarke, Jeremy
January 18 2022 Minutes.pdfJanuary 18 2022 MinutesClarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov23_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov23_2021Clarke, Jeremy
Pinetree Secondary Minutes of PAC General Meeting Oct 19.pdfPinetree Secondary Minutes of PAC General Meeting Oct 19Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_May11_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_May11_2021Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_April13_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_April13_2021Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Jan12_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Jan12_2021Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov17_2020_.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov17_2020_Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct20_2020.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct20_2020Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Sept22_2020.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Sept22_2020Pearson, Donnette
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_April9_2020.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_April9_2020Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov. 5_2019.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov. 5_2019Pearson, Donnette
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Dec3_2019.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Dec3_2019Pearson, Donnette
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct15_2019 (002).pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct15_2019 (002)Clarke, Jeremy

Pinetree Secondary School

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