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Pinetree Secondary School
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​Letter emailed to parents  April 24, 2020

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

As part of the graduation program all students on the Dogwood graduation program need to complete Career Life Connections (CLC). This is a course that runs all year that students complete for the most part online. Our CLC teachers have been working with students since the first week of school with our students to meet the learning outcomes of the course. The final piece of the course was to be the Capstone presentations that had been scheduled for April 17 in a face to face format. With the changes due to Covid-19 those presentations in the face to face format were postponed. Our CLC teachers have come up with a plan for students to complete the final piece of the course by doing the following:

  • Asynchronous presentations – students will video tape their presentations and upload to Teams
  • Students will have a choice of presentation dates : April 30, May 7 or May 14
  • Students will present to their own CLC teacher
  • Students who do not present to their CLC teacher on one of the above mentioned dates will need to present to the school administration before June 19th

If you have any questions please work with your student and reach out to their CLC teacher. Below is the message that was shared by all CLC teachers with their students through Microsoft Teams:

CLC Capstone Update – Apr 20, 2020

Your Capstone presentation is a mandatory part of CLC 12 and your graduation program. The criteria remains the same; however, in these unusual times, we are asking you to make your presentation by pre-recorded video. You will record your Capstone presentation and share it by video using Microsoft Stream. Your audience is your CLC Teacher, and you may be invited to share your presentation with peers (optional).

You can do a screen capture using PPT or another screen capture tool. You can launch a solo-meeting in Teams, share your PPT on the screen, and record your presentation using Teams. You can use the Stream APP on your iPhone or Android device and upload the video to your Office 365 account. Once you record your Capstone presentation on video, post it to Stream, and share the link in your Teams Assignment.

We realize this is a change in plans, so we're asking you to choose your due date. Once you choose your due date, you must stick with it.  Students who do not upload their video presentations by May 15th will be expected to present in person to a member of the administration.

The online form to choose their Capstone presentation date as well as links for Video tutorials is in Microsoft Teams.

Pinetree Administration β€‹

Career Life Connections Teachers


Welcome! Career Life Connections is the grade 12 course replacing Grad Transitions (GT). This course is required for graduation, and you will get a letter grade and a percent mark on your report card. This course will cover topics such as financial health, working safe, employment trends, health and wellness, goal setting, and making powerful presentations. 

This course will be delivered in a blended format. 

Blended means online and face-to-face. Once a month you will attend a seminar with your CLC teacher.  You will also follow-up with your CLC teacher in small group and one-on-one conversations every month. Your CLC teacher will be in touch with you to arrange these conversations. You will submit assignments online using Microsoft Teams each month. This year-long course will culminate in a capstone presentation in April 2020. 


We will cover the following topics.  Dates are subject to change.



Sept. 4 Intro to CLC/Personal Profile 
Sept. 5 Passion and Vision 
Sept. 6 Schedules/Follow up 
Oct. 2 Health and Wellness 
Nov. 6 Employment Trends 
Dec. 4 Present Your Best Self 
Jan. 8 Financial Health 
Jan. 20 Networking and Connections 
Feb. 5 Working Safe 
Mar. 11 Capstone Preparation 
Apr. 16 

Final Capstone Presentations 

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