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Technology Education

Welcome to the Technology Education Department.

"As technology assumes an increasingly dominant role in socienty, technological literacy is becoming as essential as numeracy skills and the ability to reach and write." (The Ministry of Education) Pinetree Secondary's Technology Education program offers a variety of exciting focus areas and is designed for all students. The introductory courses give Grade 9 students valuable experiences to help make future program decisions. Technology courses provide an opportunity to build experiences and samples that can be included in students' Graduation Portfolios. These courses include a "basic concepts" grade 11 and 12 course with several "advanced skills" grade 12 courses as well. Take part in the fun and challenge of exploring, designing, creating, and problem solving. Tech Ed is definitely a 'hands-on' experience where learning comes from doing - - don't leave Pinetree without it!

Courses & Course Information:


Students will learn how to safely use tools and equipment to design, create and finish their own projects. Students will work independently and in groups. The goal of the course is to have students develop their own ideas within a theme and using skills taught create quality products of which they can be proud. If you enjoyed working with wood in grade 8, then this is the course for you!

CJ11 is similar to Wood Design 9 level except that, as an intermediate course, more emphasis will be placed on student independence and involvement. Students will be exploring the fundamentals of furniture and cabinet construction. Every effort will be made to develop experiences similar to those found in industry and the community. A review of safety and machine use will begin the course. If you are thinking about a career in the woodwork industry or you just want to design and build furniture then CJ11 is the place to start. (AS)

CARPENTRY & JOINERY 12: Furniture Construction
Prerequisite: Wood Design & Manufacturing 9 or CJ11
CJF12 is a level 2 course that will focus on furniture construction, quality design, materials (primarily solid wood), joinery, construction techniques and wood finishing. Students will design, plan and build custom pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, nightstands etc. within guided themes. Students will be involved in all stages of the decision making process and to a large extent will determine the direction and success of their experience. Included in CJF12 will be a review of machine use and shop safety. CJF12 is designed for the student who really enjoys working with wood and wants to build beautiful things. (AS)

CARPENTRY & JOINERY 12: Woodcraft Products
Prerequisite: Wood Design & Manufacturing 9 or CJ11
CJW12 is a level 2 course that is designed for the artistic woodworker interested in working in expressive media such as carving, intarsia, inlay, marquetry and woodturning. Instruction will be directed towards having students build a sampling of fine woodwork projects like clocks, small storage boxes, games, toys and folk art. (AS)


This course introduces students to the concepts of design and visual communication by developing skills in technical drawing. As an exploratory course, many areas will be covered including sketching, modeling, 2D and 3D drafting, computer animation, CADD, computer graphics and design. Approximately half of the course is computer based and the other half hand done. Students will also have the opportunity to explore ‘design passion’ areas of their own choosing, from Architecture to Fashion Design and will develop an excellent set of skills for many career and life choices.

DD 11 is similar to the 9 level except that, as a senior course, emphasis will be placed on student independence and involvement in project designs and focus on working in a 3D environment. Basic hand and computer skills will be reviewed as well as computer animation, 3D CADD, architecture & interior design. Students who have completed D&D 9 will work on passion projects during the basic skills units. All students will have the opportunity to explore their ‘design passions’ with the help of the teacher. This course is a must for anyone thinking about a career that may include architecture, design, technical drawing, or presentations. (AS)

Drafting& Design12: Technical Visualization
(Computer Animation)
Prerequisite: Drafting & Design 9 or 11
DDT 12 is a level 2 Computer Animation and Modeling course for those who have had experience in Animation and Modeling and wish to pursue their interests and ability by developing intermediate and advanced skills in Computer Animation. 3DMAX 4 will be the primary computer tool used in the course. The course will also include a portfolio development unit in which students will acquire skills and materials useful to them in future employment and academic applications. Topics will include Wireframe and Solid Modeling techniques; sketching and storyboards; Rendering and Output to video; post production and sound. The first part of the course will focus on tutorials and building skills while the latter part will involve creation of student designed models and animations. Students may need to work in partners for part of the time due to the high cost of the software. (AS)

DRAFTING & DESIGN 12: Architecture & Habitat Design
Prerequisite: Drafting & Design 11
DDH 12 is an advanced, level 2 course for those who have a passion for architecture or interior design and are considering it as a career choice. The course will also include a portfolio development unit in which students will acquire skills and materials useful to them in future employment and academic applications. Students will explore form, function, structure, design principles & elements, cultural & historic influences, prominent designers, architectural styles, project management, design processes, 2D & 3D sketching, technical drawing, modeling and presentation. Both computer and hand methods will be used. There are five modules that students may focus on for their course project: Furniture and Cabinet Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. (AS)

DRAFTING & DESIGN 12: Advanced Design
Prerequisite: Drafting & Design 11 or 12
DDA 12 is an advanced level 3 course meant as a guided independent study where students will explore and develop their particular design passions. At this level some form of liaison with local companies and institutions may be developed to allow the student to experience the "real world" of design first hand. The course will also include a portfolio development unit in which students will acquire skills and materials useful to them in future employment and academic applications. Possible areas include architecture, mechanical drawing, animation, CAD/CAM, engineering, fashion design, sign making and commercial design. (AS)


This course is designed to provide a basic education in areas related to the automotive industry. Students are permitted as much latitude as possible to develop their skills from either a general interest or a career point of view. This course is a mixture of related theory and practical experience. Emphasis is on general concepts and theories as well as shop safety and the correct use of tools and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of automobiles. (AS)

Prerequisite: Automotive Technology 11
This level 2 course builds upon the groundwork of Automotive Technology 11. Further theoretical work and comprehensive practical work are undertaken. The scope of the course is limited only by the interest and ability of the student. Emphasis is placed on practical experience, work organization and theoretical knowledge. (AS)

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 12: Engine & Drive Train
Prerequisite: Automotive Technology 12
This level 3 course is for career focused students wishing to enter the automotive industry and for students who want more practical experience in the automotive shop setting. The focus of the course is "Engines and Drive Trains" with as much "hands-on" work as possible. (AS)

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 12: Electricity & Electronics
Prerequisite: Automotive Technology 12
This level 3 course is for career focused students wishing to enter the automotive industry and for students who want more practical experience in the automotive shop setting. The focus of the course is "Electricity and Electronics" with as much hands-on work as possible. (AS)


EL11 will cover basic electronic knowledge and practical skills for DC and AC electronics. Theory will be interspersed throughout the course to provide the foundation for successful project work. The use of test equipment such as oscilloscopes and digital multi-meters will be included along with projects involving printed circuit board construction and multi-material product enclosures. At present, students will be building a series of small, fun projects such as light chasers, colour organs and laser light shows. If time permits students may also explore simple robotics. (AS)

Prerequisite: Electronics 11
EL12 is a level 2 course where students will be encouraged to develop projects of personal interest. Also, each student will build a DC power supply to be used for powering circuit testing and development. Theory in the area of digital electronics will be covered. Also covered will be the basics of AC household wiring. Students will be expected to actively participate in the research and development of new systems and solutions to a variety of electronics problems. (AS)


This program will be presented as a series of student "challenges" that will help develop skills needed to succeed in our technological society. Where possible "challenges" will be driven by student interests. There will be both individual and group work. This course will build skills in the safe use of a variety of materials such as metal, wood and plastics along with the tools to work these materials. We will cover the principals of design both by hand and using computers. Safety and the safe use of tools and supplies will be taught throughout the course. A component of the course will be directed at methods of transforming and transmitting power and energy. This may include a unit on 2 and 4 stroke engines and their repair. A great starter course for those with broad interests in Applied Technology!

|As an introductory course, Art Metal & Jewelry 12 is a course open to students of all abilities who have a love of design and creation with a focus on jewelry and metal. Intended topics will include: design; sketching & drawing; safety; tool use; casting; brazing; silver soldering; gas and MIG welding; working with semi-previous stones and metals; sculpture (metal art). Projects will be based on student interest wherever possible and could include: ring making; pendants; earrings; 3D metal designs; belt buckles; scroll work; etc. The course will also look at the history, cultural significance, and career opportunities related to jewelry making and metal. So if you like working with metal, love all those cool shows that work with metal (American Chopper; Monster Garage) and want to be able to wear jewelry that you designed, then this is the course for you! (AS)


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