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Pinetree Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

Welcome to the Music Department.

Music courses at Pinetree are generally performance courses. There are a wide variety of music courses, from beginning to advanced, that allow students to participate in the making of fine music at whatever grade level they participate. All performers at Pinetree (Instrumental and Choral) are required to perform at a number of concerts. Music students will be given the opportunity to attend concerts and workshops as part of their appreciation and understanding of the elements and principals of music. The Pinetree Music Department also offers music students the opportunity to participate in the annual Spring Tour and other field trips related to performing and appreciation.


Concert Band 9(BEG) & (ADV); Concert Band 10/11/12
Band courses are offered from basic instruction on how to achieve success on a musical instrument through to the interpretation of musical scores and the development of young musicians into high quality performers. Each grade level introduces new musical concepts with an emphasis on developing musical maturity. Repertoire is chosen to emphasize the techniques that are expected for each grade level. Students will experience a wide range of music, including standard Concert Band literature, marches, show tunes and popular tunes. (FA)

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: Jazz Band 9/10/11/12
Students enrolling in Jazz Band must also be enrolled in a Concert Band class. Jazz Band courses are an extension of the Concert Band Program and feature the opportunity for students to play in the jazz and popular styles. Jazz Band requires specific instrumentation including: saxophones, trumpets, trombones and a rhythm section. Students who play these instruments will be most interested in Jazz Band, although students may wish to double on one of these instruments if their first instrument is a more traditional Concert Band instrument. (FA)

CHORAL MUSIC: Concert Choir 9/10/11/12
Choral classes are offered at each grade level. To enroll in Choir, students must have a strong desire to do well musically and be prepared to work at developing their technical singing skills. Students may take Choral 9 with no previous vocal experience. Choral students move into more difficult music quickly and will be singing excellent music before the first year is over. Each grade level offers further maturing of the choral techniques necessary for more sophisticated music. Music is selected to represent the various styles of choral literature, from the classics to the latest popular music. (FA)

CHORAL MUSIC: Vocal Jazz 9/10/11/12
Students enrolling in Vocal Jazz must also be enrolled in a Concert Choir course. Vocal jazz courses are an extension of the Concert Choir Program and feature the opportunity for students to sing in the jazz and popular styles. Some rhythm section players will be needed, and Band students who play drums, bass or piano are welcome to audition for Vocal Jazz ensembles. (FA)

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: Beginner Guitar 9 OR 11
This is an introductory course for students with little or no previous experience on the guitar. Students who play guitar at a moderate level and who read music already should not take this course. If a student has questions regarding the level of this course, she/he should see the instructor. This is a non-performance course designed to teach students basic chords and how to read guitar music. In addition to learning many songs, students will learn strumming, picking and classical techniques. Barre chords will also be introduced. The school will supply guitars and music. (FA)

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: Intermediate Guitar 11
This course is designed as a continuation of the skills presented in Beginning Guitar. Further emphasis will be on developing note reading skills, barre chords, and more advanced accompaniment styles. Students must be able to read music notation (FA)

This course is designed as a continuation of the skills presented in Intermediate Guitar. Further emphasis will be on developing note-reading skills, barre chords, and more advanced accompaniment styles. (FA)


Introductory Course
This course is designed as an introduction to music composition and the use of MIDI (computer) technology. Classes will be a combination of classroom and lab work using MIDI equipment. Previous music experience is helpful but not essential, as students will learn relevant music theory and basic piano keyboard skills. If you want to try composing music and would enjoy working in a mini-recording studio format, this course is for you! (FA)


Advanced Course
This course will be a continuation of Music Composition 9 or 11, refining the MIDI skills learned in the introductory course. Students will explore different styles of music and different types of music software. Project work will be emphasized. Students will create their own music in different styles using a variety of software and be given the opportunity to perform their own musical creations. (FA)


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