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Pinetree Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Media Arts

Purpose: To create the school yearbook.
Technical: Digital photography, scanning, photo manipulation software (Photoshop), graphics software (Illustrator), and most importantly page layout software (inDesign).
Practical: To learn layout design and composition as well as how to take quality photos.

Final Note: This course demands that students are hard working and mature. Students in this course are responsible for meeting tight deadlines without creating errors. (AS)

DesktopPublishing12 (BA) (yearbook)
Purpose: To create the school yearbook.
Technical: Advanced levels of software as well as file management, and shipping procedures.
Practical: Organize the DTP 11 students, organize the book, and create many of the templates.

Final Note: This course is not for everyone. It demands a level of commitment beyond classes. As a commitment to the rest of the student body, the editor is responsible for creating a record of the year at Pinetree that will last generations.

Purpose: To introduce students to commercial graphics.
Technical: Computer—Photoshop, Illustrator, printing, scanning, digital photo manipulation, tradigital (cross-over between tradition art making & digital). Drawing—perspective, line work, rendering. Also, students will learn colour theory, composition, and the other "Elements and Principles of Design".
Practical: Projects change every year. One half of the course is electronic and one half is traditional mediums (pen/ink, pencils, printmaking, etc.).

Final Note: Students should exit with the ability to read and communicate visually. (FA)

Prerequisite: Graphics 11 or previous graphics or computer experience, subject to review.
Purpose: Students will be given the opportunity to pursue individual aspects of commercial design.
Technical: Will depend upon the student’s goals. Computer: advanced photoshop, illustrator, digital portfolio creation, inDesign, and multiprogram projects. Drawing—advanced layering, colouring, and methods for professional level output.
Practical: Students will be able to create projects of their own choosing as well as creating some projects that are important in a portfolio.

Final Note: Students exiting Graphics 12 will exit with a professional level portfolio. (FA)

Purpose: An introduction to broadcast television and film.
Technical: Learn the proper use of equipment, such as microphones, cameras, dollys, switchers, mixers, patch bays, teleprompter, computers, lighting and much more.
Practical: How to create ENGs (electronic news gathering), story-boarding , follow live broadcast procedures, compose the image in a frame, as well as how to edit footage on computers.

Final Note: Students will be able to do all of the above as well as learn how to critique the media and use the course as an opportunity to add their voice to the world around them. (FA)

Purpose: An introduction to filmmaking.
Technical: Learn all production phases of digital filmmaking, editing software (Final Cut Express), Photoshop, Flash; Garage Band; advanced techniques such as green/blue-screening, motion graphics.
Practical: Learn how to write and format a movie script, story-board, advanced camera techniques & composition; advanced editing techniques.

Final Note: Students will be able to do all of the above as well as learn how to critique the media and use the course as an opportunity to add their voice to the world around them.

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