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Pinetree Secondary School
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Business Education

Welcome to the Business Education Department.

Pinetree's Business Education includes a wide variety of courses ranging from marketing to accounting. This department is strongly recommeded for students who wish to pursue a career in this field, as all the basics, from managing your own store to creating advertising campaigns, can be learned here. The courses are on a semester basis, and therefore new material is taught everyday.

Courses & Course Information:

Ask anyone, this will be the most useful course you take at high school. This course will develop keyboarding proficiency both as a personal life skill, and as a foundation for career development. Students will learn to touch key to industry acceptable standards as well as create personal, school and business documents using word processing software. This course is designed for the beginner as well as those who wish to increase their speed and accuracy.

This course is an excellent foundation for students who intend to get jobs in the business world, become self-employed or take post-secondary business courses. As an introduction to bookkeeping procedures and accounting concepts, this course allows students to be aware of and capable of completing the basic accounting cycle and financial statements for a small business. (AS)

ACCOUNTING 12 *Prerequisite: Accounting 11
Get a job as an accounting clerk and make money on the stock market! Using industry standard software (Simply Accounting), students set up an automated accounting system, analyze and solve accounting problems and generate accounting reports. Students will also analyze and compare the financial statements of companies on the stock market for the purpose of investment. This course is ideal for students seeking employment in accounting or pursuing a business program at the post-secondary level. (AS)

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 12 *Prerequisite: Accounting 11
Do you want a head-start at college or university? Students will generate, compare, analyze and problem solve with the more advanced methods and statements in the accounting cycle. This course is ideal for students pursuing a business program at the post-secondary level. Note: Dual Credit with Accounting 110 at Douglas College is possible after completing this course. (AS)

What is the business world all about?

Students will learn about advertising, money, communications and creating their own businesses using computer software programs. Students will learn basic business concepts and apply them to a variety of technologies such as e-mail, Internet, word-processing, spreadsheets and graphics. This course is an excellent foundation of business knowledge and skills and introduces students to the senior business education curriculum.

Computers are everywhere; learn how to use one! This course is a practical introduction to business software programs used in industry. Students will gain skills in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics and telecommunications including e-mail and the Internet. Upon completion of this course, students will feel confident in their use of the computer for personal, business and post-secondary needs. (AS)

DATA MANAGEMENT 12 *Prerequisite: Business Computer Applications 11
Building on the skills learned in Business Computer Applications 11, this course offers more advanced skills and more complex business problem solving using industry standard versions of word processing, spreadsheet, Internet, database and graphics software. This course will leave you prepared, confident and equipped with the skills to use computers in the business world. Note: Dual credit with CISY 110 at Douglas College is possible. (AS)

Want to be successful? . . . Learn to market and sell!!!

The retailing focus of this course will lend itself to creative, practical, and activity-based projects. Through a variety of opportunities, students are exposed to the latest trends in retail marketing. The final marketing plan will allow students to express their own creativity while applying advanced marketing concepts. This course is ideal for students seeking employment in sales and marketing or pursuing a business program at the post-secondary level. (AS)

MARKETING 12 Prerequisite: Marketing 11
Think Marketing 11 was fun? Students will create packaging, study international marketing, and develop an ad campaign for a product of their choice. As well, this course provides students with an opportunity to gain practical marketing and management experience for their resume. This course will be beneficial to anyone interested in running their own business and/or pursuing business programs at post-secondary. (AS)

This introduction to economics includes the study of economic principles such as supply and demand, national output, consumption, economic and financial systems, role of government, fiscal policy, interest rates, inflation and international trade. Students may compete in a business simulation game and learn the breadth of the investing realm. This is an ideal course for students pursuing post-secondary education in Commerce, Business Administration or Social Studies. Following this course students have the opportunity to write the Advanced Placement course in Economics. (AS)

Make money...manage your own boss! Do you have what it takes to run your own business? Get started on that new business idea before graduation! Learn by finding out what other successful young entrepreneurs have to say. Students will study the traits and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs, as well as examine a business plan for a product or service of their choice. Areas of instruction include identifying profitable opportunities, developing sales and expense forecasts, acquiring financing, and promoting ideas. This course is ideal for students who want to run their own business or pursue business programs at post-secondary. (AS)


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