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École Glen Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Registration at Ecole Glen Elementary School

 KINDERGARTEN registration for September 2017

Children must be 5 by December 31, 2017 to register for Kindergarten  (born 2012)

STEPS- Glen is an at capacity school.

1. Click here to visit the school locator to make sure you live in the Glen Catchment Area. There is one catchment for French and another one for the English program.

2.  English Kindergarten Registration   -

 As of July 2016, Glen has a waiting list for enrollment in 17/18 , if we are unable to place your child at Glen the Principal will locate another school. We are of course hopeful that we will be able to accept more students based on families moving over the summer period. There is one additional spaces to add an new classroom, all other classes are at maximum class size.

Kindergarten French Immersion Registration- This is a district process that has now been completed January 12 - January 18  at

This is a program for non-francophone students to become bilingual. Instruction is provided entirely in French during the first years, with English-language instruction added gradually starting formally in grade 4.

3. Bring all orginal documents to the registration.               

Click here for a list of required documents. Also bring your child's record of immunization.   It will speed up the registration process if you bring photocopies of your documents for our files as well as the originals.  We must see the originals.

*For families applying for a cross catchment school it is very important that you register at your child's home school.

What can I do to help my child succeed in Kindergarten?

  • read with your child every day (in English or any language) even for 10 minutes (more is better)
  • talk about everything you do to help develop their communication skills
  • play a lot, especially outside (builds problem solving and communication skills and helps children manage stress)
  • use crayons, scissors and glue to develop fine motor skills needed for school
  • learn to put on their own coat and shoes (velcro) so that they can succeed next September (1 teacher 22 children)
  • limit screen time (TV, games , phone and movies) to no more than 1 hour per day
  • develop a regular bedtime routine (5 year old children need 10-12 hours of sleep)



1. Click here to visit the school locator to make sure that you live in the catchment area for Glen (the area that we serve). We are not able to register your child until a few days before you are phyically living in the catchment area.

2. Call the school office  604 464 6608  beginning August 28th 9am -2:30pm (summer hours) to set up a time to register. Please allow 30-40 minutes for registration.

3. Bring all the required documents needed to register your child. Click here for a check list of required documents.

As of July 2017, Glen has a waiting list for enrollment in 17/18 if we are unable to place your child at Glen the Principal will locate a space in the nearest school that has space. There is one additional clasroom space to add a new classroom all other classes are at maximum class size. The decision to add a class is made by the District Leadership, the decision is based on the children in physical attendance and on a waiting list during the first week of school.

Glen Elementary has two programs:

1.   French Immersion (district application process, now closed).

2.    English

      Class sizes for all classes in British Columbia are as follows:

      Kindergarten                                          20 students

      Kindergarten/ Grade 1                     20 students

      Grade 1-3                                                 22 students

      Grade 3/ Grade 4                                24 students

      Grade 4-7                                                28 students

Beginning September 2017 a Supreme Court of Canada Ruling also limits the number of children that are either EAL Level 1 or have an identified learnng need in each class. In some cases, classes sizes may be required to be further reduced.Class size limits are not flexible.  Student enrollment can change often as new students register and current students leave. Each decision is based on the available information we have at the time of the request for placement. Once the school year begins, wait lists are not keep by schools, as all schools work to help children begin their learning as soon as possible and settle into a classroom.


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