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Pinetree Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)


The Pinetree Secondary Library is an integral part of the school’s educational program.  It reflects and supports the philosophy of the school; it shares and implements the school’s aims and objectives.  As well as providing materials and services to staff and students, the library has a positive, active teaching role. 
The principal aim of the Pinetree Secondary’s library program is to assist students to become informed decision makers and life-long learners.  To achieve this goal, teachers and the teacher-librarian cooperate as teaching partners to plan and implement units of study.  Essential to the success of the library’s objectives is the support of the administration, staff, and students.


1. Pinetree Secondary students will learn the skills and strategies necessary to locate, analyze, evaluate, organize, and communicate and present information from a variety of sources.
2. The library will make available resources which will enrich and support the curriculum and extend the students’ knowledge and experience taking into consideration variations in educational abilities, learning styles, and interests.
3. The operational functions of the library will be organized in such a way that teachers and students will receive efficient service.
4. The library will foster a pleasant, attractive, and inviting atmosphere which is conducive to appropriate behaviour, and which will stimulate learning, research, and recreational reading.


1. With class bookings, the teacher-librarians and teacher will plan assignments in advance and will
· Formulate the learning objectives for each unit
· Plan the learning activities to accomplish these objectives that need to be taught/ reinforced
· Determine the resources needed to accomplish these objectives
Both the teacher and teacher-librarian will be actively involved in teaching and supervising the students.
2.  Small groups and individuals are welcome to use the library for studying, reading, research, and for the completion of assignments and homework.


1. In selecting materials for purchase, the teacher-librarian evaluates the existing collection to determine immediate and long term objectives, and consults reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aids and specialists from all subject areas.
2. Criteria for the selection of materials include the following:
· Overall purpose
· Timeliness or permanence
· Importance of the subject matter
· Quality of the writing / production
· Readability and popular appeal
· Authoritativeness
· Reputation of the publisher/ producer
· Reputation and significance of the author/ artist /producer
· Format and price
3. Requests for materials from teachers and students will be accepted only on the condition that they meet the criteria for selection.
4. Gifts of materials will be entered into the collection on the condition that they meet the criteria for selection.
5. Out-of-date or no longer useful materials will be withdrawn from the collection.


   Occasional objections to a selection will be raised by the public despite the qualifications of persons who select the materials.  The principles of the freedom to read and of the professional responsibility of the staff must be defended rather than the materials.
    If a complaint is made, the district procedures are as follows:
1. The complaintant will file a written complaint on a “Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources” form available from the library.  This form will be submitted first to the principal and if further action is deemed necessary, the form will then be submitted to a review committee.
2. The material being challenged will be temporarily withdrawn pending a decision.
3. The review committee will
a) read and examine the challenged material
b) check general acceptance of the materials by reading professional reviews
c) weigh values and faults against each other and form opinions based on the materials as a whole and not on passages
d) meet to discuss the material and to prepare a report on it
e) file a copy of the report in the school and administrative offices.

Pinetree Secondary School

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