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Yearbook Needs Your Help

March 25, 2020

This is an urgent request for help with content.   Our deadline is looming and we are challenged with replacing/completing the spring content that was planned.

Please send photos and stories ASAP. Please make sure the send photos in as large a file size as possible (often email will compress images, if you have a choice, please choose 'large' or 'actual' size). Send stories and images to Ms. Denholme at or (if your attachments are over 9MB please use the gmail account and send me a short message to the school district account to check my gmail.)

Here's what we are looking for…

Transportation Page – Please send in photos and stories about how you get around (when we have no movement restrictions in place!). You could send photos and stories about the cars you drive, if you do drive already. You can send photos of yourself with either your “N" or our “L" with stories of what it took to get those decals. You can send photos and stories about how you get around other than driving (bus, bike, walk, giving a drive). You are also welcomed to send up stories about the costs of driving – insurance, gas, driving lessons, test costs.

Unique Talents and Hobbies – if you have any unique talents or hobbies, please send in photos and / or stories that show us what you've been up to this year. Some info about how you got into the hobby or developed the talent would be helpful too.

How are you coping with our distancing – Please send in photos and stories about how you and your families are making the best out of our COVID 19 Global Pause. Photos of family game night, photos of skyping with extended family and friends to keep in touch, photos of getting out in the fresh air while keeping a safe social distance. Also, if your family members are front line workers who are still going to work through this crisis (Health Care Workers of all kinds; First Responders; Grocery and Pharmacy workers; delivery people), please send us their stories (and photos if possible) so that we can honour them our yearbook pages for the important work they are doing for our communities and our Country at this time. As we move back to providing some sort of learning continuity, you could send us photos of you working on class work online (if that is the direction things go). Lastly, feel free to share any life lessons or upside you and your family are taking from our Global Pause.

Grad Lifelong Friendship Page – Have you been friends with Cent classmates for 6 or more years? We still have some space on the Grade 12 Lifelong friendship Page. We need a photo of your and your friend(s) either as kids or a photo of you from earlier this year (before the need to isolate and practice social distancing). We also need a brief comment about the friendship – perhaps how you met, your favourite shared memory from when you were younger, what the friendship means to you both.

Eurotour – If you were supposed to go on Eurotour 2020, please send in photos and stories about how you are spending your time instead OR send us info on what you plan to do, after we have navigated our way through the COVID19 issues, with the money that you would have spent on Europe. Photos and / or stories will be helpful.

Spring Sports – if you have any photos of Jr. Girls Soccer, Badminton, Netball or Rugby that happened before spring break, please send those to Ms. Denholme.

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