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Clubs & Organizations
​​​​2023 2024 Clubs​
​Club Name
DescriptionWho is the teacher sponsor/student contact for this club?
Bio ClubBio club is open to all individuals who have completed Life Sciences 11, or are taking/completed Anatomy and Physiology 12. In this club biology interested students will apply their knowledge and past studies in various health/science related discussions, lectures and labs. Mr. Asano &          
Cent LiftsSo I would like to start a club called cent lifts where we meet a couple times a week and workout and lift together.(basically like a workout club) and we would most likely use the new weight room. Everyone is welcome, whether ur a beginner lifter and want to start working out or experienced and would like to lift with friends. We would encourage each other and hit PR’s (personal records) and just have fun working out
Cent Store Pop Up Shopselling cent store items/handling games at football and other sports games Ms. Baldwin
Centennial Book ClubWe love to read and talk about what we are reading! Join us every 3rd Tuesday in the library after school to share reviews and select a book to read together.Ms. Caldwell
Centennial Dungeons and Dragons ClubPlaying and learning  to play Dungeons and dragonsChris Woodworth 
Centennial Fencing ClubTeaching basics techniques to students that never tried fencing before, and also welcome fencers with experience to improve their techniques with each other.TBA
Centennial Hip Hop CrewCentennial hiphop crew that includes of all levels allowing anyone to sign up. We will also include tricks and breakdancing.  Joelle Sontowski and Olivia kiggundu
Centennial Hiphop Crew- by Olivia Turcott/Kiggundu and JoelleCentennial Hiphop Crew is a club that includes performances of hiphop, will be a dance club of all levels allowing anybody to sign up, will also include tricks and breakdancing.Olivia Kiggundu/Turcott and Joelle Sontowski 
Centennial Robotics ClubWe work on building robots using Vex Robotics Materials and are currently preparing for competitions!Ms. Eaton
Centennial Writers SocietyA club for students who enjoy creative writing and wish to participate in writing exercises and activities with other student writersMs. Hothi
Coding/Programming ClubThis club is for people who have an interest in coding and programming. Open to experienced programmers or people with no experience at all who just want to learn.Ms. Hothi
Eco clubThe purpose of our club is to raise awareness about environmental issues and to make small to large changes within the school to create a better dynamic between the school, students, and its environment. Ms. Curran
F.A.N. Club (Film, Animation, Novels)FAN Club meets every Thursday and we gather to view various films/shows and then discuss them with each other.Ms. Illing/Chazai Caranoo
Filmmaking Club  The filmmaking club is a place where passionate students come together to explore the art of filmmaking. We will get students to do scriptwriting, editing, directing, acting and cinematography. members collaborate to produce short films.with the goal of eventually submitting them to student film festivals. Students will meet during flex and outside of school to make these films. Mr. Novotny 
Forgotten Orphansraising funds through donations for orphans through games, bake sales, donations, other activitiesTBA
Girl Talk Club that provides a safe space for people to share stories, support and fundraise for women centers in the area, and engage in fun activities. Ms. Chambers
Jazz ClubWe are going to be expanding our jazz skills by practicing soloing, sight reading, and jazz standards.Mr. Byrd
Math ClubWe explore different topics in math that are not covered in the BC school curriculum. Some topics that we cover are probability, triangles, and series. Ms. Eaton
MetfestSD43 theatre festivalMr. Novotny
Mind MattersThis club is a safe space for all centennial students! We plan to fundraiser for CMHA, as well as provide support and advice to students who want to learn more about mental health as well as those struggling with their mental health.Ms. Temlett
Mock Investment ClubOur club is where the members can together improve the understanding of the business world through the economic aspect by learning and experiencing the concept of “investment.”Ms.  Baldwin
Mr. Cook's Classic Book ClubIf you are interested in learning about some of the foundational books of global culture and the English language, Mr. Cook is offering a classic book club during Cent Time in Room E102Mr. Cook
Multicultural ClubA Multicultural Club where people with different cultural background come together and get to know different cultures and have funMs. Razzell
Paws RescueFundraising for the SPCA and other animal charitiesMs. Mattson
Q & A ClubSOGI/Queer space where students can hang out and craft at lunch. All are welcome!!Ms. Illing & Ms. Munroe
Retro Remixed (Upcycling Club)Led by students Annaliesa Coupe and Olivia KiggunduMs. Caldwell
Smiles For CitizensWriting and sending encouraging cards to strengthen connections and send smiles to our community, starting with Senior Homes in Greater Vancouver. Our goal is to hopefully make someone's day better by making them smile and showing that there are people who care. We want to spread positivity and believes that a smile on someone's face can make a big difference. We don't know what people go through but we do know that everyone has bad days, we hope to make someone's bad day a little better and someone's good day even better by sending these letters.  Ms. Illing
STEAM TeamDo you love solving problems that involve elements of Science + Technology + Engineering + Arts +Math? The STEAM team meets to take on Design Thinking challenges. This year we will participate in a Sustainability project sponsored by SD43 and SFU. Join us in the Makerspace  at lunch on Tuesdays.Ms. Caldwell
Volleyball ClubIt'll like a volleyball drop-in where we just play volleyball or even learn if they want toMr. Comeau /       
VOXStudent council Ms. Chambers​


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