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Start-Up Info for ALL Students

August 26, 2016

Welcome back, Centennial students!

As we approach the end of August, you will be wondering about the coming year at Centennial. Here is some basic info for all to know.


  • We are using an APP this year as our agenda book and students calendar. Please install the 'CentCentral' app into your smartphone, or let your homeroom teacher know if you don't own a smartphone and you wish to have the paper version of the agenda book. It's in the App Store or Play Store.

    or go to:
  • Regarding the new school: We are starting the year in both the old and new schools. Most classes will continue to be in the old buildings, while the Tech Ed classes will take place across the way in the "A BLOCK" of the new building. That's the part of the building closest to Winslow Ave. The construction crews are working hard to make the new school perfect for occupancy. We do not know when we will be moving the rest of our classes.


  • You should have received the first email with the invitation to our orientation session. It will take place on Sept 1 at 10am. Free pizza to follow at 11:30am and free time to browse the school.
  • You will get your timetable for Semester 1 during the orientation, as well as your locker.
  • Sept 6 is the next day to remember. It's registration day, which means go to homeroom for 9am (Grade 9 time), followed by your official photo at 9:20am with Artona in our Courtyard area. You can go home after you get your photo done.
  • No need to buy or bring school supplies except basic writing tools to bring on Sept 1 and 6th, a way to bring home handouts on Sept 6th, and a binder with section dividers and paper for Wednesday, September 7th.
  • Lots more info coming on Sept 1 at the orientation. You are welcome to bring your smartphone to test out our School App.


  • See you on Tuesday, Sept 6. Homerooms are at 10am for Grade 10, 11am for Grade 11's and 12noon for Grade 12's (9am for Grade 9's).
  • The 20 minute homeroom is followed by your school photo session with Artona (we have switched from Lifetouch to Artona).
  • Timetables will be handed out at the homeroom.
  • School fees are due by Thursday, September 15th this year. Please pay via our online fee system if you can. You can also pay cash or cheque directly to the office starting Wednesday, Sept 7th.
  • Sections are very full again this year, so we are not able to change courses.
  • Exception: Grade 12's who require a course change to satisfy a specific program requirement for post-secondary (to be eligible for a course change, YOU MUST BRING A PRINTOUT THAT SHOWS THE LIST OF REQUIREMENTS as listed on the website for that institution).
  • Incomplete timetables have highest priority. All students must have at least 8 courses as we are a full-time, comprehensive secondary school.


  • PHOTOS: Log into right away. You can already book your grad photo sitting time and date with Artona, and beat the rush. Artona will be bringing a mobile studio to us early in November to do your photos. They do ask for a deposit, but you get it back if you don't end up ordering photos. In other words: Free sitting fee, and the deposit itself goes towards your photos.
  • You still have to get your photo done for GoCards on the first day of school right after the homeroom.
  • After you get your photo done, Grade 12's are invited to a welcome-back barbecue hosted by the Grad Committee with the assistance of some parents.
  • Course change evening is Wednesday, Sept 7th, from 3:15 to 7:30pm, and you MUST have a ticket for the line-up to counselling. To get a ticket, you have to convince an administrator that you really need a course change.


  • English testing day is Monday, August 29th at 9am. Come to our office first so we know you have arrived.
  • Orientation day is Thursday, Sept 1st at 10am. Come to the Courtyard inside the school.

Click PUBLICATIONS for detailed info about courses, counsellors, and more.


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