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Non Sanctioned Trips Abroad

April 09, 2015

S-Trip and Breakaway Tours  2015-16 Trips Abroad


Some of you may be aware of a Grad/high school student trips planned for around the Winter Vacation and for Spring Break 2016, by  companies called S-Trip and Breakaway Tours.  These are not Centennial School trips, and they have no affiliation with the school whatsoever.

Sales representatives from the company contact students in the schools to recruit their classmates for these trips.  Often the recruitment happens at school or on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  We do not sanction or allow these meetings to occur at school, and are concerned that some of our graduates go on these trips.  We are also concerned that some students represent the nature of this trip to their parents as school sanctioned.  Again, this is not the case.

In past trips of this sort, groups of high school students from the Tri-Cities went on these trips, and we know that there was little or no adult supervision on site, and that alcohol consumption among, other things, was rampant.   In one case, a few students in the Dominican Republic contracted viral meningitis and over the years we have had several stories about very irresponsible behavior by students.     

We know that if our children were considering such a trip, we would want to make an informed decision about whether they should go or not.  We see it our duty to look after the well-being of our students at all times.

We would suggest that should your child show interest in going on the trip, that you have a very frank conversation about its nature, and that you thoroughly research the proposal before deciding. And please remember that all Centennial school trips would have my and District approval, and that you would have staff members in charge of your children, and communication directly from the school, always with a parent meeting  attached.    Furthermore, the school would receive and manage all monies pertaining to the trips. 


Please call me if you have any concerns.


Robert Zambrano


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