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École Porter Street Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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News Archive

Pink Shirt Day - new video

February 28, 2024
We had a great Pink Shirt Day assembly on Wednesday.  Enjoy the video:    ​

February at Porter Street - new video

February 27, 2024
​A great month. 


Luke Wallace Concert - new video

February 08, 2024
We had a great concert today.  Enjoy the video.  ​

January at Porter Street - new video

February 01, 2024


Candy House 2023 - new video

December 20, 2023
It was a great day.  ​
Enjoy the video!

Santa's Breakfast / Marketplace 2023 - new video

December 10, 2023
It was a great day.  ​
Enjoy the video! ​  

PS Lost and Found - new video

December 01, 2023
Many amazing items can be found in our Lost and Found.  Have a look at the video.  The Lost and Found is near the north gym door.  Any items not picked up by Dec. 18 will be donated.  ​

November at Porter Street - new video

November 25, 2023
It's been a great week.  ​

Remembrance Day - new video

November 14, 2023
It was a very special day at our school. 

Enjoy. ​

Pie-in-the-Face 2023 - new video

November 02, 2023
Our school raised almost $6000 for the Terry Fox Foundation.  Our goal was $3000.  The reward was to pie a staff member in the face.  The students loved this (a little too much).  Thank you for your generosity.  Enjoy the video.  ​

Halloween at Porter Street - new video

October 31, 2023
​The energy in the building was super-awesome-amazing! 
We had a blast.  Enjoy the video. 


October Highlights 2023 - new video

October 29, 2023
​It was a great month. 
Enjoy the video. 

Terry Fox Assembly and Run 2023 - new video

October 10, 2023
We raised our goal. Teachers will get a pie in the face. Stay tuned for more information.  Enjoy the video. 

Orange Shirt Day - new video

October 02, 2023
We had an Orange Shirt Day Assembly.     

Start-Up 2023 - new video

September 22, 2023
​It is going to be a great year!


Last Day of Gr. 5 - new video

June 30, 2023
Ms. Rozanski, with the help of some student re-worked the lyric of the song, "Best Day of ​My Life", by American Authors.  She taught the song to all the students in gr. 1-4 who surprised the gr. 5 students on Thursday.  Enjoy. 


Gr. 5 Pineapple Name - new video

June 29, 2023
The gr. 5 students taking down their name Pineapples.  Very symbolic.  Enjoy.     

Year End Slideshow 2023 - new video

June 29, 2023
​It was a great year.


Gr. 5 Year-End Slideshow 2023 - new video

June 23, 2023
​We had a great day celebrating our Gr. 5 students. 
Enjoy the video:


Sports Day 2023 - new video

June 11, 2023
The weather cooperated with us. It was a great day.  ​

Track Meet Video #2 - new video

June 09, 2023
One of our parents took some outstanding pictures at the track meet. Enjoy the video.  ​

Track Meet - new video

May 29, 2023
Congrats to all the participants.  Thank you to all the coaches.  Enjoy the video.  ​

Family Picnic - new video

May 28, 2023
What a great event.  Enjoy the video: ​

Student-Led Conferences - new video

May 24, 2023
It was great to see all the parents and children.  Enjoy the video.  ​

Connecting to Kindergarten - Great to See Everyone - new video

May 24, 2023
It was Super-Awesome-Amazing to see everyone.  We can't wait to see you again in September.  Enjoy the video.    

Connecting to Kindergarten - How To - new video

May 16, 2023
All kindergarten students will receive a 'gift bag' with a lot of goodies. 

Here is a video on how to use some of the items that will be included in the bag. 

  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Connecting to Kindergarten - School Tour - new video

May 13, 2023
Our gr. 4 students take our new Kindergarten families through a school tour.  ​

Welcome to Kindergarten - new video

May 09, 2023
We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, May 23.  ​


Lost and Found - new video

April 25, 2023
​A lot of items can be found at our Lost and Found (near the north undercover doors). 
Any items not collected by May 5 will be donated to charity. 
Please have a look. 

Porter Street Track Attack - new video

April 15, 2023
We had a blast. All grade 3, 4 and 5 students had an opportunity to try all the events. Thank you to all the teachers and a special 'high five' to Mme Crowe and Sigismund for organizing Track Attack.  Enjoy the video.  ​

Jan. - Feb. Happenings at Porter Street - new video

February 20, 2023
It's been a great two months.  Enjoy the video.  ​

Porter Street Santa's Breakfast 2022

December 11, 2022
​It was a great day. 
Enjoy the video


Snow Fun at Porter Street - new video

November 30, 2022
We had a blast playing in the snow.  ​

Lost and Found - November 2022 - new video

November 14, 2022
​Check out the video to see if any items are familiar. 
Anything not picked up by November 28 will be donated. 
Our Lost and Found is near the north gym door. 


Remembrance Day Assembly - new video

November 10, 2022
Here is our Remembrance Day video. 

Remembrance Day - Vimy 105 - new video

November 10, 2022
​Mme Crowe put together this great presentation. It was shown at our assembly. 


Halloween at Porter Street 2022 - new video

November 01, 2022
It was a great day. So nice to see so many parents/family join us.  Enjoy the video.     

Pie In The Face - new video

October 19, 2022
Thank you for generous donations. We raised over $7000 for Terry Fox.  It was a fun day.    ​

Terry Run 2022 - new video

October 11, 2022
It was a great day. Thank you for the generous donations.  Enjoy the video.  Huge 'High Five' to Mme SIgismund, Ms. Lepore, Mme Arounothay and Mme Squeo for all their help.  ​

September - new video

September 23, 2022
What a great start-up. Enjoy the video.  ​

First Day of School Message - new video

September 06, 2022
Here is what is happening on the first day of school.  ​

Year End Videos - new video

June 30, 2022
It has been a great year.  Enjoy the videos. 

Year End Slideshow  
Mme Bell Retirement Video 

Mr. Mah Retirement Video 
Have a great summer. 

Gr. 5 Year-End Slideshow - new video

June 24, 2022


Lost and Found - new video

June 22, 2022
Any items not picked up will be donated to charity.    ​

Sports Day - new video

June 11, 2022
The weather totally cooperated with us! The sun was shining, kids were laughing and my heart was happy to see so many parents at the school.  Huge 'high five' to the staff for all their hard work organizing a great day.  Enjoy the video.     

Connecting to Kindergarten Gift Bags - new video

May 19, 2022
All new kindergarten students will receive a bag filled with 'goodies'.  Enjoy.  ​

Connecting to Kindergarten Book Share - new video

May 18, 2022
Meet our School Secretary , Mrs. Chisholm. She is sharing a book called 'When We Are Kind'. All new Kindergarten students will receive a copy of this book. 


Connecting to Kindergarten - new video

May 16, 2022
Hello Everyone,  Meet the 'crew'.  We will see you all on May 24th. 


Porter Street (Como Lake) Relays - new video

May 13, 2022
The rain didn't dampen the spirits while our gr. 4 and 5 students ran around our school. Their hard work (practices on Tuesday and Thursday mornings) really paid off. Despite the rain, we had a very supportive audience. Almost the whole school came out to cheer on the runners. A huge...

New Kindergarten - First Message From Mr. Jiwa

May 10, 2022
This is our our new kindergarten students.  ​

Porterville - new video

May 04, 2022
We had a great day of building and creating. Creativity to the max. So much fun.  ​

Lost and Found - new video

March 07, 2022
​Term 2 Lost and Found. Any items not collected by this Friday will be donated. 


Pink Shirt Day - new video

February 24, 2022
​Lift Each Other Up! 

Be Kind!!


Purple Shirt Day - Real Acts of Caring - new video

February 16, 2022
We want our students to truly embody the importance of caring for others and to do kind things for others without expecting anything back in return.  We had a great day at our school.  Enjoy the video. 


Dress Like a Staff Member Day - new video

February 12, 2022
​We had such a fun day. Thank you to the gr. 5 Leadership Students for organizing this awesome event. 


Hip Hop Holiday Extravaganza

December 17, 2021
​We had such a blast. 
Enjoy the video. 
Happy Holidays. 


Porter Street School December Tour

December 16, 2021
Since parents aren't able to visit the school as often as in the past, we are bringing the school to you.  Enjoy the Tour.  Amazing artwork.  And the doors look outstanding.  Thanks to LP and WR for being great tour guides. 

Snow Day Video

December 14, 2021
So much fun was had. 


November Assembly - new video

November 26, 2021
As you may know, we have monthly virtual assemblies that showcase different students/classes. We also talk about different topics. This month we discussed what is means to: ​-Take Care of Yourself -Take Care of Others
-Take Care of This Place Enjoy the video. 

Lost and Found - new video

November 24, 2021
​Many items can be 'found' in our LOST and FOUND. 
​Check out the video.    Contact the office if you have questions or help (604-936-4296).

Any items not collected by Dec. 10 will be donated to a local charity. 

Halloween at Porter Street - new video

October 29, 2021
​It was a great day at Porter Street. So many amazing costumes. 


Hilarious Head Day - new video

October 22, 2021
​'Hats Off' to our Gr. 5 Leadership students for organizing a fun day at our school. 
Enjoy the video. 


Crosswalk Flag Program

October 13, 2021
​Porter Street, with the help of the PAC and the City of Coquitlam has begun a new safety program. The Crosswalk Flag Program helps improve visibility and safety of people walking at crosswalks.
HOW IT WORKS -Flag use is optional. People are not required to use a flag to cross the street....

Terry Fox Run 2021

October 10, 2021
​We had a great Terry Fox Assembly and Run on Friday, October 8th. Porter Street Community is keeping Terry's dream alive. 
We raised over $4500! 
Super Awesome Amazing. 

New Mask Mandate

October 03, 2021
Hello Everyone, Starting Monday, Oct. 4, all public school students in B.C. will be required to wear a mask when inside school buildings, including while at their desks. This is an update to previous guidelines, which mandated masks for Grade 4-12 students only. The new mandate now also applies to kindergarten to...

Orange Shirt Day at Porter Street

September 29, 2021
A lot of Orange could be seen at Porter Street today. It was to honour  the experiences of Indigenous Peoples,  celebrate resilience and affirm a commitment  that every child matters. We had a school-wide virtual assembly.  ​​Here is the video of the assembly:  
Attached are links to two videos that were...

Virtual Open House

September 23, 2021
Happy 2021-2022 ​

First Day of School Video

September 07, 2021
It was a great day.  ​   ​

Welcome Back Video - Sept. 6, 2021

September 06, 2021
​We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow (Sept. 7). 

Watch this video. 

Gr. 5 Yearend Assembly - video

June 29, 2021
Grade 5 Yearend Assembly for you to enjoy.  Have a great summer.    ​​  

Gr. 5 Slideshow - video

June 29, 2021
​Enjoy some great memories of our gr. 5 students. 


Gr. 5 Surprise for Porter Street Community - video

June 29, 2021
This is awesome.  Thank you gr. 5 students.  Enjoy.


Gr. 5 Baby Video

June 29, 2021
So cute then, so cute and awesome now.  ​ ​  

Lost and Found - new video

June 22, 2021
​Any items not picked will be donated. 


KM Club Finale - new video

June 18, 2021
Check out this amazing video put together by Laura, our KM Club Coordinator.  Everyone should pat themselves on the back for a super successful KM Club.  A massive 'high five' to Laura for being able to coordinate our KM Club - 'Covid Style'.  Keep active during the summer. 

​  ...

Connecting to Kindergarten - 'Stuff in the Bag' - new video

June 16, 2021
​It was great seeing everyone at our Connecting to Kindergarten Event. We were happy that the weather cooperated with us. In this video you will find ideas on how to use the materials that were provided today.


Connecting to Kindergarten - Book Share

June 15, 2021
Meet our Teacher Librarian, Mme. Leblanc. She is sharing a book called 'Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox'. All  new Kindergarten students will receive a copy of this book.  ​

Sports Week - new video

June 12, 2021
Sports Week was a huge success. The weather cooperated (for the most part). The students participated in two stations a day, making the fun last for a whole week.. A huge 'thank you' to the staff for organizing this event and a special 'high five' to Mme. Crowe for taking the...

Connecting to Kindergarten - 'How To' - new video

June 11, 2021
​Enjoy watching these video....


Connecting to Kindergarten - Meet the Teachers - new video

June 09, 2021
​Meet the teachers and get a tour of the school. 


Connecting to Kindergarten - new video

June 07, 2021
Hello New Kindergarten Families,  Check out a message from Mr. Jiwa (and Honey). 


United Universe Arises Day - new video

May 28, 2021
It was an 'Out of this World' kinda day at Porter Street on Friday, May 28.  Thank you to the Leadership students (with the help of Ms. Turpin) for organizing a great day.    ​

Track Attack 2021 - new video

April 18, 2021
The gr. 3, 4, 5 students participated in Track Attack last week. Every class had an opportunity to try different track and field events.  Enjoy the video. 

Lost and Found April 2021 - New Video

April 14, 2021
​Check out the video to see if any of the items are familiar. If they belong to your family, please ask your child to collect it from the Lost and Found (near the gym). You could also call the office to make arrangements. Any items not collected by April 30 will...

Pink Shirt Day - new video

February 24, 2021
Pink Shirt Day is more than just wearing is about doing the right thing and 'Lifting Each Other Up' to be our Awesome Best Selves, We will not tolerate Bullying and we have narrowed it all down to two simple words...                  ...

Have a Great Weekend - new video

February 13, 2021
​There is a lot going on this weekend. 
Happy Chinese/Korean New Year

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Family Day

Have a Super-Awesome-Amazing weekend

Poetry Cafe - Virtual Style - new video

February 05, 2021
As you may of heard, the students at Porter Street have been writing poems and Poetry Café is a wonderful way to celebrate their creativity. In the past, the gym would have been full of students, staff and family. This year, like everything else, Poetry Café comes to you in a...

Crazy Construction Day - new video

February 02, 2021
It was an awesome day filled with a ton of Creativity and Fun.  Enjoy the video. 


New Playground - new video

January 19, 2021
We are loving our new playground.  Enjoy this short video.    ​

Kilometer Club Update - New Video

January 15, 2021
Congrats on a very successful first week of our Kilometer Club.  See the video from our Coordinator, Laura with more information.  You will receive an email from Mr. Jiwa on Sunday with a link to log the KMs ran/walked. We have edited the online form to make it more clear.
Happy walking/running. 

Pajama and Joke Day - new video

November 27, 2020
​A Great Day Filled With Jokes and Pajamas. What more can you ask for!


Mario Comes To Porter Street - new video

November 21, 2020
Our school raised over $3000 for the Terry Fox Foundation.  The students were rewarded with an extra recess....
Mario visited our school. 

Gr. 5 Hoodies Have Arrived

November 13, 2020
It was an exciting day for our Gr. 5 students.  Check it out. 

Remembrance Day Assembly - new video

November 10, 2020
Here is our Virtual Remembrance Day Assembly.  ​​


Halloween at Porter Street - New Video

October 30, 2020
We had a great day. Amazing costumes. 

Terry Fox Run at Porter Street - New Video

October 11, 2020
We weren't going to have a little rain dampen our spirits as we kept Terry's Dream Alive. Our goal was $3000 and I am happy to announce that we have surpassed that level. Thank you for your support.  Enjoy the video.    ​

Singing in the Rain - New Video

September 23, 2020
​The rain didn't dampen our spirits. 
Enjoy the video. 

A Great First Full Week - New Video

September 18, 2020
It is been a Great Week. A busy week, but a wonderful one.   The staff is working hard to teach new routines and protocols and the students are totally stepping up to the challenge.   There is no better feeling than having the energy of children back in our school....

First Day of School - new video

September 11, 2020
It was great to see the students/families.  Enjoy the video.  'A Whole Bunch of New'​  

Handwashing is Cool - New Video

September 09, 2020
Meet the Porter Street Staff (most of them) while they Wash Their Hands.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon. 
​Check out this video

Kindergarten Gradual Entry Schedule

September 03, 2020
UPDATED SCHOOL START PLAN FOR KINDERGARTEN – Gradual Entry SEPTEMBER 10 TH – September 22 nd Welcome to the Porter Street Community! It was great meeting everyone when you came to pick up your Welcome to Kindergarten Bag back in June.  It is our sincere hope that your child is even...

First Two Days of School Information

September 02, 2020
​ Porter Street Welcome Back Plans Thursday, September 10 th and Friday, September 11 th
Thursday, September 10 th 15 – Minute Check-In Students will meet with their last year's teacher. Students are to meet at the last year's door. Physical Distancing between families and students and staff. No parents/caregivers...

School Start-up Information

September 02, 2020

Back to School Information The BC Ministry of Education welcomes students back to attend in-class instruction beginning Thursday, September 10th.   BC schools are opening this school year in Phase 2 of the Ministry's Restart Plan. For planning purposes, we need to determine students who will be attending in-class...

Getting Ready for Start Up - New Video

September 01, 2020

Porter Street Code of Conduct

August 31, 2020
​Our Code of Conduct is meant to inform our community members about the procedures, policies, protocols and practices we use at Porter Street to ensure that our school community is a safe, caring, and orderly one. 

Code of Conduct - 2020-2021 Porter Street.pdf

Porter Street Stage 2 Plan

August 31, 2020
Check out our COVID-19 Stage 2 Plan​.
Porter Street Stage 2 Plan.pdf

School Calendar 2020-2021

August 31, 2020
​Here is our school calendar for 2020-2021. You will notice that it is a lot less 'filled-in' than usual (due to Covid-19). ​
Office Basic Calendar 2020-21 Porter Street.pdf

Office is Now Open

August 31, 2020
Aug. 31​ 9am-3pm 604-936-4296

Funding Announcement for New Elementary School and Three Additions

May 10, 2019
​The Province of British Columbia and the Ministry of Education today announced funding for a new elementary school in Coquitlam's Burke Mountain and three classroom additions for other School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) schools. Totaling $73.3 million, the announcement includes a new elementary school for the Sheffield-Partington area of North Coquitlam...

Fraser Health Update re: Measles

February 21, 2019
February 21, 2019
Dear Students, School Staff, and Parents,

As you have heard, there is a measles outbreak at three schools in Vancouver. Please note that this is a localized outbreak and that students who are attending schools not connected to the outbreak have not been exposed. There is no evidence of...

KM CLUB - Tues Jan 26

January 26, 2016
Pickup today will be from the school gym.

SD43 New Online Payment System

December 30, 2015
Attention Porter Parents: The Coquitlam School District has introduced a new online payment system that will allow you to view and pay for various student expenses (field trips, in class workshops, special project supplies and the like) safely and conveniently online. This new system will be operational starting in January 2016....

Porter Extra-Curricular Activities - Winter 2016 (go to

December 30, 2015
Extra Curricular Activities Registration is open. Sign up today. Parents, you can register your children for our Winter 2016 Extra Curricular activities starting in January. View for a full list of activities or click the links below for individual programs. Below is a list of the programs that are still...


December 02, 2015
'Family Mail' notice with more information will be sent home in first week of December.

KM Club

November 17, 2015
Today pickup after KM Club will be the school gym.


November 05, 2015
Click on 'Parents' (above) to access notice posted in 'Thursday Notices'

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