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Ski Snow Club Information


To Parents and Guardians:                                                       Date:   October 24, 2019.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about École Montgomery Middle School's Ski and Snowboard Club. Please note that participation in this club is strictly voluntary.  The cost of the club reflects your child's expenses only.

Dates of Field Trips:

Thursday January 23rd          (3:00-8:30pm)

Thursday January 30th          (3:00-8:30pm)

Wednesday February 5th       (3:00-8:30pm)

Thursday February 13th        (3:00-8:30pm)

Students will need to bring:  

Winter ski gear including a ski HELMET toque, waterproof mitts, jacket, pants, neck warmers (no scarves), snow boots and goggles. Students will also need a change of clothing for after their session and snacks/dinner or money to buy dinner, if they choose to purchase food.  ​

Helmets are mandatory.  Students who do not have their own helmet will be provided one by Mt. Seymour free of charge.

Departure Time:     3:00 p.m.                 Return Time (approximate):                    8:30 p.m.

Teachers in Charge:          Ms. Beauregard, Mrs. Diep, Ms. Best, Mr. Wylie, Mrs. Queenan

Other Adult Supervisors:   Parent Volunteers who are competent skiers/boarders 

(If you are interested in volunteering please email Ms. Best –​

Cost of Club:  $280.00        Online payment will be open Oct. 28 – Nov. 1 on the school website

The $280 cost includes regular in-school meetings to get to know each other, winterized bus travel to and from the mountain, 2 hours of instruction each trip by Mt. Seymour staff, lift ticket, equipment rental, helmet if needed, a full season's pass to Mt. Seymour, wrap-up dinner and safety equipment such as identifying lights for supervisors and student arm bands.

Buddies: Your child will be with a buddy when not in lessons.  If he/she does not have one, one will be selected for him/her. Skiers MUST stay with this buddy during free time or may lose the right to return to sessions. Please talk to your child about the importance of skiing/boarding with a partner.

Season Pass Form: Your child will receive a season pass for Mt Seymour with their registration. Please go to to sign up for the pass.  If you want to pick up the pass for the winter break the form needs to be completed by Dec. 1, 2019.  The students do not need this pass for our trips to the mountain; a separate pass will be handed out each day.

​Ski/ Snowboard Schedule 

Times:   8:00 - 8:40 am    Drop off equipment on the school stage

               2:40 pm                  Early dismissal to get changed and load the buses (School bags must be left on the stage/ not in lockers)

               4:30 – 6:30 pm     Lessons

               6:30 pm                 Attendance with teachers & meet up with buddies outside Guest Services

               6:30 – 7:30 pm     Free time with buddy/ friend

               7:30 pm                 Start loading the buses,  students must return to the bus on time

               8:30 pm                Parents/Guardians to be parked/waiting outside of the school gates

***The school parking lot will be locked to give the coach buses access into the parking lot to allow us to unload safely.  We ask that you DO NOT park near either of the gates to give the buses easy entry and exit.  Please park away from the school and walk to meet your child. ***


  • Dress in warm, waterproof layers and bring goggles & gloves (a helmet will be provided if you don't have one)
  • One pair of socks is enough; no scarves, ball caps, stretchy mitts or loose hair
  • If you are not renting Ski or Snowboard Equipment   ( TRY EVERYTHING ON TO MAKE SURE IT FITS!!!  If your equipment no longer fits and you need to rent please contact Ms. B before February 4th)
  • Water bottle (There are now water stations in the Rental building & Cafeteria)
  • An extra lunch/dinner and money if you would like to purchase something extra from the café


  • Display Monty ROCKS at all times
  • Be respectful of the instructors, adult supervisors & teachers
  • Stay with buddies at all times once lessons have ended
  • Put away all equipment and be on the buses no later than 7:40 pm
  • Have fun
  • Students must show excellent conduct and citizenship at school and on these trips to participate. Students who arrive late at the end of the night (without extenuating circumstances) will likely not be included in the program the following year and will have community service.






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10/28/2018 7:48 PMHusband, Sarah

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