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Gr. 8 Secondary School Tours

January 24, 2016

Gr. 8 Secondary School Tours – You and your Gr.8 child has been informed of the school that they are assigned to based upon the data that you have provided to the school which states your current living/permanent address. This address is the key factor in determining your child’s Secondary catchment school. If you have moved and you have not provided Montgomery Middle School with any detailed verification of a change in residence then we will be using the current data that we have on file.

All Gr. 8 students in the district will have a chance to attend a tour of their assigned Secondary school. This will occur on Thursday Jan. 28th and for each Secondary school there will be high school helpers, teachers and counsellors meeting the Gr. 8 students and checking their attendance for correct catchment and then proceeding with their school tour. Please do not attend a Secondary school tour that is not your child’s assigned school as they will not accommodate a tour for students not in their catchment area. If you are planning to submit an X-Catchment Application starting on Friday Feb. 5th @ 9:00 through the School District #43 website, then you will have to wait for this process to unfold by the end of March. If your child is accepted on an X- Catchment application then that school will accommodate your child’s tour needs at a later date and time. Here are the following expectations for the Secondary School Tours for the main Secondary schools for our student catchment area:

A.    All Gr. 8 students assigned to Centennial Secondary will be attending Monty Middle at their normal time and with their teachers they will be walking, rain or shine, over to Centennial for an 11:30 start to the Secondary school Tour and the students will return with their teachers on their walk back to Monty Middle. Students will meet in the Blue Gym and are reminded to bring a bag lunch with them as cafeteria services are not open during this week of exams. Tour starts @ 11:30 and will finish @ 2:15

B.     All Gr. 8 students assigned to Dr. Charles Best Secondary or Port Moody Secondary  will have the option of :

i.        Arriving at Monty for their regular start of day and have a parent/ guardian transport them from Monty to Dr. Charles Best/ Port Moody for their tour start time of 11:15

ii.      If the parent / guardian decide to have their Gr. 8 child remain at home and have their child walk directly to Dr. Charles Best/ Port Moody due to the shortness of the travel time, then we ask the family to inform their child’s classroom teacher of their plans for this day and to also phone the Monty school office to  inform office staff of their child’s absence from school for that day

iii.    Dr. Charles Best Tours start @ 11:15 with a Hot Dog lunch and will end at 2:35 with students needing to find their own way home.

iv.    Port Moody Tours start at 11:45 with a lunch included

C.     All Gr. 8 students attending any other Secondary school in our district will be instructed to do the same as the above two points (i, ii) and will be expected to provide their own transportation to their Secondary catchment school.

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