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Home Economics

Do you…
-have a passion for food or a flair for fashion?
-enjoy being with children or have a curiosity about families and what makes them great?
-want to learn about eating for a healthier lifestyle?
l-ike to design and make your own clothes?
-like to be creative and enjoy hands on activities?
-have a desire to learn new skills and techniques?

 If you answered yes, to any of the above, then Home Economics is for you! Our courses can help you meet graduation requirements, learn life long skills, provide an opportunity to explore career options, give you a chance to express your individuality and creativity and have fun all at the same time. Come join our dynamic department in learning new skills in the areas of food studies, textile studies, textiles arts and crafts, family studies, and child development. Home Economics is the PLACE YOU WANT TO BE! 


Home Ec. offers four subject areas. Their descriptions are below:

  1. Food Studies
  2. Textiles Arts & Crafts
  3. Sewing
  4. Family Studies


It’s time you learned your way around the kitchen!  Surprise your family and friends with lots of delicious treats.  We have yummy breakfasts, terrific lunches, sensational snacks and delicious dinners on the menu. Principles of food preparation are introduced and applied with an emphasis on healthy food choices. We start simple and work up to all your favourites.  Grab an apron and join us in Food Studies 10.


This course is for everyone!  From those who have never set foot in the kitchen to the accomplished chefs out there.  With a quick review of the basics, it’s time for some real tasty treats.  Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is always something delicious happening in Food Studies 11.  Looking for a part time job in the food industry? Not only will you gain valuable food handling experience but you will also have the opportunity to be certified for the industry recognized FoodSafe program.


Do you enjoy cooking?  Are you willing to try new foods?  This advanced foods course will tingle your taste buds with new flavours.  Whether it’s food with a foreign flair or gourmet treats, you will experience advanced techniques designed to impress and create tasty treats.  Bon appetit!


Come and enjoy the fun in the Textiles Arts and Crafts class.  This introductory course provides students an opportunity to create projects using a variety of skills. Projects may include some or all of the following: candle making, decorative painting, creative ornaments, clay sculptures, cross-stitching, seasonal projects and much more!  Our projects make great gifts for family and friends.  All the basics will be taught in class, no sewing or crafting experience is necessary so come and start creating!


Add to what you learned in TAC 10 or come and try us for the first time.  This course will give students a chance to practice advanced techniques as well as learn some new ones.  Greeting cards, candles, painted crafts, clay sculpture, advanced cross stitch and seasonal crafts are just some of the exciting crafts we will do in TAC 11.  There is no prerequisite or sewing experience necessary for this course so come and join our crafting class.


Are you an advanced crafter?  Do you like to make challenging projects?  Then this is the course for you.  Projects may include designer pillows, 3 dimensional greeting cards, quilting, locker hooking, stitchery, clay sculpture and painted canvas bag.  Individual Projects may also be included if time permits.


This course is great for students to begin their skills in sewing.  You will make clothes from start to finish, including your own choice of fabric.  From learning to use the sewing machine through to reading and following a pattern, after this course you will be able to make any simple project on your own.  Projects may include any or all of the following: PJ pants, PJ shirt, simple skirt or pants, simple knit top (hoodie), garment bag, and/or lunch bag.  Students may wish to provide their own fabric and sewing notions.


Regardless of your sewing ability, if you love to sew or would like to learn how, this is the course for you! Students will advance their sewing knowledge creating a variety of garments to wear.  Projects may include the following: shirt or blouse, pants, zippered knit (hoodie).  Projects/patterns will be selected according to your experience and desire. Students may wish to provide their own fabric and sewing notions. No sewing experience is necessary.


This course offers an exciting opportunity for adventurous and advanced sewers.  We begin by learning several advanced techniques that will help the students sew their individually chosen garments.  This course may include some or all of the following projects: lined jacket, lined skirt or pant, garment with a difficult fabric or redesigning a preexisting pattern to create something uniquely yours.  In the past many students have chosen to make their graduation dresses in Textile Studies 12. Students may wish to provide their own fabric and sewing notions.


Kids! Kids! Kids!  Everything you wanted to know about the under 12 set and more!  This course is an in-depth look at infants, toddlers, preschoolers and the early school years.  It examines the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of each stage.  Not only is theory presented but this course is designed so there is lots of opportunity for hands-on projects. Students enrolling in this course have the option of participating in the “Baby Think It Over” program (parenting simulation with computerized baby).  This is a great course for anyone who hopes children are part of their future, at home or at work.



YOU! YOU! YOU! That is what this course is about!  Understanding human basic needs, self concept, value systems, personality development and character growth are some of the topics we explore in an effort to understand ourselves better.  Relationships, stress management, conflict resolution and lifestyle choices are all areas we will experience through projects, lectures, videos, discussion, and journal writing/scrapbooking. 


This course builds on the information and skills gained in Family Studies 11 and Child Development 11. In this course we will explore adult relationship issues including a look at love, intimacy and marriage. This course provides students with the opportunity to discuss family issues including the responsibilities of parenting, fertility issues and options, pregnancy and birth, guidance and discipline of children.  We also work through the various challenges that families face in today's society and we salute, through research, families in different cultures. Another focus of this course is working with children. Here you are the teacher; it's your chance to plan and lead activities for children.  This course is very practical with opportunities to paint, create crafts, tell stories, make puppets and even write your own children's book.  This is only a sampling of the projects that may be completed.  It's a time to have some fun and be a kid again!  This is an excellent course for anyone considering a career working with children.



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