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Heritage Woods Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Technology Education


Heritage Woods Secondary Technology Education program offers a variety of exciting focus areas and is designed for all students.  The introductory courses give grade 9 students valuable experiences to help make future program decisions.  While grade 11 courses are open to grade 10 students, taking a grade 9 course first is recommended as a way of exploring each area. 

This course continues to develop students’ understanding of joinery, machine operations and hand tool procedures. The
use of shop jigs and production methods will be explored, utilized and perfected to prepare students for our exciting upper
level courses. Students will work together on a class project as well as designing and building their own project.

This course continues to further develop an understanding of joinery, machine operations and maintenance as well as hand
tool procedures. Students will explore existing, new, and emerging tools, technologies, and systems to evaluate suitability
for their design interests. Students will work together on a class project as well as designing and building their own project.

FOUNDATIONS IN TRADES 11/12 (STX 10A, 10B, 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B) *NEW* (AS)
Students may take this course in Grade 10, 11 or 12. Students learn trades and technology skills and earn credit towards
secondary school graduation. This course allows students to explore trades or technology careers. Trades covered include
Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry plus one other trade area. This course will help students choose one of the ACE-IT programs
in the future or help them transition to one of the Trade Programs offered at Post-Secondary once they have graduated.

 (Formerly Drafting & Design 11)
*Open to all Grade 10, 11 & 12 students
A fun-filled course for all students who want to use their creativity to solve problems and design solutions which they can
build or test. The course will cover the basics of Design and Drafting both by hand and on the computer. These skills will
then be used as part of a process individually, and in groups, to design and build solutions to a series of problems or
challenges. Students will learn Design principles that have relevance in their lives ranging from Architectural and Industrial
to Graphics. Projects may include drawings, presentations, scale models, design illustrations and 3D printing.

(Formerly Drafting & Design 12)
*Open to all Grade 11 & 12 students
This is a course for students who would like to develop and further advance their understanding and skills in different specialized areas of Design such as: Architectural, Industrial, Animated Character, Graphics, Production/Film Set, etc. Students are encouraged to work with real clients for their Design Challenges and choose their own areas of passion and interest. They may also use this course to prepare their Design portfolio for post-secondary.


This course is a challenging and fast paced exposure to the role of the designer in the industrial design cycle. Metal, wood and plastic model making techniques will be used to explore and refine designs before prototypes are fabricated, tested and assessed. Projects will focus on a wide variety of subjects including logos, household appliances, and consumer challenges. A wide range of projects will be undertaken. Successful applicants will consult with the teacher to identify and develop their specific course learning outcomes.
Pre-requisite: Any grade 11 Tech Education course.

*Open to all Grade 10, 11, & 12 students
An exciting intermediate course designed for Grade 10 – 12 students who want to explore in the areas of Electronics and
Robotics. Hands-on projects will include: electronic circuits, DC motors, digital/analog sensors, CAD, and 3D printing. We will also use VEX EDR and FRC Robotics Systems to learn principles of mechanical engineering and computer programming. Students are expected to build robots in a team environment, while learning a variety of skills. Students are also highly encouraged to use this opportunity to enter a competitive robotics environment, through local competitions. 
*For students who wish to join the Heritage Woods Robotics Team, there is a fee for team registration and events.

*Open to all Grade 11 & 12 students
This advanced course offers students the opportunity to explore their potential in COMPETITIVE ROBOTICS as a way of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in a practical and hands-on environment. Students work as members of design teams, in a variety of roles to research, design, build, program, and test robots, ultimately competing in VEX and FRC Robotics competitions locally, provincially, and internationally. 
*Students wishing to join the Heritage Woods Robotics Team will be required to pay registration and event fees.
Recommended prerequisite: Robotics and Electronics 11, Robotics 9 or equivalent.

*Open to all Grade 11 & 12 students
This course is for students who want to further advance their experience with designing, building and programming robots.
Integrating the principles of mechanical engineering, electronics and design into a unified discipline, Mechatronics offers students a fun and unique experience with a vast array of hands-on skills. Students are highly encouraged to use this opportunity to enter VEX and FRC Robotics competitions locally, provincially and internationally. (For students who wish to join the Heritage Woods Robotics Team, there is a fee for the team registration and events.) Recommended prerequisite: Robotics & Electronics 11 or Robotics 9

*Open to all Grade 10, 11 & 12 students
An exciting hands-on course that explores many aspects of designing and working with different types of metal. Students
will make cool projects while learning techniques that include: welding, cutting, shaping, casting, heat-treating, fastening,
etc. using both hand tools and power tools. Students may provide their own materials for advanced project work.

*Open to all Grade 11 & 12 students
Designed for students who wish to further explore and advance their metalworking skills and experience. Students are
encouraged to design and build more personalized passion projects while improving their metalworking techniques. Students may provide their own materials for advanced project work.

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