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TOP AWESOME WEBSITES FOR YOUTH - From anxiety to sexual identity to relationships to family concerns and everything in between

Teen Mental Health

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This is the link to the parent page.  Families, loved ones, friends and the patient themselves are all impacted by mental illness, whether it is through waiting for a diagnosis, operating day-to-day, or receiving treatment. A strong support network is important for all individuals involved. The stresses and strains will impact your family similar to any other disease or illne‚Äčss and should be treated the same, with love and unconditional support.
The resources and the information provided on our website are designed to help you support the ones you love, while ensuring you take care of yourself while doing so. Education on mental health can help change the conversation and the more we do so, the better we can suppor

Online Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation Downloads

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‚ÄčNot just for anxiety, relaxation exercises are good for improving the most important part of your brain! These help with focus, understanding self and others, planning and more!! These relaxation exercises include breathing, guided imagery, muscle relaxation and sending worries away.

There are also TONS of apps out there:  Best Relaxation Apps 2019

‚ÄčKelty Mental Health

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‚ÄčBC's leading information source on mental health and healthy living for children, youth and families. Great information on mental health as well as issues such as sleep, substance use and even anger.  We help families across the province navigate the mental health system, listen and offer peer support, and connect them to resources and tools.

‚ÄčThe Foundry

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‚ÄčFormally - An interactive site for youth that looks at mood and stress, substance use, mental health, and eating and body image.  Videos, apps, surveys and more to assist you on any topic.

Foundry is a province-wide network of integrated health and social service centres for young people ages 12-24. Foundry centres provide a one-stop-shop for young people to access mental health care, substance use services, primary care, social services and youth and family peer supports.

‚ÄčMind Your Mind

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‚ÄčInfo.  Help.  Support.  Shared Stories.  Technology.  Art.

mindyourmind exists in the space where mental health, wellness, engagement and technology meet. We work with young people aged 14 to 29 to co-create interactive tools and innovative resources to build capacity and resilience.

Everything we do originates through interaction with youth and the professionals who serve them. Working alongside young people, every actor in the system has the potential to make meaningful change in how we conceptualize and ensure the mental well-being of Canadian youth.

‚ÄčHere To Help

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‚ÄčMental health and substance use information you can trust. 

We're here to help you find quality information, learn new skills, and connect with key resources in BC. Explore strategies to help you take care of your mental health and use substances in healthier ways, find the information you need to manage mental health and substance use problems, and learn how you can support a loved one.

‚Äč‚ÄčMind Health BC

‚ÄčMindHealthBC is a one stop shop that gathers the wealth of evidence based resources available in your community and combines them into one easy to use website.
MindHealthBC’s detailed online directory includes:
Mental health and substance use information
Self-help resources and online programs
Local support groups for patients and for friends and family members
Community health services suited to an individual's specific needs

‚Äč‚ÄčBounce Back

‚ÄčWe all feel sad sometimes. But when feeling low, stressed out, worried, depressed, irritable, angry - or even nothing at all - gets to be too much, remember that you do have the power to change how you feel.
With BounceBack¬ģ you can design your very own mood-lifting program! Select workbooks, activities and videos to create your own self-help journey, or work with a trained coach over the phone! It‚Äôs like building your very own BounceBack¬ģ toolkit.‚Äč





‚ÄčAnxiety Canada

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‚ÄčExpert tools and resources to help Canadians manage anxiety.  This link goes straight to the youth page.  Information to help youth manage anxiety plus info and self-help strategies for several specific types of anxiety.  Articles, videos and self-help aids.  The go-to site.
 ‚ÄčAlso check out related information at FoundryOnline Relaxation ExercisesMind Your Mind and other sites above under the TOP AWESOME SITES‚Äč



Kids Help Phone

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‚ÄčThis links directly to the bullying information/video/resource page.  Click on Info and search for related topics under Bullying and ‚ÄčAbuse (cyber bullying, family abuse) as well as Relationships (consent, dating violence)

‚ÄčBullying Canada

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‚ÄčCanada‚Äôs only national organization that resolves bullying situations by directly facilitating communication between bullied kids, their tormentors, parents, teachers, school boards, social services, and police.   BullyingCanada gives bullied kids a brighter future. We stand by them until we find a way to end their bullying.

‚ÄčERASE Bullying

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ERASE is all about building safe and caring school communities . This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.





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‚ÄčWhen someone you love has died, everything changes. Grief can be terrifying. How do you know what you are experiencing is normal?  Here‚Äôs a hint: Whatever you are experiencing is normal.‚Äč

Our Youth and Young Adult Bereavement Coordinator will meet with you one-on-one to give you that space. They can meet you at our Support Center, and also at your school to make things easier for you.  You can reach them through email at  or by calling 604-945-0606.

‚ÄčTeens and Death

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When someone special dies, the difficult task of grieving begins.  Teens and Death is an initiative of the Nanaimo Hospice Society offering a safe haven for teens aged 13 to 18 years dealing with the death of a special person.  Our commitment is to support teen's unique grief experience in a safe, compassionate atmosphere of trust and respect.  This site has information, resources, self help tools and videos.




‚ÄčDealing with Depression

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‚ÄčDealing with Depression (DWD) is an online informative and interactive tool meant for teens who have been coping with depressed mood.  Through videos and information, this resource teaches a set of skills you can apply to your own life to overcome depression.  DWD is intended for:   teens with depressed mood, concerned adults who want to help a teen, other teens who want t‚Äčo help a friend or family member. 


‚ÄčAlso check out related information at FoundryOnline Relaxation ExercisesMind Your Mind and other sites above under the TOP AWESOME SITES




‚ÄčNational Initiative for Eating Disorders (Canada)

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‚ÄčInformation, support and resources.  We have become the voice for Canadian families, caregivers, and individuals who are affected by Eating Disorders and other comorbid and concurrent diagnoses.

‚ÄčNational Eating Disorders Association (based in US)

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‚ÄčBased in US but still has great online information regarding self-assessment, prevention and help and support, as well as how to develop positive body image. 

‚ÄčKelty Mental Health - Eating Disorders

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‚ÄčKelty Eating Disorders connects you with resources and information for every stage of the eating disorder journey.

‚ÄčLooking Glass Foundation

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‚ÄčThe Looking Glass Foundation strives to support individuals struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating. We offer innovative and accessible programs and services that decrease isolation, instill hope, and sustain recovery for individuals on their road to recovery.

Information, resources and community support contacts.

‚ÄčThe Foundry - Body Image and Eating

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Information, support and tools.  Body image is about how you see and judge your body. Eating concerns has to do with behaviours related to eating. Everyone can experience body image and eating concerns.  When people change eating and exercise habits to change the way they look or to feel better about themselves, it can be a sign there is a problem.

‚ÄčMind Your Mind - Eating Disorders

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‚ÄčA section with general information on eating disorders, as well as information under Anorexia and Bulimia





‚ÄčFamilies Change

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If your parents have recently separated or divorced (or you think they may be about to), or you have a friend in that situation, this site is the go-to site for you.

Parental separation and divorce are hard on teens. One thing that can help is information about what separation and divorce mean in Canada, and how they might affect you.

‚ÄčThis is the link to the section for Teens, but there is a section for Parents and for Kids too. 

TBH - the Kid section is actually quite fun, with videos and games and avatars, so worth checking out too!

‚ÄčKids Help Phone - Divorce and Separation

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‚ÄčSome basic information on separation, divorce and custody as well as living as a blended family.





‚ÄčBC Centre for Ability 

FAS Key Worker and Support Page

‚ÄčFASD & Key Worker Support Services provides support to families of children and youth with complex developmental behavioural conditions (CDBC) including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Keyworkers aim to enhance and maintain the stability of families, and to support inclusion of children and youth in family, school, and community life.‚Äč
Asante Centre

Education and Resources‚Äč
Human development is amazingly intricate. Stressors (such as exposure to alcohol or other drugs, family stress or trauma, and genetic differences) influence how our cells grow and connect, causing diverse abilities for the person as they get older.
The world is learning a lot about developmental stress, but there are still a lot of questions around what people are experiencing and how to help meet needs. That’s why we exist. Through expanding health and social services like assessment, therapy, and community strengthening, the Asante Centre has over 20 years of experience making the world a better place for people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and other developmental diversities.





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‚ÄčCanTeen supports young people when cancer turns their world upside down and helps them cope with the physical, emotional and practical impact of living with cancer.
We’re here for 12-24 year olds at every stage of their cancer journey, whether they’re dealing with:
‚ÄĘ having cancer themselves
‚ÄĘ a parent, brother or sister being diagnosed with cancer
‚ÄĘ the death of a parent, brother or sister

‚ÄčNational Cancer Institute

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‚ÄčProvides information and resources regarding all types of cancer. This is the link to the education resources page, which includes downloadable booklets to help people affected by cancer (such as "When You Parent has Cancer - A Guide for Teens)




‚ÄčQMUNITY is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives. We provide a safer space for LGBTQ/2S people and their allies to fully self-express while feeling welcome and included. Our building serves as a catalyst for community initiatives and collective strength.

Qmunity Facebook Chat Group:

‚ÄčGeneration Out - Tri-Cities

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‚Äč‚ÄčWe provide a safe space to hang out and a group facilitator. Participants share their interests and work together to come up with weekly activities. Typical activities include bowling, crafts,pizza parties, board games, movies, guest speakers and peer support.The evenings often include a discussion on current events regarding or affecting the LGBT2Q+community. There are also opportunities for youth to discuss what may be going on for them.
Youth in the Tri-Cities should email:  or call 604 708 2632

‚ÄčOut in Schools

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Out In Schools is an award-winning program that brings films into classrooms to inspire youth to step into the challenges and the triumphs of LGBT2Q+ communities. We engage youth through film in the promotion of safe and inclusive learning environments, free from homophobia, transphobia and bullying

‚ÄčPride Education Network

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‚ÄčThe Pride Education Network of teachers, administrators, support staff, youth and parents strives to make the B.C. school system more welcoming and equitable for LGBTQ students and staff, and queer families. We imagine schools as places where differences are not simply tolerated, but celebrated.

The YOUTH section provides youth with information to aid in the promotion of an inclusive, respectful environment for all‚ÄĒincluding LGBTQ and anti-homophobia/transphobia: resources, community groups, policy information, events, gay/straight alliances, scholarships, and more.

‚ÄčTrans Care BC

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‚ÄčImproving gender-affirming care across BC.

Trans Care BC supports the delivery of equitable and accessible care, and peer and community support for trans people across the province.


PLUGGED IN - Online education and safety

‚ÄčNeed Help Now

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‚Äč helps teens stop the spread of sexual pictures or videos and provides support along the way. If you or someone you know has been negatively impacted by a self/peer exploitation incident, we are here to help offer guidance on the steps you can take to get through it and #ChangeTheStory.

‚ÄčThe Foundry - Technology and You

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‚ÄčTechnology has become a really big part of our lives. We use it for everything from entertainment to work, but when is technology too much? This section can help you figure out when to unplug for a while.


‚ÄčMedia Smarts

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‚ÄčInternet, phone, TV, movies, music, video games and more.  Information on the effects of different types of media and how to deal with digital stress


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‚ÄčIf you or someone you know is concerned about inappropriate information online.

‚ÄčCanadian Centre for Child Protection
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‚Äč‚ÄčWe are committed to helping families and protecting children. Whether you‚Äôre in need of immediate assistance or looking for prevention material, we have services and programs for families, educators, and more. Explore the categories below to see how we can help you today.



‚ÄčPsychosis Sucks


Psychosis is highly stigmatized in our society.  However, it's simply is a generalized term covering a wide range of illnesses. And there are several terms associated with psychosis that help to describe symptoms and diseases.   Almost anyone can be affected by psychosis, from the young to the elderly. It‚Äôs estimated that 3% of the population will have some kind of psychosis in their lifetime.

Click here for more information on the types of psychosis that can affect people and how to get support for you or someone you know.

‚ÄčDealing with Psychosis

‚ÄčDealing with Psychosis Toolkit is designed for youth dealing with psychosis.  It is meant to help you learn skills you can use to manage symptoms, get support and move forward and enjoy life.

Dealing with Psychosis-DWP_07-02-2012_Final.pdf

‚ÄčEarly Psychosis Intervention

Early Psychosis Intervention 

‚ÄčMaybe things just don't seem right to you. Maybe someone you know is not acting like they used to.
It may be psychosis - and we can help.

Information, resources and downloads.



‚ÄčKids Help Phone - Self Injury

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‚ÄčInformation and resources for you or someone you know on how to change negative coping strategies

‚ÄčMind Your Mind - Self Harm


‚ÄčWhen any type of mental health concern or behaviour is interfering with a person‚Äôs life, it is time to get help. Injuring yourself on purpose is a medical concern regardless of how or why it is happening. If you or someone you know is self-harming, it‚Äôs time to get help from someone.

Information, resources and support.

‚ÄčSelf-Injury Info Sheet

‚ÄčInformation on self-injury, how to tell someone you self-injure, coping strategies and how to help someone else


‚ÄčNon-Suicidal Self Injury in Youth

Non-suicidal Self Injury in Youth (NSSI) | Mary K. Nixon MD FRCPC 

‚ÄčWelcome to the Youth page. As you scroll down, you will find some helpful websites and resources about self-injury.
We highly recommend that you talk with a trusted person and consider getting professional help if you are unable to stop self-injuring and/or feel distressed.
‚ÄčParents and Families - (‚Äč
‚ÄčAs part of a collaboration between the University of Guelph and McGill University, we are a non-profit outreach initiative providing information and resources about self-injury to those who self-injure, those who have recovered, and those who want to help.

Cutting and Self-Harm -‚Äč

Self-harm information and information for those who self-injure and those who want to help someone who does.‚Äč




‚ÄčOptions for Sexual Health

 Contact Us - Options for Sexual Health

‚ÄčWhen it comes to sexual health, sexuality, and sex, it can be challenging to find accurate information. We are here to help: Options for Sexual Health‚Äôs mission to champion and celebrate sexual health means that we are dedicated to providing our clients and patients with current evidence-based and client-centred information and care.

We recognize the many barriers that people face in accessing comprehensive sexual health education and non-judgmental services, and how intersectionality impacts access as well as how inequities multiply barriers for certain populations. We strive to put our clients and patients first, ensuring they have access to the information and care they need.

‚ÄčSex and U

Sex & U 

‚Äč takes a real-life approach to the questions and issues around sex and sexuality that matter most to Canadians. From talking about sex, to lifestyle choices, to contraception awareness and sexually transmitted infections, provides accurate, credible, and up-to-date information and education on topics related to sexual and reproductive health.



‚ÄčSleep. Getting Enough?


‚ÄčExpert Advice on How to Get a Good Night‚Äôs Rest
Sleep deprivation and students go hand in hand. Between classes, exams, work, extracurricular and social activities, and homework high school and college students aren’t getting enough sleep each night, which can have a major impact on their health as well as their GPAs. Learn why catching enough Z’s can help you earn more A’s, and get strategies to create and maintain a healthy balance between life, school and sleep.

‚ÄčHere To Help - Sleep Resources

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‚ÄčExhausted?  Tossing and turning?  Not getting a good night's sleep?
Although sleep problems are common, there are some easy ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Many people find that their physical and mental well-being also improves when their sleep improves.

‚ÄčKelty Mental Health - Sleep Tips and Tricks

Image result for kelty mental health 

‚ÄčA good night's sleep is important to our physical and mental well-being. For children and youth, getting enough sleep contributes to feeling well, doing well in school and to mood and behaviour.

For children and youth with mental health concerns, getting enough sleep can mean:

  • less aggression
  • less hyperactivity
  • less depression and anxiety
  • better concentration



‚ÄčPort Moody Youth Programs - Parks and Rec

Youth Programs - City of Port Moody 

‚ÄčIf you are in Grades 6 to 12, you can sign-up for one of our many youth programs to meet new friends, get active, and have fun. We provide fitness and dance classes, sports programs, babysitting training, first aid classes and more! If you can't take one of our scheduled programs, try our drop-in activities or one of our camps.

The Recreation Complex offers drop-in activities as well as a youth lounge. The youth lounge is a great place to relax and socialize.  The Westhill Youth Centre offers free drop-in programs. 


‚ÄčPort Moody - Recreation Happening Guide

Youth Programs - City of Port Moody 



‚ÄčCheck out our Recreation Happening Guide to learn about all preschool, children, youth, adult, and seniors' recreation programs, activities and information in the City of Port Moody.



‚ÄčQuit Now | Ready to quit smoking? | We're here to help 

‚ÄčInformation on smoking, vaping and e-cigarettes, and support and resources for those who are thinking of quitting.

QuitNow combines tested strategies that have helped thousands quit, with free support options available across British Columbia. We'll help you create a personal Quit Plan to support you.

‚ÄčWhat's With Weed

See the source image 

‚Äč‚ÄčWhatever you do or think when it comes to weed, this site may challenge your beliefs. Designed to help you make informed choices and promote your well-being, this site covers current evidence, helps examine your relationship with weed, provides tips and tools to reduce harms, and more.

No matter where you stand, this website has something for you.

‚ÄčThru Your Own Eyes

Welcome! ¬ę Front-line Prevention 


‚ÄčA self-assessment guide for drug active teens. It offers an opportunity to exam where you are with your drug use, from your own perspective. Read it and see where it takes you. It even has a short quiz in it for you to measure where you are at. If you have already figured out that maybe your drug use has gone a little too far, then read the second half of the book. It has a few ideas on how you might be able to make some changes that work better for you. Either way ‚ÄúThru Your Own Eyes‚ÄĚ offers you a safe place to take a second look at things.

Thru Your Own Eyes BOOKLET 5.5x8.5 FINAL.May.31.11.pdf

FrontlinePrevention Website:

‚ÄčCentre for Addictions

See the source image 

This website from the Centre for Addictions at UVic provides tons of information.   The Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR), formerly the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, is a network of individuals and groups dedicated to the study of substance use and addiction in support of community-wide efforts to promote health and reduce harm. Our research is used to inform a broad range of projects, reports, publications and initiatives aimed at providing all people in BC and beyond with access to happier, healthier lives, whether using substances or not.

Here's a direct link to their Fact Sheets from Here to Help website.  Just click on the topic and the facts sheets will open up:


See the source image 

‚ÄčAlateen is for young people whose lives have been affected by someone else‚Äôs drinking. Sometimes the active drinking has stopped, or the active drinker may not live with us anymore. Even though the alcohol may be gone, and the alcoholic gone or recovering in AA, we are still affected. Many of us have received help from Alateen or Al-Anon. The following 20 questions are to help you decide whether or not Alateen is for you.

‚ÄčChildren of Alcoholics‚Äč‚Äč

Children of Alcoholics or other substance abuse.  ‚ÄčHave a parent who drinks too much? You don't have to go through it alone.

A place where you can:

‚ÄĘ Learn how alcohol and other drugs hurt everyone in a family
‚ÄĘ Learn how to feel safer and less stressed out
‚ÄĘ Find new ways to deal with hassles at home
‚ÄĘ Find hope, even if your parents don't change





‚ÄčCrisis Centre of BC

See the source image 


‚ÄčHelp is Available! Are you in distress?  We really are here to listen, here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Call or chat.  Providing barrier free, non-judgmental and confidential support.

 If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, call 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-SUICIDE, or call your local crisis centre.

Anywhere in BC 1-800-SUICIDE: 1-800-784-2433
Mental Health Support Line: 310-6789
Vancouver Coastal Regional Distress Line: 604-872-3311
Online Chat Service for Youth: (Noon to 1am)
Online Chat Service for Adults: (Noon to 1am)


‚ÄčMind Your Mind - Suicide


‚ÄčSuicide is a troubling topic that most of us would rather not deal with, but suicide is a reality, and it is more common than we would like to think.

Get information and resources here.

‚ÄčYouth In BC - Suicidal Feelings

Image result for youthinbc 

‚ÄčUnderstanding Suicidal Feelings.  The fact that you are here is a very good sign. It means that you are actively seeking solutions to your problems and taking the first steps to improve your coping strategies.

‚ÄčKids Help Phone - Self Injury and Suicide

Image result for kidshelpphone 


‚ÄčInformation and resources on how to cope with suicidal thoughts and get support or get support for someone you know. 



‚ÄčCity of Coquitlam: Parks, Rec and Culture Volunteering

See the source image 

‚ÄčVolunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain valuable experience, have fun, and get involved in your community. The City of Coquitlam has many different volunteer opportunities to choose from.
Volunteers must be 13 years of age or older and successfully complete the application process.


‚ÄčGo Volunteer .CA


Volunteer search site for BC







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