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Glen Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Self Regulated Learning
The Glen Staff has identified self-regulated learning as our school goal. That means that throughout the school year an area of focus for us will be teaching students how to self-regulate or self-manage. There is considerable research to support that students who are able to self-regulate themselves or self-manage do much better in their academic learning. (Duckworth & Seligman, 2005; Elliot & Dweck, 2005; cited in Durlak et al., 2011).

Self-regulated learning is one aspect of a larger movement in education called social emotional learning which includes 5 areas of competency. Learning to manage oneself is the starting point for learning more socially complex skills including social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Please click here to view a short video on what self regulation is.

1. Self-Awareness

  • The ability to accurately recognize one’s emotions and thoughts and how they effect behavior.
  • This includes knowing one’s strengths and limitations and having a well-grounded sense of confidence and optimism.

How to help at home….talk

·       Talk about feelings every day to help your child learn to identify how they feel and build their vocabulary

·       Talk about mixed feelings, sometimes we feel more than one feeling at a time. For example: I am sad to leave but excited to go to camp.

2. Self-Management

  • The ability to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors well in different situations.
  • This includes managing stress, impulses, motivating oneself, and setting and working toward achieving personal and academic goals.

How to help at home….

  • Have a predictable routine (especially for sleep, eating and tolieting).
  • Co regulate ( stay calm when your child is upset)
  • Play  (TV and other electronic devices interfere with a child’s opportunity to learn self-management)
    •  Build with blocks or puzzles
    • Dress up
    • Do crafts
    • Play outside
    • All kinds of play


 Self Regulation

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