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École Kwayhquitlum Middle School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Staff Directory
Adrain, Steven
Grade 8Email Mr. Adrain
Anderson, Stacey
Email Ms Anderson
Bale, Jack
Grade 6/7Email Mr. Bale
Barnes, Susan
Email Ms. Barnes
Baron, Nicklas
Grade 8 Email Mr. Baron
Belo, Jeanette
Boonzaayer, Pam
Brassard, Alexandra
Home EcEmail Ms. Rankin
Burnett, Debbie
Email Ms. Burnett
Burns, Janet
Carballo, Enna
Chelsie Duemo
Conzatti, Paige
Email Ms. Conzatti
Crawford, Duncan
Gr 6/7Email Mr Crawford
Cupit, Evan
Grade 6/7Email Mr. Cupit
Duncan, Stephanie
Student ServicesEmail Ms Duncan
Dureau, Brent
Grade 6/7Email Mr. Dureau
Gill, Melinda
Student ServicesEmail Ms. Gill
Glen, Irene
Student ServicesEmail Ms. Glen
Gordon, Don
Grade 8Email Mr. Gordon
Hamzanlouei Moghaddam, Elaheh
Howard, Kaycee
Grade 6/7 FRIMMEmail Mme Howard
Inkster, Bill
Grade 6/7Email Mr. Inkster
Itakura, Katherine
Student ServicesEmail Ms Itakura
Kang, Stephanie
Student ServicesEmail Ms Kang
Klepsch, Darren
Grade 6/7Email Mr Klepsch
Kooner, Sandy
Grade 8Email Ms. Kooner
Kwong, Daniel
Music; Advanced Band; ChoirEmail Mr. Kwong
Leblanc, Wan Chun (josie
Ledoux, Anika
Grade 6/7 FRIMMEmail Mme Ledoux
Letteri, Marisa
Gr 7/8 FRIMMEmail Mme Letteri
Losier, Brianne
Gr 8 (FRIMM)Email Ms Losier
Macdonald, Tanya
Administration TeamEmail Ms. MacDonald
MacLellan, Heather
Grade 7/8Email Ms. MacLellan
Matwick, Mercedesjansz
McCutcheon, Shannon
Student Services Email Ms. McCutcheon
Mclaren, Emma
Gr 6/7Email Mme McLaren
Moody, Lisa
Morgan, Jennifer
Grade 8Email Ms. Morgan
Motol, Elmer
Newbery, Ian
Grade 8Email Mr. Newbery
Perry, Quinton
Gr 8 MACCEmail Mr Perry
Quan, Trish
Learning Commons Email Ms. Quan
Reimer-Mayzes, Erin
Roos, Steve
Administration TeamEmail Mr. Roos
Rowat, Jody
Gr 6/7Email Ms Rowat
Skerratt, Greg
Technology EducationEmail Mr. Skerratt
Squires, Lisa
Stoffberg, Leslie
Grade 6/7Email Ms. Stoffberg
Swanson, Kim
Grade 6/7Email Ms. Swanson
Toth, Victor
Grade 6/7Email Mr. Toth
Tuan, Sonya
Grade 6/7Email Ms. Tuan
Turton, Carnell
Gr 6/7Email to Mr Turton
Vadeboncoeur, Peter
Grade 6/7Email Mr. Vadeboncoeur
Vittie, Aj
Digital MediaEmail Mx Vittie
Wilson, Paul
Computers, Beginner Band, ChoirEmail Mr. Wilson
Wong, Sandra
Student ServicesEmail Ms. Wong
Woode, Mike
Grade 6/7Email Mr. Woode

École Kwayhquitlum Middle School

3280 Flint Street, Port Coquitlam BC
V3B 4J2
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8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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