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École Kwayhquitlum Middle School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
​​Technology, along with 21st century skills, plays an important role in the lives of students today. Our school is committed to improve student achievement in the use of computer technology through its integration in all subject areas. Our teachers encourage their students to use technology tools available in our school and, particularly, to use them to present ideas, enhance creativity, organize thoughts and communicate effectively in a variety of way.

Our goal is to give our students the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to become computer literate.   


Device Suggestions

We strongly encourage parents and students to take time to research and sample the different devices
that are available. We have learned that the device student’s use becomes very personalized, and that
their learning and willingness to use technology increases when they feel comfortable with their device.
During the last several years, we have seen an increase in the use of laptops and windows based tablet
devices. Please review the device recommendations below.

Tablet / Laptop Recommendations:

Ability to annotate (i.e. Math)
Protective case
Device should have a camera for stills and video
Minimum 16GB storage for tablet
Minimum 10” screen
Apps – See some of our recommendations
iOS 7 or higher, Windows 8 RT.
Mac laptop (min. OSX 10.7)
PC laptop (min. OS windows 7)

Security Tips

 Physically lock your device in your locker or another secure area when you are not using it
 Use a keylock/password on your device
 Do not leave your device somewhere then walk away
 Protect your device with a case
 Download a tracking app such as “Find my iPad”

Digital Citizenship & On-line Safety

All students must abide by the District Wide Network and Internet Use Expectations. Accessing the
district network is a privilege that will be revoked if students do not abide by the Code of Conduct.

View the SD43 Digital Rights and Responsibilities:

1. Do Create a Positive Digital Footprint

Employers are now looking up a person’s profile online before hiring. Use this to your benefit in
helping an employer see that you would be a good addition to their organization. Everything you
post is archived and mined. Your digital footprint is a reflection of your character. Use thoughtful
and considerate language; remember that feelings and tone can sometimes be misconstrued.

2. Do Build Positive Working Relationships

You can benefit from the support and expertise of peers, teachers, and experts in the field. Build a
positive and constructive network that will enable you to succeed and learn. Consider on-line
interactions that build trust, respect, suspend judgement and do not harm.

3. Do Ask Before You Post or Record

Consider the privacy of others. Before taking a photo or video, ask permission. Before posting
anything about someone else, including their work, seek permission. Everyone has a right to feel

4. Do Limit What You Say About Yourself

Many sites, such as Google, mine data. In other words, every time something is posted with your
name, that information is taken to create a profile on you. Be aware that there are individuals who
also do this to gain access to your banking, home, or your personal privacy. Use passwords that are
difficult to trace and keep them private. Be wary of sharing your real name, address, phone
number, financial information, school name, passwords, or other private information.

5. Do Use Your Technology to Create and Share Work

Technology gives you access to tools that you may not have otherwise had before. Create, publish,
share ideas, and get feedback.

6. Do Report Inappropriate Use of Technology

Anyone trying to intimidate, harass, or bully others on-line may be charged through the Criminal
Code (Section 264). Furthermore, it is also illegal to Distribute Obscene Matter (Section 163), post
images of anyone under 18 years engaging in sexual acts or depicting sexual organs (Section 163.1),
injuring the reputation of others by exposing them to ridicule, hatred, or contempt (Section 298), or
sending false messages intended to injure or alarm someone (Section 372). Report these types of
situations to the police or school staff immediately.

To report to the School Administration, email:

7. Do Cite Your Sources

While there is an abundance of information shared on the internet, you must write down where
you found your information so that the author gets recognized for their work. This is respectful as it
acknowledges the intellectual property of an author or publisher. Plagiarism is the copying of
someone else’s work without referencing or acknowledging them.

8. Do Stay Organized

With keeping all your work on one device, it is important to create a filing or storage system that
works for you. Keep track of your time, deadlines, and projects using a calendar. Do utilize your
teacher’s website to get information and announcements.

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