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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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News Archive

Fraser Health Update

December 09, 2020
‚ÄčThe most recent Fraser Health updates regarding COVID-19 exposure(s)

Child Action Plan Survey

October 19, 2019
‚ÄčPlease offer your input into child care needs.

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

September 24, 2019
‚ÄčPlease have a look at the following letter from SD43 Superintendent, Patricia Gartland, regarding the FSA.

  FSA Letter to Parents from Superintendent Sept 2019.pdf

PAC Meeting Agenda - Sept. 18

September 13, 2019
‚ÄčPlease have a look at the PAC Meeting agenda for Sept. 18, 2019

Funding Announcement for New Elementary School and Three Additions

May 10, 2019
‚ÄčThe Province of British Columbia and the Ministry of Education today announced funding for a new elementary school in Coquitlam's Burke Mountain and three classroom additions for other School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) schools. Totaling $73.3 million, the announcement includes a new elementary school for the Sheffield-Partington area of North Coquitlam...

French Immersion District Public Speakers

May 03, 2019
Mark Twain once said, "There are two types of public speakers in the world: the nervous and the liars."  Well, our eleven French Immersion Public speakers didn't let normal nerves and anxiety get in the way of presenting their wonderful speeches last Thursday, April 25th.  Topics ranged from time travel to...

Newsletter #4

March 18, 2019
‚ÄčHave a great spring break everyone!

Fraser Health Letter to Students, Parents and Staff re: Measles Information

February 25, 2019
‚Äč Please see the attached letter from Fraser Health sent on behalf of Patricia Gartland, Superintendent.  The letter has been updated to include a contact number for booking an appointment with public health.

Fraser Health Update re: Measles

February 21, 2019
February 21, 2019
Dear Students, School Staff, and Parents,

As you have heard, there is a measles outbreak at three schools in Vancouver. Please note that this is a localized outbreak and that students who are attending schools not connected to the outbreak have not been exposed. There is no evidence of...

JRDF Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes

June 15, 2018
‚Äč Mme Comartin and Mrs. Thacker's classes raised money for the JRDF Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes. Nick in Mrs. Thacker's class and Elsie in Mme Comartin's class participated in the walk with their teams. The school fundraising total for this wonderful cause was $400! Thank you for all your support. 

Minnekhada Pond Study

June 15, 2018
‚ÄčThe kindergarten classes visited Minnekhada Regional Park last week to participate in a pond study. They learned about all the plants and creatures that live in the ponds at Minnekhada. 

It's the Final Countdown!

June 15, 2018
‚ÄčMrs. Thacker's Kindergarten class is celebrating the final days of school with special themes and activities! Here's some photos from camping day, popcorn day, big buddy board game day, and some special field trips.

We're Having a Cow!

June 15, 2018
‚ÄčThe Kindergartens at Irvine got a visit from a dairy cow today! The Mobile Dairy Farm came to teach our youngest students about cows and dairy farming. 

Congratulations to the Lion King Cast, Ensemble, Crew and Teachers!

June 15, 2018
A HUGE congratulations to all those involved in the Lion King Kids production! They put on four amazing shows over 3 days! We received wonderful feedback and praise from many of the audience members in attendance. Thank you to the cast, crew, ensemble, teachers, parents and community members involved....

Coast Salish Inspired Art

June 15, 2018
‚ÄčMme Howard's class worked in pairs or small groups to create posted sized mixed media art projects inspired by Coast Salish animal drawings. 

Coquitlam Watershed Field Trip Fun

June 15, 2018
‚ÄčThis fall, all of our grade 4/5 English classes visited the Coquitlam Watershed. This June, our Grade 4/5 and 3/4 French Immersion classes visited the Watershed as well. Our students are very lucky to have been granted access to this beautiful place. It is closed to the public and the only...

Irvine's Got Talent!

June 07, 2018
Irvine Elementary will be hosting their student talent show on Thursday, June 28th. Permission slips for auditions have gone home or will go home shortly. They are due into classroom teachers ASAP. 
Please note that not all students who audition will get to perform in the talent show. Your child...

Collaborative Rock Garden

May 31, 2018
Students at Irvine have been painting rocks as a part of a collaborative, community art project. We have begun to lay out our painted rocks under a tree on the school grounds. This tree is behind railings and a fence are we are hopeful that the community will enjoy...

Lion King Kids!

May 31, 2018
They're newspaper famous! Check out the story in the local paper about our upcoming musical The Lion King Kids!

Track and Field Superstars!

May 31, 2018
Congratulations to all our athletes who participated in the SD43 Track and Field Meet last week! They had a wonderful day. Many ribbons were won and great sportsmanship was shown. Thank you to all our parent volunteers and coaches!

Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF

May 22, 2018
Division 12, Mme Comartin’s class, is supporting the Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes by holding a fundraiser on May 23rd, 2018. Their goal is to raise enough money to have Irvines’s name on a gold sneaker along the walk route. We need to raise $250 The Sun Life...


May 03, 2018
Congratulatulations to all of the teams participating in the Verbathon today at Irvine! Everyone did very well at this exciting event! A special congratulations to the winning teams featured below who will represent Irvine at the District Verbathon in late May. 

The Verbathon¬ģ Tournament at Irvine that was...

French Public Speaking Festival

May 03, 2018
On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, 13 brave student participants presented their speeches to an audience of parents and students at the French Public Speaking Festival at Irvine Elementary. Sean A, Alexa H and Karyssa L. represented their classes for the grade 2 category. Alistair J, Ella K, and Hunter...

Irvine Design Community Open House

May 03, 2018
‚ÄčYou‚Äôre Invited!  Attend the open house to view the design of the new seismic replacement school presented by the architects and district staff. The purpose of the open house is:
‚ÄĘ To present designs for the new seismic replacement school and provide updates (6:00 - 6:30 p.m.);
‚ÄĘ To answer questions and receive...

Public Speaking Superstars!

May 03, 2018
Congratulations to our two English Public Speaking superstars Taryn and Eshan who presented their speeches at the District Public Speaking Festival this week! They did an amazing job of delivering their speeches and representing Irvine. We're all so proud of you!

Getting Ready for the Lion King

April 26, 2018
‚ÄčTeacher volunteers and students have been hard at work over the last few months preparing for the Lion King musical. We are so excited to see what they've been working on. Here's a snapshot of the cast and ensemble rehearsing together. 

Flyin' Bob!

April 26, 2018
‚ÄčWe had a wonderful afternoon with Flyin' Bob! He amazed up with the physics of circus acts. Thank you to the PAC for funding this wonderful opportunity! 

Ackowledging the Traditional Territories

April 25, 2018
Each time we have gathered for school events this year we have had students begin the gathering with an acknowledgement of the Traditional Territories. The students read a short acknowledgement that recognizes that our school is on the Traditional Territories of the Coast Salish Peoples. Student presenters, like Gus,...

English Public Speaking Festival

April 25, 2018
Congratulations to our amazing Grade 4 and 5 English Public Speaking Finalists! Owen M, Eshan S, Dimi N, Taryn C.B, Ely T, and Justin M gave wonderful speeches on a variety of interesting topics yesterday morning to a large audience of students and parents. Indirah B. and Rachel C. were...

Green Thumbs

April 23, 2018

Spring has sprung and Irvinites are showing off their green thumbs! Mme Howard's class planted daffodils way back in October and they have bloomed in all their glory on the front lawn of the school. They were so pretty that it appears that some of our neighbours may have cut...

Taking Care of This Place!

April 23, 2018

‚ÄčIrvine families are doing their best to have litterless lunches as we SO appreciate your efforts! We can't all be perfect all the time though, so in comes the litter critter team to clean up the wrappers and plastic bags that don't quite make it back into students' lunch kits....

Congratulations Como Lake Relay Runners!

April 23, 2018
‚Äč Our Como Lake relay runners were outside practicing with Mme Howard for 10 weeks leading up to their big day on Thursday, April 19th. They didn't let cold, rain, ice or even hail stop them from running their 1.2KM practice twice a week each week. We had beautiful weather on race...

Celebrating Music at Irvine!

April 17, 2018
This month's celebration of learning assembly was a celebration of musical talents at Irvine! Ms. Hardman's class presented two songs on the taiko drums. They also performed at the District 43 music jamboree earlier this month. 
Mme Arvisais' class performed an acapela song. It was a classic French...

Leprechaun on the loose!

March 08, 2018
Have you seen this leprechaun? Mrs. Thacker's class have been trying to catch a leprechaun after reading the story "Leprechaun On The Loose".  They have been busy building traps during centres this week. Next week they will each be creating their own traps with big buddies.

Friendship Fruit Salad

February 22, 2018
Mrs. Thacker's Kindergarten class and their Grade 4/5 big buddies from Ms. Trumpour's class made a friendship fruit salad. Great fun and healthy eating were had by all. 

Obstacle Course Explorations

February 22, 2018
‚ÄčOur Kindergarten classes have a new obstacle course set so of course they had to test it out! They had great fun running through cones, jumping in hula hoops, and practicing their motor skills. 

100 Year Old Grade 1s!

February 22, 2018
‚ÄčMme Birnbaum's class has aged overnight! To celebrate their 100th day of school, Mme Birnbaum and her students dressed up as 100 year olds. Hilarity and confusion ensued when children with grey hair and mustaches appeared all over the school. 

Kindergarten History Lesson

February 08, 2018
‚Äč All four of our kindergarten classes had the opportunity to learn about the history of Port Coquitlam from some wonderful presenters in full historical costumes. They created some beautiful art by painting overtop of black and white photos. 

Division 4 & 14 Book Swap Success

February 08, 2018
Three years after a group of parents had generously offered to donate some used children‚Äôs books to her classroom library, Mme. Zimmermann has continued the tradition of conducting a class Book Swap before Family Literacy Day. What had begun as a simple idea evolved into a wonderful event!  Mrs....

Amazing Artists at Irvine

February 01, 2018

‚Äč There is some amazing art displayed in our classrooms and halls all year round! Here is a sampling of some of the beautiful pieces currently on our walls. 

Mrs. Jette's Class is Crazy About Penguins

February 01, 2018
‚ÄčThe Grade 1 and 2 students in Mrs. Jette's class are learning everything there is to know about penguins! They are reading penguin books and writing about penguins. They are creating penguin art, measuring penguin heights and even doing penguin math! 

We love to read!

February 01, 2018

We were so happy to have parents, grandparents, and other guardians join us for family reading on Family Literacy Day! The whole school came together to read in the hallways for 30 minutes. Irvine loves to read!

Fun in the Rain!

February 01, 2018
Irvine participates in West Coast Recess. Students have great fun jumping in puddles, building dams, making waterfalls and playing in the rain. 

Coding Superstars!

January 31, 2018
On Tuesday, January 30th, the Minister of Education and other special guests from the Ministry and School District came to Irvine to announce the funding for a new Irvine Elementary. They also highlighted the amazing work being done with technology at Irvine Elementary. Five of our students, Matthew...

Welcome Mr. Peltier!

January 18, 2018

‚ÄčIrvine Elementary is pleased to welcome Mr. Peltier, our new daytime custodian. We bid farewell and good luck to Mr. Hintay who has accepted a position at another school. 

Chess Club Champions!

December 07, 2017
‚Äč Fall Chess Club wraps up!  Sixteen students played chess, learning new moves and how to use timers, for nine weeks. The club wrapped up on Thursday with Charles and Troy playing the A final, and Elsie and Andrei playing the B final. Congratulations on your excellent efforts and look forward...

Breakfast with Santa

December 04, 2017
‚Äč Good Afternoon Irvine Community,   For the second year, Christmas Concert Tickets will be available online for families. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please get in touch with the Irvine Head Secretary at 604-941-3408 and tickets will be made available to you.  ...

Irvine Breakfast Program

November 30, 2017
‚Äč Irvine Breakfast Program    Did you know?   "Serving students a healthy, balanced breakfast helps them develop better
social skill and makes them more inclined to learn."
- Isabelle Huot, PhD in nutrition     We are offering a breakfast program for students in the (Eagles) Conference Room.  Students will have access...

Winter Weather and West Coast Recess

November 02, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the notice below about Winter Weather and West Coast Recess at Irvine Elementary.   Winter Weather Information 2017 18.pdf

Happy Halloween

November 02, 2017
‚ÄčHere's a few Halloween highlights from Irvine's Halloween Celebrations. Mrs. Hynes' gaggle of ghouls Mme Howard's group of goblins Mrs. Bischoff's dressed up dabbing class Teacher Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Tutus!

Awesome Autumn Art!

November 02, 2017
‚ÄčHere are just some of the amazing autumn themed art projects that have been seen around Irvine.  Amazing work Irvine Artists!  

Autumn Explorations at Irvine

November 02, 2017
‚ÄčAt Irvine, many students are learning with an Autumn flair! Here's some projects that can be found around the school this Autumn. Patterning with pumpkins and apples Learning about life cycles and sequencing  with the pumpkin life cycle Learning about life cycles, sequencing and shapes with pumpkins Scientific investigations with pumpkins....

Silly, Spooky, Super Fantastic Halloween Art!

November 02, 2017
‚ÄčIrvine's students are amazing artists! Here are just some of the Halloween art projects created by our classes!    

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

November 02, 2017
‚ÄčMany of our divisions visited the Pumpkin Patch this month! Here's a few highlights!
Mrs. Hynes' class   Mrs. Thacker's Class Mme Howard's Class

Art at Evergreen!

October 26, 2017
‚ÄčDivisions 11 and 12, Mme Comartin and Mme Howard's classes, went to Evergeen Cultural Centre to participate in two visual arts workshops. They had an amazing day learning about the art of comics and making clay noise makers in the form of chameleons. On their lunch break, the students explored lafarge...

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Fun

October 17, 2017
‚ÄčEarlier this month our Kindergarten classes embarked on a fantastic field trip to the pumpkin patch. Great fun was had by all! Thank you to the parent volunteers who drove and supervised the students. Activities included a hay ride, seeing farm animals, and choosing their very own pumpkin to take home. 

We Scare Hunger!

October 16, 2017
Divisions 4 once again will be organizing "We Scare Hunger", a food drive for the SHARE food bank. Each day, they will be collecting non-perishable food items, baby formula and diapers from your child's classroom, up to Halloween on October 31st.  Any monetary donations to the SHARE Food Bank, including gift cards, can be left at...

Division 1 Loves Transit!

October 15, 2017
‚ÄčDivision 1, Mrs. Bischoff's class, loves Transit and it appears Transit loves them too! Their mural and written entry were chosen as winners of the "I Love Transit" contest. Over 100 classes entered this contest. The students are very excited for their upcoming day travelling around the city - just one part of their exciting...

PAC Hot Lunch

October 12, 2017
‚Äč Please see the following document for more information about the PAC Hot Lunch program. 

Toonies for Terry!

October 12, 2017

The Irvine Elementary School community raised a grand total of $320.20 for the Terry Fox Foundation!
Way to go Irvinites!

Sports Day Success!

October 03, 2017
‚ÄčOn Friday, September 29th, Irvine students 
had their Sports Day! Great fun was had by all 
students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. 

Highlights included the parachute, golf ball races,
cup stacking, obstacle courses and bean bag 
tic-tac-toe among other stations! 

Thank you to teachers for preparing their stations. 
A HUGE thank you to parent volunteers and Terry...

iRide, you ride, we all ride!

October 03, 2017
‚ÄčGrade 3 and 4 students at Irvine enjoyed three 
sessions of iRide cycling lessons by Cycling BC.  A HUGE thanks goes out to the instructors as well as the Irvine PAC who funded this program for our students!
We had wonderful weather and big smiles all around as students
learned bike safety and...

West Coast Recess

September 18, 2017
  At Irvine we have West Coast Recess. We very rarely keep students inside due to the weather conditions. Many schools in the district are doing the same. Fresh air helps all students to take a break and maintain focus during work time. Please ensure that your child is well prepared...

We are Family

September 16, 2017
‚ÄčAll of Irvine's students came together in the first week of school to create a beautiful collaborative art project. Students from all classes colored paper hands to form Irvine's Family Tree.
At Irvine, we believe in the power of community and the importance of family. We can accomplish great things...

Inclement Weather

December 08, 2016
Dear Parents/Guardians of Irvine Elementary,   The weather forecast for tomorrow afternoon through Friday is for snow.  Please check the district website Home - School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) for information about school closures.  A decision will be made before 6:30am and it will be on the website by...

Schoolcashonline Brochure

September 23, 2016
‚ÄčCreate an account

Online Christmas Tickets -Launch Posponed

November 19, 2015
Our original launch time for our tickets to the Christmas Concert was going to be today, Thursday, November 19, 2015 at noon.   It will be rescheduled for  in order to ensure that all families have enough lead time to prepare to access tickets.   If you do not have access to a...

School Supply Order Forms

May 11, 2015
Forms have been added.  Go to Parents - School Supplies.  Orders are due Thursday, May 14.

Track attack is happening for Gr. 3/4/5 students: weather dependent

April 19, 2015
PLease make sure that your child has clothing and shoes suitable for running and jumping!

Crazy Hair Day is Tuesday, April 21!

April 19, 2015
scrunchies?  feathers?  clips?  dye or spray?  Who knows what will come in the classroom door on Tuesday!  This event is sponsored by the Gr. 4/5 Leadership club!

CPF Summer French Camp information

April 12, 2015
Please find attached a full description and registration form that includes pricing.

Fundraising opportunity for Irvine!

April 10, 2015
Please read this interesting flyer.  The activity is at Rochester Elementary but you can get your items shredded and you make your donation to IRVINE!  check out tax receipt info!

Spring Break Projects: Clean up old games to donate and make a Crazy Hat for Mar. 24!

March 03, 2015
Bring in games that your family found fun and have all their pieces!  We would love to play them during recess and lunch times!

Glen Pac Recycling Depot Fundraiser!

February 19, 2015
Please check this flyer for more information.  Some fees apply and it is a PAC fundraiser.

Jump Rope for Heart event!

February 17, 2015
The schedule is attached!  Please come in and cheer us on! Online and envelope donations are encouraged.

Ways to help our school: 2. Cobs and 3. Dilly Bars

February 10, 2015
2.  Please let the cashier at COBS Bakery know that you are with Irvine and they will give the school a % of sales.  The scones will taste sweeter!   3.  PAC Treat day is Wednesday and they are selling Dilly Bars at lunch!  Yum!

Ways to help our school: Jump Rope Event is Feb. 18 register online!

February 10, 2015
1. JUMP ROPE FOR HEART register online  at  For every student registered  Online , the students gets a $5 Kick Start towards their Thank you prizes. This is a safe and easy way to teach out to friends and family around the world!        For every student registered  Online...

Spring Break Offerings! Bricks 4 Kids

February 02, 2015
Please find attached information about activities for Spring Break.

Pink Shirt day is Feb. 25 and the new shirts are out! Paper copy of this order form will be sent home today.

January 26, 2015
All profits go to KIDSPORT TriCities Please send a cheque to the school by Friday. While it is a PRO-D day, the office will be open.

Friday Fun! Please remember to use the E-Form if you will be absent tomorrow or inform the teacher about early start on vacation!

December 18, 2014
  Please remember that we are in session all day on Friday.   It is not an Official Early Dismissal.  We have Sand Northrup presenting to the students at 1:00 p.m.  All are welcome! We know many families try to get on the road early or enjoy vacation a little longer.   Please advise...

Christmas Concert tickets are all out! We are very excited about our show and look forward to seeing you all! Please remember all shows start at 1:00 p.m. Doors will open at 12:30. Please bring your ticket!

December 08, 2014
Cookies and water will be sold by the Grade 5 Leaving Committee and there will be a 50/50 Draw with proceeds going to the purchase of a digital camera.  Don't forget the Book Fair which is open Tuesday and Wednesday!

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