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Cape Horn Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Rights Respecting School

CAPE HORN ELEMENTARY - North America's FIRST Rights Respecting School

Cape Horn is a Rights Respecting School, an initiative of UNICEF Canada's Global Classroom program. This initiative uses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as the basis for enhancing an inclusive, participatory and respectful school culture for children and adults.

As a framework for educational improvement, the initiative helps to address the whole learning environment through a consistent, rights-based approach. It is premised on the understanding that in order for children to want to achieve, they have to feel included, that they belong and that they matter. It brings children into early contact with the universal ideals of respect for oneself and for others.

 March Assembly

Our school community enjoys time to celebrate students'

learning about Rights through music, poetry, and visual arts.



 The Giving of Water


Grade 4/5 students in Division 3 worked together in small groups to paint these pictures.  The mural artwork is titled "The Giving Of Water". The students illustrated where drinking water originates and how Africa has a severe shortage of clean drinking water compared to Canada. Our students chose to raise money to help buy a water pump for a village in Africa.

 Clean water close to home...

We are thankful for the abundance of water available here in our community.














 Water Pump In Action


Students illustrate how clean water can be delivered through a water pump to an African community.  The water pump is intentionally made to look huge to emphasize just how important water is to the people of Africa.

Cape Horn Elementary School

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V3K 5J2
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