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Birchland Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Lunch Program

Supervised Lunch Option at Birchland School

We are fortunate to be able to invite our students to stay for lunch at school each day.  We have two lunch supervisors who help to ensure that they are having a safe and enjoyable experience.  Lunch expectations have been clearly communicated to students.  They are as follows: 

í  demonstrate appropriate manners while eating;

í  eat quietly at your desk or table;

í  remain seated until 12:12 then clean up desk area, put garbage in the garbage can and line up;

í  read or do something quiet at your desk if finished before 12:12;

í  put any unfinished lunch back in your lunch kit to take home;

í  eat only your own food (no trading or sharing lunches);

í  leave your desk area tidy;

í  exit classroom in an orderly way at 12:15(use good manners);

í  leave by classroom door -- no walking through hallways;

í  if you need to use the washroom use the recess doors;

í  once you are outside you may not go back into your classroom;

í  if not finished eating by 12:15 take lunch to front hall and finish -- you will not be allowed back in your classroom so bring what you need along.


Other notes:

-"Inside Days" due to extreme weather conditions will be announced on the intercom.  Students are to follow the same guidelines, but stay inside to engage in quiet games or activities rather than go out to the playground.

- Please send food items that do not require heating.   Students do not have access to microwave ovens. 

- Please remember to send the utensils that your child requires to eat his/her lunch and encourage them to recycle these items.

Please note that parents of a student choosing to disregard the above expectations may be asked to make other arrangments for their child's lunch period for a set amount of time.  

Birchland Elementary School

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