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Pinetree Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

​Pinetree Secondary is known for having great extra-curricular clubs and activities! There’s something for anyone and everyone. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in your community, make new friends, and maybe learn a skill or two, then look no further for here is a compilation of all of our school’s clubs! Contact the leaders listed below if you have questions or would like to find out more information.


Acapella Club

Leaders: Jenny Zhao        Teacher sponsor: Mr.  and Mrs. Carmichael
Time: Fridays after school in the choir room

Are you an aspiring singer? In the Acapella club, we train dedicated singers to become skillful musicians. During our meetings, we teach Acapella singers to sing songs solely with only their voices (without any instrumental accompaniment). With their knowledge of singing, the Acapella singers take on multiple performances throughout the school year. Join today, and we can help you improve your singing techniques by training your pitch, expanding your vocal range, and developing your passion for music.


Leaders: Jenny Zhao        Teacher sponsor: Mr. Watson
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in A106

Do you have questions regarding on Christianity? Are you willing to learn more about the Christian faith? If so, Alpha may be the perfect club for you. Alpha is a series of teen interactive sessions run over twelve weeks, where anyone can explore life and the Christian faith. A typical session includes watching a video from the Christian program, discussing topics from the bible, and praying. The program begins after spring break - come to room A106 every Tuesday at lunch to meet new people and have a fun time!

Alpha Wolves

Leaders: Marisa Lin, Kira Yip, Coco Lee, Cameron Lee, Henry Qi, Kyle Fernandez, Chloe So                               
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Wong
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in A100 (very occasional meetings)

The official volunteering club of Pinetree Secondary. If you want to gain leadership skills and volunteer in various school events, then Alpha Wolves is the club for you. We help organize all school events, such as the grade 9 orientation

BC Student Alliance

Leaders: Anna Ma            Teacher sponsor: Mr. Zenone
Time: Tuesday (second week of every month) at lunch in A119

Students should have a say in the education system, and BC Student Alliances provides the platform for creativity and innovation in making a change. Join thousands of others across the Lower Mainland in the movement to empower student voice. By noting current flaws and issues, BCSA will hold events, fundraisers, and open discussions in order to solve it. Collectively, we can better the education system for generations of students to come.

Business Club

Leaders: Celina Chen, Kevin Nishimura, Edward Yuan       Teacher sponsor: Mr. Lu
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in A217

WE WANT YOU! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to join the only club in Pinetree that focuses primarily on business related topics. Business club provides a n unique opportunity to learn not only about the field of organizations, but also gets members involved in events such as case competitions, stock market simulations, networking events, and entrepreneurial activities! Feel free to drop by our meetings to see what the club is all about!

Charity Band

Leaders: Rick Son, Ina Huang, Simon Shou             Teacher sponsor: Mr. Mrs. Carmichael
Time: Fridays after school in Band Room

Charity band is a musical ensemble consisting of various jazz instruments. In a form of a standard jazz band, Charity band plays a wide range of music genres such as pop, jazz, rock, and ballad. This group of talented musicians from all grades get together every Friday after-school to share their love towards music.

Charity Brighouse

Leaders: Deborah Berman, Andrea Demeter, Kate Chou, Kira Yip, Marisa Lin, Anika Jang
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Nelson
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in A111

Charity Brighouse is a student-run NPO with branches all across Metro Vancouver that supports international causes. We advocate for youth leadership through volunteerism and global citizenship. Our mission is to enable youth to become the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Chess Club

Leaders: Josh Pobran, Aditya Goshalia, Michael Yu             Teacher sponsor: Mr. Wong
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in B205

Club 180

Leaders: Sophie Greenwood, Jessie Lau, Moon Lau            Teacher sponsor: Mr. Dyck
Time: Fridays at lunch in A201    


Leaders: Celina Chen, Jason Shi, Emily Liang                          Teacher sponsor: Ms. Kubiak
Time: Mondays at lunch in A100

The Model United Nations and Debate club is one of Pinetree's biggest extracurricular-oriented clubs. If you would like to develop your public speaking skills or have an interest in government, then our club is right for you! In both MUN and Debate, your voice and ideas can be heard as you represent different nations and perspectives in various MUN or Debate conferences.

Environment Club

Leaders: Amy Zeng, Amy Lee                       Teacher sponsor: Mr. Nelson
Time: Mondays at lunch in A109

Environment club serves to provide students with local volunteer opportunities and empower them to make a change in their communities. We will be participating in invasive plant removal, going on field trips, running workshops, and planning initiatives in our community.

First Aid Club

Leaders: Anna Ma, Christina Zhang, Bernice Wong             Teacher sponsor: Ms. Loo
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in A114

BECOME A LIFE SAVER! Join us and learn the art of first aid. Topics covered include Emergency Scene Management, cardiovascular emergencies, broken bones, severe bleeding, medical emergencies, and more. Looking to get certified? We prepare you for the 19 hour long certification to ensure that you are ready. As well, the First Aid Club provides opportunities to gain volunteer hours and first hand experience for our members by providing first aid coverage at school events. No previous experience necessary, everyone welcome!

Game Creation Club

Leaders: Sawyer Umpherville-Choy, Jason Ra                       Teacher sponsor: Mr. Lu
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in A222

Do you have a passion for games? Have you wondered what it's like to release your own game for the world to see? If so, then this is the club for you. The game design business is usually separated into 4 main categories: artists, designers, programmers and sound engineers. these groups are the backbone of making a game. We'll be releasing all of the games we make to the school and on the web; so if you've ever wanted to go into the game creation field, this club can build your résumé as well as giving valuable experience.

H.Y.P.E Humanitarian Youth with Purpose

Leaders: Alice Gao, Veron Cheng                                               Teacher sponsor: Ms. Lockwood
Time: Fridays at lunch in B107

Pinetree's H.Y.P.E (Humanitarian Youth with Purpose) is a Gleneagle Secondary founded club, dedicated to helping local homeless youth, specifically in Rain City Housing situated in Coquitlam. 60% of homeless youth are dependent on youth shelters just like Rain City. With over 4 H.Y.P.E branches and with the number growing in the Tri-Cities, our goal is to break the stereotypes on homelessness.

Hope For Tomorrow

Leaders: Tina Cao                             Teacher sponsor: Mr. Iaccobucci
Time: Thursdays at lunch in A110

The Hope for Tomorrow Club fundraises for the BC Cancer Foundation. Its purpose is to raise money and awareness in the community about cancer research. Every cent made in our fundraisers will go towards funding for a potentially better tomorrow, for the next generation and ourselves.

Improv Club/Club Orange

Leaders: Natasha Beauregard, April Rae, Devon Chung, Cynthia Chen       
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Mrs. Carmichael
Time: Tuesdays at After school in Drama Room


Leaders: Cameron Lee, Aidan Hamilton, Alyssa Lee, Christina Co, Gordon Wong   
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Jack
Time: Mondays (not every week) at lunch in A101

Pinetree's Kidsport Club raises funds and sporting equipment to help break financial barriers for children (18yrs and under) in our Tri-Cities community. We believe that no child should be left on the sidelines and all deserve to have access in experiencing the positive benefits that come with organized sports. Our club will organize fun sporting events, collect used equipment, and provide volunteer opportunities within the community. If you'd like to apply for financial assistance with Kidsport, visit:

Kindler's Society

Leaders: Daniel Tan, Joanne Jung, Kevin Nishimura, Jason Wu       Teacher sponsor: Mr. Faulks
Time: Fridays at lunch in A100

Kindlers Society is a humanitarian organization founded in October 2012 by Candice Wang. Since then we have spread across the lower mainland and have sent missions to places like Iran, Syria, and China. We are dedicated to eliminating illiteracy and providing educational opportunities to those in developing countries.

Math Club

Leaders: Joanne Jung, Robert Volkov, Angus Wang, Allen Zhang, Simon Zhang, Kevin Zhou
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Lin
Time: Mondays at lunch in A206

Math Club is an educational club dedicated to prepping students who are already capable in math and helping them achieve better results in contests and future math courses. We specifically focus on topics that are not covered in the general British Columbia pre-calculus curriculum but are frequently needed to excell in math competitions. We import curriculums from foreign countries and chooses topics and worksheets needed for a quality learning experience. If you are good at math and hope to go above and beyond, come to our meeting on Mondays at A206

Me to We

Leaders: Coco Chen, Sonia Sandhu           Teacher sponsor: Ms. Y. Chan
Time: Mondays at lunch in B203

Me to We Club is a club that hosts events and fundraisers for campaigns created by Free the Children and Me to We, otherwise known as WE Charity. These groups, along with the club, hope to establish safe, healthy, and well-educated societies around the globe. Our campaigns, such as We Scare Hunger, We Are Silent, and the ever-popular Krispy Kreme sales go toward meeting that exact goal.

Music Council

Leaders: Rick Son, Ina Huang, Jennifer Hsu            Teacher sponsor: Mr. Mrs. Carmichael
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in the choir room

The Music Council consists of music students who wish to assist in all events related to the music department. From large concerts to smaller performances, in this club, there is no shortage of chances to get involved.

Neuroscience Club

Leaders: Julia Park,  Kelvin Zhang, Emily Liang, Joanne Jung, Kaiser Lee     Teacher sponsor: Mr. Lockwood
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in B201

Neuroscience Club is committed to expanding public knowledge and interest in brain sciences in an understandable and applicable manner. We explore neuroscience through activities such as dissections, games, and lab tours. Club members have the opportunity to participate in an international neuroscience competition

Operation Smile

Leaders: Veron Cheng, Wendy Cheng, Victoria Citruszko                 Teacher sponsor: Mr. Wintermans
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in B207

We aim for a world where no children with a palette condition would suffer from the lack of medical care. By raising money for surgeries, we will bring out their most sincere smiles.

Orchestra Club

Leaders: Joanne Jung, Rachel Chi, Allen Zhang, Angus Wang          Teacher sponsor: Mr. Mrs. Carmichael
Time: Mondays at After school in Band room

The Pinetree Orchestra Club is a non-profit music enthusiastic community that provides its members with the opportunity to play and perform classical music pieces of various difficulties. This year, Pinetree Orchestra Club will be collaborating with other groups to run a few concerts. If you enjoy music and play an instrument, please consider joining the Pinetree Orchestra Club! Fun fact: When the word "orchestra" first occurred in English it meant "the art of dancing".

Pinetree Barnet Leo Club

Leaders: Angela Park, Kate Lee                                   Teacher sponsor: Mr. Zenone
Time: Thursdays at lunch in A103

Pinetree Barnet Leo club is a part of the Lion's club! Anyone wanting to volunteer and take a part in the community can join! We help the communities who are requesting for help or the ones that need help in general by volunteering or fundraising. Volunteer hours will be given and meet new people and have fun!

Pinetree Community Club

Leaders: Yoshihiro Nakano, Jacob Wee                   Teacher sponsor: Ms. Ikeda
Time: Mondays at lunch in A105

Pinetree's Community Club is for those who are new to the school or even new to Canada, where we give newcomers a taste of 'Pinetree life'. Doing community service, exploring the city or just having a conversation. We try to keep a tight knit group of friends, but anyone is welcome to join!

Pinetree Indian Umbrella

Leaders: Judit Nagy, Beth Miyanaga                         Teacher sponsor: Ms Shotton
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in B101

Indian Umbrella is an organization founded on the belief that everyone deserves the chance for a better life, regardless of their current situation. We work with grassroots charities in India to raise funds and awareness for them throughout Canada. Currently, we are working with Amcha Ghar to build a school in Mumbai. Join us every Wednesday in B101 if you're interested in building your leadership skills and organizing our henna sales and other fundraisers!

Pinetree Post

Leaders: Emily Liang, Julia Park                   Teacher sponsor: Mr Lau
Time: Fridays at lunch in A204

The Pinetree Post is an independent student-run newspaper that distributes one issue every month, available in both print and digital. We cover relevant topics with honest perception. Pinetree Post is an excellent way to network as we're constantly in collaboration with other clubs. We are made for the students, by students, looking to tell the stories of Pinetree in a way that no other organization can. Anyone can submit guest articles to or opinions to Fun fact: When the Pinetree Post underwent a major redesign in 2015, it kept the half-tree logo, but adapted it to a modern flair.

Pinetree Secondary Key Club

Leaders: Eric Wu, Daniel Tan, Michelle Deng, Kate Chou, Nancy Liu, Kay Yang       

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Clarke
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in A100

The Pinetree Secondary Key Club is a student-led club sponsored by Kiwanis International. It is a part of Key Club International, an organization spanning over thirty countries in the world with more than 270,000 members.  Our activities include serving the school and community, and fundraising for causes such as the Elminate Project.

Pinetree Games Club

Leaders: Helen Lo, Steven Eckholdt

Teacher sponsor: Mr. Lu

Time: Thursdays at lunch in A220

Do you enjoy playing video games? Join the gaming club for online tournaments in various games, and game discussions in our discord server. Be part of a community of fellow gamers! We also play boardgames during our events and meetings. Everyone is welcome!

Random Acts of Kindness

Leaders: Joyce Tao                           Teacher sponsor: Mr. Wallace Mr. Clarke
Time: Thursdays at lunch in A118

Lurking in the shadows by day, springing acts of random (or not-so-random) kindness upon the members of the school by night. Nothing interesting to see here. Move along.


Leaders: Julie Wang                         Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Y. Chan
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in B203

Focused around raising awareness for a plethora of global issues. If you are interested in taking part of making a small difference in the field of International Humanitarian Law and other worldwide related issues, come join us at B203 to meet like-minded people and to connect with the world.

Recycling Club

Leaders: Marvin Shi                         Teacher sponsor: Ms. Ikeda/ Mr Lockwood
Time: Mondays at after school in B200

Recycling club is a group of people who volunteer to handle and organize the daily production of recyclable drink containers. Meanwhile, it's also a family consisted of students who are making an effort trying to reduce the damage to the environment by little actions.  At the same time we do hope more and more people could understand the growing importance of preserving the environment, and we also are trying by us taking actions, to teach them to take actions as well starting right now.

Resistance Club

Leaders: Simon Zhang, Eric Wu                                   Teacher sponsor: Mr. Lau
Time: Mondays/Wednesdays at lunch in A204

Are you intersted in group games that involve strategy, deception and teamwork? Join the Resistance Club! We are a gaming club that organizes groups to play thrilling games such as Resistance, Werewolf, Coup and so much more. We are inviting all of you to come and play in Room A204 on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch. We hope share this amazing experience with as many people as possible and connect through gaming.

Rubik's3 Club

Leaders: Alex-Lizheng Liu, Michael-Tianyue Liu                    Teacher sponsor: Mr. Kerr
Time: Thursdays at lunch in A113

Compete. Communicate. Cube. Come to Rubik's Cube Club to learn more about this fascinating puzzle and the tricks and tutorials it comes with!

Social Diversity for Children Foundation (SDC)

Leaders: Chenille Wong, Yvonne Wang, Rebecca Liu, Ivana Truong, Kate Huang
Teacher sponsor: Mr Nelson
Time: Thursdays at lunch in A210

Our mission is to provide social learning programs to empower children with disabilities and children without disabilities to become the world's future leaders. Our programs recognize the uniqueness of each individual and encourage self-expression and creativity. They promote interaction and connection between children of all abilities. With an appreciation for long-lasting, diverse friendships, we move towards a more inclusive and compassionate community everyday.


Leaders: Coco Lee, Kira Yip, Christopher Lee                         Teacher sponsor: Mr Wintermans
Time: Wednesdays at lunch in B200

Welcome to Pinetree's SPCA Club of 2017-2018! This year, our aim is to raise awareness about the issue of animal cruelty and to enrich the lives of animals in need. We plan to reach our goal by volunteering, fundraising, and advocating for our cause to the students of Pinetree Secondary. For more information about the SPCA community, check out the website:

Spectrum (GSA)

Leaders: Jodie Barros, Kimiya Bahreini                     Teacher sponsor: Ms. C. Lee
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in A 220 (film & TV room)

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) - come for the free food, stay for the conversation and bad puns. Casual hangout for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+, or an ally. Meet like-minded individuals and work together in school initiatives to create a positive change.

Table Tennis Club

Leaders: Eric Hua, Brady Huai, Alex Dong               Teacher sponsor: Ms. Darychuk
Time: Thursdays after school in room 6/7/8

Tired of fighting over the crowded tables during PE class? Come join the table tennis club to play with you friends in peace. Wheather you want to play recreationally or competitively, we have a place for you. Come any thursday after school to join!

Technology Club

Leaders: Joanne Jung, Allen Zhang, Kelvin Zhang, Simon Zhang     Teacher sponsor: Mr. Cooper
Time: Tuesdays at lunch in A221

Tech Club is a hobby and educational club that works on various projects, from graphic design, to coding, to hacking. Anything that has to do with computers or related technology that you have an interest in, Tech Club has a project for you!

The Hot Potato Initiative

Leaders: Anna Ma                            Teacher sponsor: Mr. Wallace
Time: Tuesday (first week of every month) at lunch in A119

The Hot Potato Initiative (legally the Hot Potato Initiative Foundation) is a non-profit youth organization working to de-stigmatize homelessness in Canada and inspire citizens to take action in creative ways. By baking potatoes and distributing them on Hot Potato Runs, youth are able to alleviate the immediate hunger of the homeless. By sharing the stories of homeless people, empathy is created in recognition that the homeless are people, just like you and me. Founded in September 2016, the movement has since grown to a network of more than fifty high school and over 1700 likes on Facebook. Join us, and meet hundreds of other enthusiastic youth who are equally dedicated to shaping the future of Vancouver and Canada in helping to end the crisis. Volunteer hours provided for fundraising help and gala planning.


Leaders: Michelle Shuai, Eiden Jeong, Jinny Kim                  Teacher sponsor: Ms Korby
Time: Fridays at lunch in A209

UNICEF works with the United Nations to help women and children in developing countries fight for their rights, survival, development and protection.

Volunteer Club

Leaders: Janet Wang, Ina Huang                                Teacher sponsor: Mr. Mrs. Lu
Time: Friday (not every week) at lunch in A222

The volunteer club is designed to serve a group of students from grade 9s to 12s whose goal is to complete the graduation requirement of minimum 30 volunteer hours by participating in community volunteer opportunities recommended and found by the club leaders.

Wish Youth Network Society

Leaders: Michelle Shuai, Chiku Ngosi, Jinho Baek                                Teacher sponsor: Mr. Sheehan
Time: Mondays at lunch in A217

Wish Youth Network Society (WYNS) is a provincial wide NPO that reaches out to terminally ill children and their families. We seek to provide hope to youth with serious medical conditions and opportunities for youth to give back to their community. Our vision is to help youth realize the significance of things we neglect so easily in life: fragility of happiness, the importance of health, and the value of hope.

Worldwide Education Club

Leaders: Chiku Ngosi, Jan Patel, Anjellique King, Brittany Chow       Teacher sponsor: Ms. Ikdea
Time: Fridays at lunch in A200

Worldwide Education Club ignites the empowerment of girls to support girls. In partnership with the United Nations, we stand up for girls, speak up for programs that help them thrive, and rise up as a community of advocates out to change the world, for good. Through fundraising, we help give at-risk girls the education they deserve.

Youth Wellness Initiative

Leaders: Jeffrey Shen                                     Teacher sponsor: Ms. Y. Chan
Time: Tuesday at lunch in B203

Youth Wellness Initiative is a club that raises awareness for both mental and physical well-being. This is achieved through monthly workshops and seminars regarding ways of dealing with stress and related topics, a year end large-scale events promoting discussion and awareness towards this issue, as well as fundraising initiatives, with all proceeds going towards Canadian Mental Health Association. 

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