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3000 Pinewood Avenue, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7Y7| Phone: 604-464-2513| Contact Us
Pinetree Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Pinetree Parent Advisory Council

​Co-Presidents:   Janet Thompson and Natalie Wang

Secretary:  Ivana Dadak     

Treasurer:  Linda Qin
DPAC Reps:   Maria Ledezma

All parents are encouraged to attend PAC meetings.

 To Contact the Pinetree PAC please email




What is a school PAC?


A school PAC (Parent Advisory Council) is a body that through the school act gives parents the right to provide feedback in their child’s school. PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents. The PAC is a forum within each school community to discuss matters affecting the school and the education of its students.


Below is a link to the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils with more information on what is a PAC and how they work and a PDF document about PACs.


Parent Advisory Council.pdf


May 2022 Minutes.pdfMay 2022 MinutesClarke, Jeremy
January 18 2022 Minutes.pdfJanuary 18 2022 MinutesClarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov23_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov23_2021Clarke, Jeremy
Pinetree Secondary Minutes of PAC General Meeting Oct 19.pdfPinetree Secondary Minutes of PAC General Meeting Oct 19Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_May11_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_May11_2021Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_April13_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_April13_2021Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Jan12_2021.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Jan12_2021Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov17_2020_.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov17_2020_Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct20_2020.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct20_2020Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Sept22_2020.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Sept22_2020Pearson, Donnette
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_April9_2020.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_April9_2020Clarke, Jeremy
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov. 5_2019.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Nov. 5_2019Pearson, Donnette
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Dec3_2019.pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Dec3_2019Pearson, Donnette
PAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct15_2019 (002).pdfPAC_Meeting_Minutes_Oct15_2019 (002)Clarke, Jeremy

Pinetree Secondary School

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