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École Moody Middle School of the Arts
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Construction Updates

New School Construction is a transition we will be experiencing at EMMSOTA until early 2018.  We will be creating regular updates for our school community about the construction progress on our website, through our school newsletters and our Twitter account @43moody.


construction 155.jpg

January 2018 - Landscpaing is creating a feeling that our opening day is getting closer.

construction 148.JPG

December 2017 - Team Leaders tour the new building and love what they see!

construction 123.jpg

August 2017 - A great persepctive of the changes in over a year.

construction 122.jpg 

August 2017 - Looking more complete on the exterior.

construction 121.jpg 

 June 2017 - Siding going on the outside of the building.

Construction 117.jpg 

May 2017 - The main entrance.  More glass now in place.

Construction 120.jpg 

 May 2017 - Panels getting put in place to cover orange insulated wrap.

construction 113.jpg 

February 2017 - Drywall being hung in hallways and classrooms now.

construction 105.jpg 

January 2017 - The difference one year makes from 2016 to 2017.

construction 102.jpg 

December 2016 - Classroom space showing the framing for where the movable wall will provide flexible learning spaces.

construction 101.jpg 

November 2016 - A great look at the NLC space for community partners.

construction 60.jpg 

October 2016 - Natural light and views of nature in each pod area.


October 2016 - On site tour photo of our new gym.


October 2016 - Flexible learning spaces and great outdoor gathering spots for students.

construction 46 WEB.jpg 


May 11/16 - The pillars on this wall will help shape the wave-shaped roof.


May 10/16 - Taking on more shape.


April 18/16 - Growing in height with more forms and concrete.


April 1/16 - No fooling around here on the First of April!


March 29/16 - Walls and sunshine as seen from the field.



March 2/16 - Progress with concrete and forms



February 19/16 - This shot was taken from the rooftop of C Building



February 9/16 - Concrete begins to shape our new foundation



January 7/16 - What it looks like after 5000 cubic metric tons of earth is moved 



January 2/16 - A frosty start to the new year but lots of earth continues to move with this fleet of excavators



December 14/15 - A look at the progress from the past week


December 8/15 - EMMSOTA Building in the Tri City News



December 3/15 - The tire/truck wash and a look at the site this week.


November 17/15: Intersection Closure for Nov. 19th only.  Details under the Publications section on our home page.


November 16/15: Progress from this past week.


Road Closure Nove 9-20, 2015:

Details of Closure are under the Publications section on our Home Page.


November 5/15 - Demolition of D Building well underway today


October 23/15 - Upcoming road closure of Buller St. Closure begins Nov. 19.  We will post more details about this event at the beginning of November.

October 13/15 - Day one of construction!  The fence is up marking the construction zone for our new school.


September 2015 - Here is the first announcement :


There are two important transitions for middle school aged students.  Grade 5's who transition from elementary to middle and grade 8's who are transitioning to secondary.  At Ecole Moody Middle School of the Arts there are a number of opportunities for students to learn about and prepare for these transitions.

École Moody Middle School of the Arts

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