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Learning during COVID 19


These are strange times. A worldwide pandemic is a big deal and each of us has a role to keep each other safe and healthy. Being at home instead of at school or in the community is how your family is helping the world, thank you. 

The teachers support staff and Ms. McLean & Ms. Husband are so pleased to welcome back just over 200 student in the first week of June. We had 35-45 students each day. 

One day students will look back in at this time and tell stories. What stories will they tell when their kids when asked?  We want everyone to be a Monty ROCK star.

  • Create a schedule (e.g. get dressed/ read)
  • Exercise a little every day
  • Read for 30 minutes every day, if you are of books Coquitlam Library has online books for free
  • Connect with your teacher by email, TEAMS or by phone every week
  • Help at home the best you can

We are here for you, let us know if you need our help or are feeling overwhelmed, email your teacher, Mrs. Diep, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Husband (



Learning remotely/ code of conduct

The sudden shift in how children are learning means that we are doing things differently.  We are learning as we go finding the methods that work to support students learning from home and in person. We have not moved to online learning: we have moved to learning from home and that is supported using online technology. Office 365, MS word and Teams are the most important tools that we will be using to a greater or lesser degree depending on your child's teacher. Please remember we are learning too and like you, our life at home has changed for the staff. 

Student Belongings'

If your child is one of the 20 families with belonging still at school please call so we can create a time for pick up. 

School Laptops

Laptops that are on loan from the school will need to be returned during the last week of class. or on the days that your child collects their report card. 

Learning Online.

  • Read for 30 minutes daily
  • Get organized for connecting online (if you have a computer).
  • Get some exercise every day
  • Get up and get dressed every day (especially Mon-Friday)
  • TWO lessons or activities from your teacher 

Learning Engagement 10 hours per week and 2 hours of physical activity per week

If you are hoping for more to do there are countless links and online learning opportunities available for families. Follow your child's interests. The Ministry of Education expects students to engage in 10 hours of learning and an additional 2 hours of physical activity/ week. Expectations are ramping up through mid April.  

As a community we have to be aware that each family is in a very different place in regard to supporting their child's learning at home. School should not be an additional source of significant stress in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.  10 hours of engagement each week in learning can include.

  • reading
  • completing learning assignments/ projects assigned by the classroom teacher
  • following a live or recorded online lesson with the teacher
  • exchanging email conversation/ teams chat with the classroom teacher
Vouluntary On Site Instruction 
  • Every person (staff and students) must be completely healthy (no cold or flu symptoms at all) to be at school/ work.
  • Every person must wash or sanitize their hands when they enter the school, before eating, after using the washroom or sneezing and as they exit the school.
  • Vulnerable learners will continue to receive additional in person support, although there may be some change to their schedule.
  • Online learning will continue although there may be some changes, which we will work to keep to a minimum.
  • In person instruction is very different that “regular" school.
    • No large gatherings
    • Social distancing
    • Students are working with their advisory teacher.​


Online expectations PDF.pdf
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