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Hillcrest Middle School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Core & Explorations

Core & Explorations

Our Grade 6/7 and Grade 8 Core classes are the home base for our students where they learn core academic subjects as well as French, Physical Education and Health & Career Education. Explorations classes provide students with hands-on learning experiences in Art, Drama/Music, Home Economics, and Technology Education and Digital Literacy (see detailed info to the right).



Red Team

Mrs. Byrne

Mrs. Caldwell

Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Ngo/ Partner

Blue Team

Mrs. Hampton

Mr. Lageston

New Teacher

Mr. Wiskar

Green Team

Mr. J. Van Hove

Mrs. Boileau

Ms Plesko/Mcmillan

Mrs. K. Carston

Mrs. K. Slater

Yellow Team

Mr. Ingelman

Mrs. Stewardson

Mr. Holbrook

Mr. Nay


Orange Team

Mrs. C. Gallello

Mr. Foulkes

Mr. Crema

Mr. Sharma

Explorations Team

Mr. A. Rigetti

Mrs. S. Toolsie-Worsnup

Mrs. E. Percevault

Ms. A. Yeates

Mrs. T. MacMillan


Student Services 

Mrs. M. Chan   

Mrs. Davies

New Teacher



Office Staff

Mrs. L. Carswell

Mrs. L. Nichols

Special Ed. Assist.

Ms Bereznai

Ms D. Buchanan

Mrs. Ciulla

Mrs D. Deisinger

Mrs. Shawn Garrett


Mr. D. Brown

Mr. S. Ng

Mr. J. Gorman


Youth Worker

Ms. Grace Gallaccio


Ms I. Dhaliwal



Hillcrest Middle School

2161 Regan Avenue, Coquitlam BC
V3J 3C5
604-936-4237 604-937-6878
8:00 am - 3:30 pm
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