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Hillcrest Middle School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Principal's Message
​​Welcome to Hillcrest Middle School!

If you have navigated to this page then we thank you for taking the time to discover more about our school community.

To our Parents: We invite you to be active members of our school community.  This means that as your children get older you do need to take an active role in their overall education. The hands - off approach does not work as your child needs your guidance and your teaching of managing the filters they need to work through their complicated lives of family, friends and social media. First and foremost this means connecting early and often with your child's teachers.  You will receive 5 progress reports for your child this year (3 formal end-of-term report cards; 1 student-parent conference in October; 1 informal interim in early May).  In addition to these scheduled reports we encourage you to contact teachers should you desire information on your child's progress in a particular subject area or if you have any questions/concerns about his/her program.  We also encourage you to get involved in our school life by taking advantage of opportunities to get involved with our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) or serve as a school volunteer.  Preadolescents need their parents to be involved in their school experiences.

To our Students:  Middle school years are the time for you to explore your interests and make new relationships.  You have time to join new activities and meet other students who have diverse interests and who will challenge you to ponder your ideas, your courage and your kindness.  We believe your middle years are the most important years of your lives as you grow to build confidence in your abilities and learn much about who you are in relation to your peers.  Middle school is a time in which you will change and grow in many ways.  The person you are when you graduate from Grade 8 will be much different than when you entered Grade 6.  Your middle school years can help you become the best person you can be if you take advantage of the many opportunities we offer to discover new talents strengths.  Engaging activities in core subjects, explorations, athletics, Music Enrichment and Student Leadership are some of the ways you may choose to make of the most of your middle years at Hillcrest.  Get involved and make your year the best it can be!

We are eager to assist and support you as you travel the road ahead throughout this school year.  After all, we want each of you to take the “High Road”!

Mr. Rob McFaul                              


Rob McFaul
Vice Principal
Dawn Jette

Hillcrest Middle School

2161 Regan Avenue, Coquitlam BC
V3J 3C5
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