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École Coquitlam River Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)



Ecole Coquitlam River Elementary​

Calendar of  Events​

April  2023    - * Outdoor days are Tuesdays , Thursdays Closed for Kickstart to Kindergarten, Fridays are inside days 

​​7th Closed

10th Closed

17th Drumming with Terri from Aboriginal Education.... 20 children Max

19th Terry Fox Library Lady is here to do storytime 11am sharp

21 Pro Day Closed

24th YMCA Childre resource and referral is here - if your looking for child care, preschools or want to be a child care provider..come today

STRONGSTART has returned to first come first served drop in sessions. Our maximum will be 24 children and their parent/caregiver.




​Drop-in first come, first served.  There will be a full sign on the entry door when we have met our maximum.  Please come another day. Please do not park in the staff parking lot.
​OUTDOOR SESSIONS   Forest Classroom



We ask that families try to arrive by 9:15am as we go to the forest at 9:15am.  there will be direction on the entry door to get to the forest.  Please bring your water bottles.  we will have a small snack 
  • We ask that one parent or caregiver and three children max per family
  • Strict physical distancing is no longer required. However, centres will be utilizing available space to spread people out where possible. 
  • All families will sign in daily and do a health check prior to coming to Strong Start
  • A small snack will be provided during each session. If you have dietary needs, please be prepared to provide your own snack. bring water bottles
  • Masks are not mandatory for adults, are highly suggested
  • We ask that Cellphones be placed on silent and used only fir picture taking and emergency calls
  • Please do not enter the building until the StrongStart room door opens at 8:45am



  • Strict physical distancing is no longer required. However, centres will be utilizing available space to spread people out where possible. 
  • Entry to the Strong start classroom begins at 8:45 am, please do not enter early, wait outside until the Educator opens the doors at ​8:45am.
  • Entry is on the right side of the building by wooden playground off staff parking lot
  • Please ensure you and your child was hand upon entry into the StrongStart room



  • Play spaces will be pre-designated either on the school grounds or within the local community. *Note: Please contact or the outdoor StrongStart teacher  for details. 
  • Site assessments will be conducted prior to each session to ensure safety. 
  • Families will remain outdoors for the duration of the session unless extreme weather events, Extreme weather will be posted on this page, if this event occurs it will be move for safety reasons indoors and is subject to occur without notice. 
  • Please dress appropriately for all weather conditions for both adult and child.  Warm layers, gloves, boots, hats, rain pants and jackets


How to Register for New ​Families 

Step 1: Download the Strong Start Registration Form (PDF) on your device.

It is recommended that you complete the registration form using a computer (PC or Mac).

Mobile phone, iPad or tablet is not recommended.

If you are unable to complete t​he registration form on a computer, please contact 604-937-6381.


Step 2: Complete the Registration Form.

Save it on your device as “Strong Start Registration for [Name of Child]"

Step 3: Prepare the required documents for registration.

Families have the option of sending scans or photos of all required documents.

  • Proof of your child's birthdate 
  • Proof of parent's residency

Step 4: Send an email back to and attach the Strong Start Registration Form and other required documents.



Welcome to Coquitlam River StrongStart:

Each StrongStart Centre in the Coquitlam School District  has qualified Early Childhood Educators facilitating family literacy activities in a play-based learning environment supported by Parent Participation.

StrongStart Facilitators lead learning activities to support each child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Learning activities including stories, music, dramatic play, construction, and art to help in a successful transition into Kindergarten.

StrongStart is a Parent/Caregiver participation program.  This is where you and your child or the child that is in your care move throughout the centre experiencing many activities and learning centers.  It is important that you are participating and talking with your child during their time here.  You will be supporting them through activities, transitions and circle times. 

Children are always observing, listening and learning from the people around them.  You will find that with new experiences and activities you have learned at the centre; you will be able to take these ideas and experiences home and re-create them in your own home as well.  We hope that your experiences with your child at StrongStart are full of rich learning experiences.

Our centre has a strict "No Cellphone Policy"  If you must have your cellphone at the centre please turn it to silent.  If you must use your cellphone during the session we ask that you do so outside of the building.  If you must leave the room at any time your child must accompany you, children are not to be left unattended for their safety.

Many families have meaningful experiences and see many milestones reached during their time at StrongStart, if you witness this happening honor the moment with praise and encouragement ....

See you there!



 Staying Healthy

We clean carefully to prevent the spread of infection in our centres.  We ask for your cooperation in ensuring the good health of all our participants by staying home if you or your child....

Have flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, diarrhea or vomiting.

have cold-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and/or head/body aches.

have any communicable conditions or infection such as pink-eye, chicken pox, lice, etc.


We appreciate your consideration in helping us all keep healthy and happy together!




    There are currently no events.

École Coquitlam River Elementary School

4250 Shaughnessy St., Port Coquitlam BC
V3E 3E5
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