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P.A.T.T. (Math Games)


**Game of the Week   Week 9 now available

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Problem of the Week

Problem solving is an important life skill that we need to teach our children.  There is a lot of thinking that goes into problem solving and most of it needs to be explicitly taught.  To be a successful problem solver, a person must figure out exactly what the problem means and what question they must answer to be able to solve it.  Once they know what question they are trying to answer, they then have to choose a strategy that will help them solve the problem  There is often more than one strategy that can be used to solve problems, so flexibility with thinking is important.  Once a strategy has been chosen, it's time to appy it to solve the problem.  Sometimes the strategy orginally chosen isn't very helpful and a new strategy must be used.  Finally, once the problem has been solved, it needs to be reviewed to make sure the answer is a reasonable and logical one.  Because there are so many steps and so much thinking that goes in to solving problems, the teachers at Seaview have decided to add a "Problem of the Week" to the Math section.  Problem solving is an important skill to practice and is also a great way to introduce conversations about math at home.  In the following weeks there will be articles posted that discuss 10 different problem solving strategies.  Please take the time to read them as the strategies are important for helping solving the different "Problems of the Week."  Answers to the problem will not be posted because we want to encourage your child to talk about the strategies he/she used to solve the problem with you. 


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Many thanks to Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks for providing this opportunity to our students:


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