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Mountain View Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Mountain View Mustangs

We offer a wide variety of sports and physical education activities including after school programmes.    We participate in Action Schools, The 60 Minute Kids club programme and the required daily physical education activities.   In 2015 we won the 60 Minutes Kids Club award for the most active BC school.

Activities include:   running, basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer,  tennis, badmonton, track, floor hockey, gymnastics, softball, Martial Arts, Hip Hop, track, dance and yoga  to name but a few.  Each year students receive swimming instruction and participate in skating activities. This does not exclude specific field trips to various venues from rock climbing and the Omega gym to water slides and hiking.   The after school programmes also offer many options - see Clubs link. We also partipcate in the Jump Rope for Heart event educating our students on the need to eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and exercise each and every day.    We hold an afternoon  skipping event where we have fun jumping and exercising together to keep our hearts strong.  Prizes are won including a free class trip to the Olympic Richmond Centre or the Rock Climbing centre.

Each year in June we hold a school sports day, which engages every student in a variety of fun and exciting activities.  We usually have a specific theme that the day is built around.  Last year it was Canada's 150th birthday.  The afternoon is spent cheering everyone on during the preschool, student and adult  races as well as the ever popular tug a war event.

Presently staff coach: grade 4 and 5 basketball teams,  a long  distance running club for all grades and a grade 3,4,5  track club.  Friendly basketball games are held with various local elementary schools culminating with an April tournament.     Coach Nishihama also holds a family basketball evening for the team and their families to celebrate their successes.  We encourage all students to practice running each recess for the September Terry Fox run and also for the Grade 3,4,5 district Como Lake relays held in April.   The track club practises usually begin in earnest after spring break for the May district events held at Percy Perry Stadium.   

Our students have been very successful in all of these events and anyone who wants to practicipate is welcome.   That is the advantage of our small school --we need you!   Everyone matters and everyone needs a chance to learn a new skill. 

Mountain View Elementary School

740 Smith Ave, Coquitlam BC
V3J 4E7
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