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Blakeburn Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Code of Conduct

         Code of Conduct:             

At Blakeburn we believe that all members of the Blakeburn School Community are expected to behave in a socially responsible manner.  This expectation extends from the classroom, to the hallways, to the washrooms, to school gatherings, to the playground and to the extended learning environment of field trips. 

           Take care of yourself

           Take care of others

           Take care of this place

We want to create a safe, caring environment where children build confidence to try their best and know that they are supported.  We want to empower our children to develop strategies in solving conflicts and creating solutions. 

Conduct Expectations:

Acceptable Conduct is:

         Conveyed through daily conversations.

         Compassionate and kind.

         Using teachable moments to model socially responsible behaviors.

         Valuing diversity.

         Solving problems in peaceful ways.

         Including others. 

Unacceptable Conduct is:

         Behaviour that interferes with the learning environment.

         Behaviour that interferes with an orderly environment.

         Behaviour that creates unsafe conditions.

         Any acts of bullying, harassment or intimidation (may include physical, verbal, and cyber bullying on or off the school property) *See District Policy #17

         Being involved in any illegal acts.

         Possessing or using weapons.

         Possession or distribution of illegal substances.

         Theft or vandalism. 

Rising Expectations

         Students are helped to identify or state unacceptable conduct, and coached through a process of making it, 鈥渞ight鈥 with relationships.

         If the behavior continues or is patterned, then we may increase supervision, and communicate with the family.

         If the behavior continues, then we will refer to a larger team to find solutions to support the child (services, supervision, limits, and adaptations).

         All interventions will happen with the aim to strengthen each child and all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure a student who files a complaint or provides information regarding a breach of the code of conduct will not endure retaliation (Ministerial Order 276/07 6(e))

         Parents will be notified of the children involved in an incident based on the severity of the incident.  Classroom teachers manage most communication with families.  In more serious incidents, the Principal will contact the family.

         If students violate the district or school code of conduct then due process according to district mandate is followed.  This would include situations involving weapons, harassment and violence.  Students may be suspended from attending school for up to five days on an informal suspension.  At all times with moderate to severe behavior, we would have a School Based Team Meeting, including the parents, to work in partnership with the school.

Please see below for this year's current full version of the code of conduct.


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