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École Banting Middle School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Please see the attached information and order form for Gift Cards.  There is a fairly short turnaround time for orders - deadline is Monday, November 18th​.  Don't miss out.  Get your orders in now!!

*You can also find the order form under the PAC tab on this web page.​Banting PAC Gift Card Fundraser Info + Order Form.pdf


​BC's new Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation (VSRR) came into effect on July 1, 2019. It supports the gathering of immunization records by Public Health. The regulation applies to all students in all schools within the Province's jurisdiction, including those that are home-schooled. It does not apply to children attending schools in First Nations communities. 

Further information and details may be found in the complete letter from Fraser Health:

Parent Guardian Letter for VSRR.PDF


​Dear Banting Students,

I greatly appreciate you picking up  your lost items  when they are put out in the front foyer for you to find and take them home.  It would be very essential, if you left the unclaimed items folded or if you unfolded them, folded back.  It helps everyone find their items quicker and easier.​

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ilona Palko

Youth Worker


​Dear Banting Students,

While I am more then ready to help you out in case you accidentally left your lunch at home, or your family was short of food for some serious reasons on certain days, I do not appreciate you taking advantage of this very valuable support. Lately, I noticed that many of you access this support for unfounded reasons such "I did not like my lunch,  I had my lunch but I would like to eat something more etc..." Please, remember that you are responsible for your own lunch and that you are capable of packing one at home. 

I greatly respect your effort to take care of your own meals.

Ilona Palko

Youth Worker

Banting Middle 


October 29, 2019 

A Message to Parents and Guardians: Halloween Appropriateness 

Halloween across all schools in SD43 is a fun and festive day which brings the school community together.  Typically, the time around Halloween is incident-free and very respectful. 
From time to time, a few students “in character” push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, or what is appropriate behavior in schools, sometimes at the expense of others.  With that in mind, and to ensure that every student and adult in our community enjoys the time around Halloween, we would like your assistance in reinforcing these guidelines with your children, for student safety and school climate reasons: 
  • Students in costume should be easily recognizable and/or identify themselves to any staff member when queried.
  • By law, and School District expectations, the use and possession of firecrackers or fireworks at school is strictly prohibited.  This pertains to students before, during or after school, on or offsite.
  • Replica weapons (guns, knives, etc.) are inappropriate, as are costumes which are hyper-sexualized, or costumes which depict elements of sexual exploitation.  Please encourage your children to avoid glamorizing sexual exploitation by refusing to allow them to wear Halloween costumes that re-victimize those who have suffered the devastation of this crime.  It is also important to note that costumes which portray individuals of a marginalized race, which are stereotypical and/or condescending, or that demean any group of people and make fun of anyone’s suffering are inappropriate.
  • Students “in character” are to conduct themselves appropriately.  Behaviors which intimidate, harass or humiliate members of the community, or other behaviors which are inappropriate at the expense of others, do not contribute to a fun, festive, and safe environment.
With your assistance, I trust we will have a wonderful week and our children will continue to love being at school.  Thank you for your support. 

Please refer to these readily available public websites of our partner agencies for more information: 

Have a safe and happy Halloween. 


Patricia Gartland


​Dear Banting Student Community,

As you all know, Banting Breakfast and Lunch Programs have been Environmentally conscious for years. We have made serious attempts to eliminate plastic cutlery, plastic plates and bowls. We can proudly announce that our hard work paid off. You enjoy every day plastic free Breakfast and Lunch Programs. This also means that when you bring your own delicious meals from home, you must bring your own spoons and forks. We are no longer able to provide you any of them. I would also like to mention that sometimes the very valuable forks or spoons you bring from home end up in the Lost and Found. There is only one reason for this: food containers  quite often filled with leftovers, spoons and forks are left behind. The caretakers collect them and place all into the Lost and Found bin. I encourage you all to take home your containers. It costs money to replace them and food leftovers attract pests. Banting is one of the most beautiful school buildings of the city. Let us keep it that way and let us continue to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the use of plastic.


SD43 Superintendent of Schools Patricia Gartland welcomes all students back to school. Read more here: Superintendent's Welcome Letter

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