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École Panorama Heights Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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This page contains various electronic forms designed to facilitate communication between parents and the school. It is also a green initiative whereby we are actively trying to eliminate excessive printing and saving a few trees in the process. 

Our online forms are not available at this time, as the Teacher and Division names and numbers have not yet been finalized.

Please visit this page once your child has been assigned to their new teacher.  Thank you.

Our school is very pleased to offer online forms for your convenience. Please review the table below of teachers' names and division prior to filling out forms.  You will need to enter the Teacher name and Division Number for each of your children attending our school.  Please DO NOT complete an Emergency Release form as this will be completed by paper copy.

**Please note that each Division has three digits, (e.g. 003) please include them all when you complete the forms. 









​Div 001​Gr 4/5​Mrs. Crawford​Div 012​Gr 4/5​Mme Luca
​Div 002​Gr 4/5​Mrs. Mymko/Ms. Healey​Div 013​Gr 4/5​Mlle Karsenti
​Div 003​Gr 4/5​Mrs. Tung​Div 014​Gr 4/5​Mme Lozynyc
​Div 004​Gr 3/4​Ms. Folz​Div 015​Gr 3​Mme Elliot
​Div 005​Gr 3​Mrs. LaRiviere/Mr. Spira​Div 016​Gr 2/3​Mme Piggott
​Div 006​Gr 2/3​Ms. Ellis​Div 017​Gr 2/3​Mme Szymczyk
​Div 007​Gr 2​Mrs. Hamm​Div 018​Gr 2​Mme Bertrand
​Div 008​Gr 1/2​Mrs. Mancini​Div 019​Gr 1Mme Taschereau

​Div 009

​Gr 1​Mrs. Vander Baaren​Div 020​Gr 1​Mme Stewart

​Div 010



Div 011





​Mrs. Goddard/Mrs. Rhodes


Ms. Shaw

Div 021



Div 022





​Mme Rhodes/



Mme Reskovich

Your promptness in completing these online forms is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for helping us to save paper!




Must be completed at the start of each school year. Please visit the following link(s) prior to opening the School Policies form:

School Code of Conduct







To be completed at the start of each school year but only if your child has a medical concern.

Fill out form, print it and return it to your child's school.       


To be completed at the start of each school year by volunteers who are planning to transport students during school field trips.

Note: you will also need to drop off a driver's abstract and a criminal record check at the school office and complete a Volunteer Application form (once per school level).


To be completed at the start of each school year by staff or students planning to use privately owned devices (laptops, iPods, Blackberries, etc.) by connecting them to the district wireless or wired network.



To be completed once at each school level by parents and non-parents who are planning to volunteer at our school.

Note: you also need to drop off a criminal record check (CRC) at the school office. Contact the school to ensure your CRC is still valid.



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