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School Supplies

School Supplies

GRADE 6-7-8



Please note these amounts are intended to be supplies for the entire year. It is recommended that a start-up quantity be sent to school, and extra quantities of some items (eg., glue sticks, lined paper) be kept at home until replacements are needed.


1           USB flash drive

1           3" Binder (your choice of zippered or not)

1           Pkg. of 5 Index Dividers (that you can write on)

2           Pkg. of Refill Paper 200 Lined

1           Pkg. of Graph Paper 50 sheets

2           Pkg. of 12 HB Pencils

2           Pens Blue and/or Black

2           Black thin Felt Fine liner

2           Black thick Felt liner

2           Highlighter Pen

1 pkg     24 Pencil Crayons-pre-sharpened

1 pkg    20 fine felt pens

1           colored sharpies (optional)

1           EXPO Dry erase marker (thin tip)

5-7      Dry erase markers (black or blue)

1           Ruler Clear Plastic CM & MM (30 cm)    

2-3      Glue Sticks Large 40 gm

2          Erasers White Vinyl

1           White out tape

­­1           ACME Geometry Set 8 Pcs

1           Scissors - 6 ¾" sharp point

1           Basic Calculator for grade 6/7; Scientific for grade 8 (e.g., TI108 Texas instruments)                

1           Gym Strip (shirt, non-marking running shoes, shorts, or athletic pants)

1           Set of Earbuds

1          Fork and Spoon (to be kept in locker in cased needed for   snack or lunch (office no longer issues plastic cutlery)

1          Re-usable water bottle

1          Box of Kleenex​ 

Examples given regarding calculators, etc., are simply that.  If you can purchase any of the school supply items more economically or you are able to repurpose gently used items from home, please do so.  Brand names mentioned are not mandatory although non-EXPO brand whiteboard markers tend to permanently stain our boards.

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