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Mundy Road Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Student Services
​Our student services team is made up of teachers, support staff, counsellors and administrators. Our primary goal is to develop strategies and programs for students with special learning needs and to refer students for specific district services if need be.

The following programs and services are available at our school:

  • Student Services: Our Students Services Program offers the following services: Speech and Language, Learning Assistance, English as a Second Language, and support for students with a Gifted or Hearing designation. Students with a Ministry designation will have an individual education developed annually and parents are provided with a copy of the plan after being consulted. Teachers are encouraged to book a School Based Team meeting with our Student Services Team and the parent of a students that are experiencing difficulty.
  • Counselling: Social, emotional and academic support for students.  Our School Counsellor works every Monday and Thursday at Mundy Road Elementary, if you need to book appointment, please call the school. 
  • English as a Second Language:  Provides language acquisition, cultural and social development support for students whose primary language is not English.
  • Gifted: Programming designed to support the needs of students identified as gifted learners.
  • Learning Assistance: Learning support for students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties; services include assessment, consultation, collaborative planning and instruction.
  • Hearing Resource Teacher: A Hearing Resource Teacher visits our school weekly to support students with a Hearing Impairment. The Resource Teacher supports the student and teacher by providing resources and direct support.
  • Speech and Language: A school based Speech and Language Pathologist visits Rochester once a week. The Pathologist works with children who have difficulties correctly pronouncing English speech sounds, difficulty expressing themselves or understanding what is said to them, fluency problems such as stuttering and also voice disorders such as vocal modules or a nasal voice quality. Therapy may be given on an individual, group, or class basis through consultation with classroom or support teachers.
  • Skill Development Program: Learning support and instruction for students in low incidence special need categories; services include assessment, IEP development, programming and instruction, resource development

Mundy Road Elementary School

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V3K 3S1
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