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Leigh Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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2016-17 Leigh Staff List
Abdullaieva, Ms. A Custodian (am)
Aiello, Ms. C.
Kindergarten Teacher
Arteficio, Ms. F. Student Services, EAL
Bardsley, Mrs. A Speech and Language
Belliveau, Mrs. A. Secretary (M, Th, Alt Fri)
Bourbonnais, Ms. N. Digital Literacy

​Burton, Mrs. T​Grade 1
Camazzola, Ms. V Noon Hour Supervisor
Chamberlin, Mrs. C Secretary
Chambers, Mrs. R. Grade 1 teacher
Cobleigh, Ms. J. Noon Hour Supervisor
Coghlan, Mrs. J. Grade 3/4, 4/5 teacher
Collins, Mr. R. Principal
Di Fonzo, Mrs. A. Student Services
​Dunbar, Ms. J.​Grade 4/5
Eastman, Mrs. J. Resource/LA Teacher
​Edge, Ms. T.Education
Ford, Mr. R. Grade 4/5 Teacher
Frith, Mrs. M Grade 1 Teacher
​Gushue, Ms. A.​Grade 2/3
Hake, Mrs. A Noon Hour Supervisor
​Halarewich, Ms. S.​Education
Harris, Mrs. B. Education Assistant
Harris, Ms. H. Custodian (PM)
Hirvonen, Ms. L. Kindergarten Teacher
Hodges, Ms. C. Grade 3 Teacher
Hourihane, Mrs. J. Grade 4/5 Teacher
​Hunter, Mrs. A.​
Jeon, Mrs. J. Kindergarten Teacher
Jiew, Mr. M. Grade 3 Teacher
Jimenez, Ms. A Grade 3 teacher
​Kitamura, Mr. M.​Caretaker
Lamb, Ms. C Education Assistant
​Leavold, Ms. B.​Noon Hour Supervisor

Letkeman, Ms. A. Grade 1 Teacher
​Linnen, Ms. K​
Lochhead, Mrs. A. Grade 4/5 Teacher
​MacKenzie, Ms. J​Grade 2/3
​McLellan, Ms. J​Education
Mitchell, Ms. G. Student Services
Miyanaga. Mr. G Grade  2 Teacher

Morrison, Ms. E. Kindergarten and Gr 1 Teacher
Neuls, Mrs. B. Grade 2 Teacher
Obst, Ms. K Grade 4/5 Teacher
Peragine, Ms. K. Grade 2/3 Teacher  
Pion, Ms. A Student Services
Ragoo, Mrs. L. Special Education Assistant
Tepes, Mrs. M. Music & Student Services Teacher
Van Straten, Mrs. J Kindergarten Teacher

Vondrasek, Mrs. K Special Education Assistant
Walker, Mrs. L Special Education Assistant
​Wallace, Ms. L.​K
​Wallsmith, Ms. K.​Grade 2

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Leigh Elementary School

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