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Hillcrest Middle School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Music Enrichment

  Music Enrichment enables students to make musical magic of their own in either Advanced or Beginning band and/or the Girls’ Choir of the Guy’s Chorus.

All rehearsals start at 7:47 am and the timetable is organized so students can participate in band and choir, and are also able to become involved in our amazing athletic teams.


Welcome to Band!!!!

Here are a few things you need to know before we get started.  Make sure you understand all of the following information:

General course Requirements:

COMMITMENT to the Group:  This is exhibited by having a positive attitude toward members of the group, and to the task of preparing music for performances.  SUCCESS can only be achieved through hard work and co-operation.

 More detailed information about Band can be found in the document posted to the right

Guys’ Chorus and Girls’ Choir

Singing is an amazing experience that challenges and inspires.  This year, you will have the opportunity to communicate through choral music.  Assemblies, festivals and many other performances will allow us to share our music with others.  Here are some important details:

  1. Procedures:  It is expected that you will be on time and be ready to sing with your music, your enthusiasm and, of course, your voice at 7:47 a.m.
  2. Assessment:  You will be assessed in terms of attendance, performance ability ad attitude.  This is a performance-based course and it is critical that you attend all rehearsals and performances.  You will also be awarded points each class for technique, posture, and other musical behaviours.
  3. Communication:  Please communicate any missed performances or rehearsals in writing.  Written notes ensure better communication.

 We look forward to a great year.  Thank you for making music a part of your life!!!!!!!

 Please feel free to contact Mrs. Gallello if you have any questions


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