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École Glenayre Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Student Services
​​Our student services team is made up of teachers, support staff, counsellors and administrators. Our primary goal is to develop strategies and programs for students with special learning needs and to refer students for specific district services if need be.

The following programs and services are available at our school:

Counselling: Social, emotional and academic support for students.

ELL:  Provides language acquisition, cultural and social development support for students whose primary language is not English.

Gifted: Programming designed to support the needs of students identified as gifted learners.

Learning Assistance: Learning support for students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties; services include assessment, consultation, collaborative planning and instruction.​​

Learning Resource Program: Learning support and instruction for those students who need adaptations or modifications to curriculum. Learning Assistance and Learning Resource programs are usually integrated including EAL instruction.

Skill Development Program: Learning support and instruction for students in low incidence special need categories; services include assessment, IEP development, programming and instruction, resource development


Student Services Staff 2019-2021

Mrs. Camele - Department Head, Resource Room, Learning Assistance (English and French), Skill Development,  

Mrs. Ferguson - ELL​

Mrs. Silvester -Librarian  

Mrs Tambelini - Speech/ Language Pathology (Mon & Fri am)

Ms. De Lucca - Counselling (Mon, Tues, Thurs, alt Fri.)


   Reading at Home With Your Child

Most primary classes send a daily home reading bag, which is required reading.

You can supplement this by giving your child choices from the public library or your home collection. By allowing them to choose a book, they get to show you what they are interested in.

Make this your special "snuggle time" with your child where they get your undivided attention (TV turned off). This fosters a love of reading.

Do a "picture walk" where you ask your child what they see in the pictures. This allows them to make predictions about what will happen in the story. Remember there are no wrong answers!

If the book is at their level, let them read to you and when they get stuck on a word, get them to break it down into sound chunks with you so that they can figure it out next time. Ask them "What's the first letter sound?"

If the book is too hard for them to read, then read it aloud to them and after each page, ask them a listening question. "What did the fairy hide in the forest?" "Do you think Bruno is a nice character or a mean character?"

Re-visit the same books repeatedly. This encourages a love of books, shared life-long memories, increased fluency and development of literary terms.

Have fun! Keep it to a maximum of 20 minutes and give lots of praise and hugs. Happy reading!

EAL Services (English as an Additional Language)

If your first language (usally spoken by your mother or primary care-giver as a baby) was not English, then this service is for you. We would like to identify these children when they are registered for kindergarten if possible. It is therefore helpful if parents can let the office know on the kindergarten registration form.For families new to Canada, our school district can offer support with settlement into the community and translation services. Please ask Mrs. Lane if you know any family in our school who may need help with this. Coming to Canada and enrolling children in a new school system can be a daunting task. We can help by reaching out to new famililies and inviting their children to birthday parties or play opportunities. There are adult conversation classes in our community to assist the parents in learning English while their children are at school. The SUCCESS society (see links here) has been assisting new immigrant families with settlement in our area for many years.


School Based Team

Glenayre's school-based team meetings are held on Wednesday mornings at 8:15 in the library. The team consists of the classroom teacher for the student concerned, Mrs. Lane (chairperson), Administrators, school counselor, speech pathologist, parents, Learning Assistance teachers and any other para-professionals who may be providing current service for the child. Our goal is to coordinate school-wide service in the most effective manner for children in order to meet their individual needs.

École Glenayre Elementary School

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