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Litterless Lunch in One Week, Monday, Nov. 30th

November 23, 2015

The students and staff will begin bringing home food scraps and juice box or yogurt recycling containers to be disposed. The purpose is to reduce the amount of compost, recycling and garbage that the school manages on a daily basis. The process of recycling and composting at a large school has been challenging. This will help maintain a cleaner learning environment and help shift families to using reusable food and drink containers.

What goes home:

 Food scraps or left overs.

 Wrappers

 Empty juice box and disposable containers (ie. Yogurt containers)

 Uneaten District Lunch (Paper Bag Lunches)

The Process at School:

 After eating, children will place any uneaten food, or food scraps back into their Tupperware container or Ziploc bag. If no Ziploc bag or container is available, the food scraps will be wrapped in a paper towel.

 Juice boxes or yogurt containers will be fully consumed or emptied out. The emptied juice box or containers will also be placed into the Tupperware container or Ziploc bag.

The Process at Home:

 Children will dispose of food scraps into the compost pail in the kitchen.

 Juice boxes will also be disposed at home.

 Parents are able to monitor the amount of food their child eats at school.

We are encouraging children to use re-usable food containers and drink bottles.

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