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Baker Drive Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Skip Navigation LinksPAC Agenda and Minutes : 2013-2014 Minutes
PAC Sept 21, 2009 Minutes of Meeting.doc
PAC Mtg. Agenda Sept 21, 2009.doc
PAC Meeting Schedule for 2009.doc
Folder: 2015-2016 Minutes2015-2016 MinutesDyrndahl, Sandra
Folder: 2014-2015 Minutes2014-2015 MinutesDyrndahl, Sandra
Folder: 2013-2014 Minutes2013-2014 MinutesHartmann, Nancy
Folder: 2012-13 Minutes2012-13 MinutesHartmann, Nancy
PAC Treasurer 10-22.pdfPAC Treasurer 10-22Latulippe, Susan
Meeting minutes - Oct 22 2018.pdfMeeting minutes - Oct 22 2018Latulippe, Susan
2018-09-10 PAC Minutes_.pdf2018-09-10 PAC Minutes_Latulippe, Susan
PAC Roles - Oct. 18.pdfPAC Roles - Oct. 18Latulippe, Susan
PAC Financial Highlights 2017-18.pdfPAC Financial Highlights 2017-18Latulippe, Susan
YearEndReport 2017-2018 Balance.pdfYearEndReport 2017-2018 BalanceLatulippe, Susan
YearEndReport 2017-2018.pdfYearEndReport 2017-2018Latulippe, Susan
2018-06-11 PAC Minutes.pdf2018-06-11 PAC MinutesLatulippe, Susan
TreasurerReport 2018-5.pdfTreasurerReport 2018-5Latulippe, Susan
MonthlyReport 2018-05.pdfMonthlyReport 2018-05Latulippe, Susan
TreasurerReport 2018-3.pdfTreasurerReport 2018-3Latulippe, Susan
MonthlyReport 2018-03.pdfMonthlyReport 2018-03Latulippe, Susan
Meeting Minutes Baker Drive PAC - April 9 2018.pdfMeeting Minutes Baker Drive PAC - April 9 2018Latulippe, Susan
DPAC January 31st 2018.pdfDPAC January 31st 2018Latulippe, Susan
MonthlyReport 2018-01.pdfMonthlyReport 2018-01Latulippe, Susan
TreasurerReport 2018-01.pdfTreasurerReport 2018-01Latulippe, Susan
2018-02-19 PAC Minutes.pdf2018-02-19 PAC MinutesLatulippe, Susan
2018-01-22 PAC Minutes.pdf2018-01-22 PAC MinutesLatulippe, Susan
2017-12 Treasurer Report.pdf2017-12 Treasurer ReportLatulippe, Susan
MonthlyReport 2017-12.pdfMonthlyReport 2017-12Latulippe, Susan
DPAC Meeting November 29th.pdfDPAC Meeting November 29thLatulippe, Susan
TreasurerReport 2017-10.pdfTreasurerReport 2017-10Latulippe, Susan
MonthlyReport 2017-10.pdfMonthlyReport 2017-10Latulippe, Susan
DPAC Meeting Oct 25-17.pdfDPAC Meeting Oct 25-17Latulippe, Susan
2017-11-20 PAC Minutes.pdf2017-11-20 PAC MinutesLatulippe, Susan
2017-10-16 PAC Minutes.pdf2017-10-16 PAC MinutesLatulippe, Susan
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Apr 24 2014 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf
5/12/2014 8:27 AMHartmann, Nancy
Jan 23 2014 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf
2/3/2014 2:37 PMHartmann, Nancy
March 11 2014 Meeting Minutes.pdf
3/31/2014 11:24 AMHartmann, Nancy
May 21, 2013 PAC Meeting Minutes (AGM).pdf
5/30/2014 9:00 AMHartmann, Nancy
November 20th 2013 meeting minutes.pdf
11/27/2013 2:19 PMHartmann, Nancy
October 17 2013 minutes.pdf
10/23/2013 8:48 AMHartmann, Nancy
Sept 18 2013 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf
9/26/2013 12:38 PMHartmann, Nancy

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