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École Nestor Elementary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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School Photos

We are very proud to display pictures and student work showcasing students engaged in learning and social activities, as well as their works of art. Feel free to explore the various pictures and activities around the school that make Nestor such a special place!

Nestor Fun Fair
Each year a large group of dedicated PAC volunteers (and some additional helpers) work for weeks 'behind the scenes' to prepare for the Nestor Fun Fair.  Arcades and candy floss machines are set up, classrooms are transformed into game arenas, and a gigantic "bouncy castle" is erected in the gym!  Face painters and tattoo artists perform their magical art amidst the noise and laughter. There are prizes galore, lots of treats to eat, and of course, everyone licks their lips in anticipation of the traditional cake walks!  There is even a dunk tank... and rumour has it that our Principal was one of the victims!  What a fun time!   

Grade 3-5 Running Club
Students in Grades 3 to 5 participate in the Nestor Running Club each spring.  What a beautiful place to run... right through the blossoming Japanese cherry trees! 

All Nestor students eagerly await the setting up of the gymnastics equipment.  It is one of the most popular P.E. (Physical Education) units!

Citizenship Ceremony
Photos have been posted by "The Now" local newspaper".
Nestor was proud to host a citizenship ceremony where 40 new Canadians received their official status as Canadians.  The imtermediate students were able to observe, and participate, in the ceremony!

Dance Fest
Every year our school participates in a Dance Fest!  Mrs. Robertson is our Sponsor Teacher, and she cycles the types of dances over several years.  This year we had a Cowboy square theme!  Of course, we always end with the "Chicken Dance" and the "Macarena"... two student favourites!

Dragon / Lion Parade
Here are some photos from the current year.  We were delighted to make it onto the FRONT PAGE of the local Coquitlam "The Now" newspaper! They also showed several photos in their online edition.

History of our Nestor Dragon
Our Nestor dragon head was created by several teachers in 1998. It was made out of styrofoam (from a computer shipping box), chicken wire, newspaper and paper towel paper mache... and a LOT of laughing!  Mrs. Boekhout painted it in her garage.  We then had a special "eye opening ceremony" to herald it's entry into the world!  In 2000, the Year of the Dragon, Mrs. Zuckerman organized a collection of material from almost every student in the school.  A dedicated group of parents set to work sewing the scales for a new body. In 2000, the Year of the Dragon, our Nestor Dragon proudly paraded its stunning new body down the halls.
We also have two Chinese Lions which follow the dragon in the parade.  The large head was our "pre-dragon" leader.  The small head was a gift to Mrs. B. from a parent who was visiting Hong Kong.

FireFighter's Christmas Pancake Breakfast
One of the special traditions at Nestor is a yummy breakfast that our wonderful PAC group coordinates with the local FireFighters.  While the students enjoy a tour through a real FireTruck on the back blacktop, a host of handsome Firemen are busy cooking up pancakes on their huge outdoor grill. Students bring donations for the FireFighter's big boot, and Tim Hortons kindly provides coffee and Timbits for teachers and parents!  Volunteers from the PAC lay out gigantic papers in the gym as "tablecloths/colouring sheets" and "Santa" stops by for a visit and singalong! (It turns out that Santa loves to tell jokes too!)  the marvelous morning finishes off with a thank you to the FireFighters and a bag of candy canes for every class!

Christmas Craft Fair
Where do children buy affordable presents for their families without anyone seeing?  Why at the Nestor Christmas Craft Fair, of course!  Once again the Nestor PAC organizes a tremendous activity for Nestor students!  "Crafty Parents" are asked to donate items for sale and then each class is given a chance to "go shopping" in the gym!  Gifts are wrapped and tied with a ribbon so that there's "no peeking" before Christmas!  It's an activity truly full of the Christmas spirit of giving!

 Terry Fox Run(s) 
Nestor School has proudly participated in the Terry Fox School Run for many years. The entire school participates in an outdoor run to commemorate Terry's bravery.  Mrs. Quinn organizes a "Two-nies for Terry" donation for cancer research.  This year Mr. Della Vedova, our new principal, added a challenging run for a group of Grade 5 students and some athletic Nestor teachers!  They ran all the way to the Terry Fox memorial statue in Port Coquitlam! 

National Reading Day
The whole country is reading... and so is NESTOR SCHOOL!!!

 Our Nestor Logo


Our Nestor Logo was chosen from numerous outstanding submissions in a school wide contest in 1990. It was felt that this representation clearly highlighted the strong links between school and community, and the excellent relationship of our Nestor parents and students with the school staff members. Nestor Park, with its beautiful tall evergreens, and the nearby Coquitlam River, an exciting place during the annual salmon runs, are a part of our identity and an important reminder of our love for nature.

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