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Summer Learning
School District No. 43(Coquitlam)
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Integrated Studies

April 12, 2016

Integrated Studies combine concepts from two or more subject areas, enabling students to make powerful connections between different curriculum areas.  The newly revised BC Curriculum features more integration of subject areas, with the intention that students gain a deeper understanding of curriculum content.  We are pleased to offer these innovative courses this summer!


Integrated Studies - Art/Poetry Grade 4/5


​Integrated Studies - French Immersion:  Inventions: Science/Fine Arts - Grade 4/5


Integrated Studies - Creative Writing / Social Studies - Grade 4/5


Integrated Studies - Reading/Writing/Outdoor Science - Grade 1

Coquitlam River

​Integrated Studies - Digital Reading/Writing - Grade 4/5


Integrated Studies - Reading/ Writing/ Outdoor Science - Grade 2/3

Roy Stibbs

Integrated Studies - Math / Reading / Writing - Grade 4/5


Integrated Studies - Genius Hour - Grade 6/7/8

Hillcrest Middle

Integrated Studies - Media Literacy - Socials / Current Events - Grade 6/7

Kwayhquitlum Middle

Integrated Studies - Math Problem Solving Discovery - Grade 6/7

Scott Creek Middle




Summer Learning