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Summer Learning
School District No. 43(Coquitlam)
Welcome to Summer Learning

Are you interested in Summer Learning?  You're not alone!  This year we again anticipate over 6000 students in Grades 1 through 12 will take a summer course. 

Coquitlam Summer Learning has earned an outstanding reputation over the years, by virtue of its wide range of engaging courses for learners of all ages and the quality instruction that our teachers provide.  Every year we receive high praise from our students and parents.

This coming summer we are very pleased to again provide students from grades 1 through 12 a variety of learning opportunities this summer.  We are expanding our courses in "coding" (Info Tech computer programming) at all levels.  We will continue to expand our line up of Integrated Studies courses for elementary and middle students (in which students learn in two or more subject areas simultaneously).  All Grade 1 to 9 courses consist of the new BC curriculum.  Our complete line up of full credit Grade 10 -12 high school courses in our Advanced Credit and Online Fast Track programs will include the new curriculum in Career Life Education 10, English 10, Socials 10 and Socials 11 . This summer we are pleased to add the location of Roy Stibbs Elementary as a replacement for Miller Park, which will be unavailable due to major road repairs adjacent to the school. 

Please look at the various courses offered under Programs & Courses

For information about how to create an account or to register, please see our Registration page.

Parents of students in designated Special Education categories A through H will find information about student supports on our Student Support page.

On behalf of all of the Summer Learning teachers and staff, I wish you success in your summer learning activities.

Murray Peters,


SD43 Summer Learning


Summer Learning

380 Montgomery Centre, Coquitlam, BC V3K 5G2 , 604-936-4261