• Boys Soccer
    Riverside has a very competitive senior boys’ soccer program which in the short history of the school has developed a tradition of excellence and winning. All boys in grades nine through twelve are welcome to tryout. Senior soccer runs in the fall season from September to November. See Mr. Luongo for details.
  • Cross Country
    ​The cross country team practices start the very first week in September. The district meet begins the following week. The practices will take place on the various trails around Gates Park. Practices are normally no longer than one and a half hours in length. All of the district meets are at Mundy Park and they will be held on Wednesday afternoons. Athletes must compete in a minimum of two meets in order to qualify for the Coquitlam Championships in October. If you would like more information please contact Mrs. Keating.
  • Field hockey
    The Riverside senior girls field hockey team will be starting up immediately in September. This team competes in competitions such as the Coquitlam League and hopefully the Fraser Valley Championship. The team is always looking for new players from grade 9 to 12. To join you can contact Mrs. Blaxland.
  • Girls Volleyball
    ​The girls’ volleyball program had an outstanding year! The grade 9 girls’ team went undefeated throughout the season, and placed second at the district championships.  The junior girls also went undefeated during league play, won the district championships and placed 10th at the Provincial Championships.  The senior girls’ volleyball team placed 4th at the Fraser Valley Championships and 8th at the Provincials.  With only two athletes graduating this year, the program will be very competitive throughout. Any girls interested in playing grade 9, junior or senior volleyball, please see Mr. Gee. Tryouts take place during the first 2 weeks of September. See you there. Grade 9 girls interested in playing volleyball – see Mr. Gee in early September.
  • Junior Boys Volleyball
    Junior Boys’ volleyball players will learn the skills and the strategies of game. This competitive team starts in early September and finishes its season in mid-November. For more information about the team and when team tryouts occur contact Mr. R. Colombo. Grade 9 boys interested in playing volleyball – see Mr. Askew in early September.
  • Senior Boys Volleyball
    ​The Senior Boys Volleyball team will compete in invitational tournaments at Douglas College and UBC’s 40-Team invitational.  The team will also travel to Camosun College in Victoria to participate in the Camosun College Chargers Men’s Volleyball Senior Boys’ High School Tournament.  Another local tournament may also be included. Contact Mr. Muro for details.
  • Swim Team
    ​Interested in the Rapids Swim team?  Meet in room 209 on Friday, September 6 at lunch to find out more about our junior (9 – 10) and senior (11 – 12) teams.  Usually we practice twice a week at Eagle Ridge outdoor pool after school (September) and at CCAC in the mornings 6-30 – 7:30 (October to November).  We compete at the district, Fraser Valley and Provincial level. See Ms. Lotter for details.
  • Boys Basketball
    ​If you have an interest in basketball and want to be part of an up and coming Riverside Boys Program be sure to attend tryouts held in late October or early November.  The Program consists of three teams: GR 9 Boys, JR Boys (gr 10) and SR Boys (gr 11 & 12).  Be sure to contact Mr. Jamieson or Mr. Neufeld for training opportunities leading up to try outs in September and October!
  • Girls Basketball
    The grade 9 girls’ basketball team is the introductory team in the Riverside girls program. We encourage all interested girls to come out at this level. The junior team is competitive and made up of the best grade 9 and 10 girls at Riverside. Our program has a history of representing Riverside very well in the playoffs. Open gyms start in late September and are open to everyone. Tryouts for all teams are in the late fall. For more information please contact Paul Langford or Mr. Colombo.
  • Gymnastics
    Riverside’s gymnastics team has produced District and Provincial champions. Coaches are organized at the district level through the Omega Gymnastics club. This is a winter sport starting in late November. To get involved contact our athletic director Mr. Colombo.
  • Hockey Program
    Riverside’s Ice Hockey Club is open to all male and female students in grades 9-12 interested in the sport of hockey.  Members of this club are involved in many forms of hockey including ice, gym, ball, street and roller hockey.  The interests and pursuits of the club drive the type of activity this group involves itself in.  The ice hockey club is normally involved in league play competing in the British Columbia High School Ice Hockey League which traditionally takes place in the spring.  A selection process for the ice hockey club members takes place in early March for league play which takes place from March to May.  Sponsors:  Mr. Luongo, Mr. Romani, Mr. Ciolfitto, Mr. Astle
  • Wrestling
    Have you ever wanted to hip toss your friend or anybody else for that matter? Well here’s your chance! Wrestling season starts in November, so get your gear and see Mr. Colombo, our athletic director. The team is lead by community coach –Darren Kimura.
  • Badminton
    Riverside’s badminton team has been one of the largest in the school, attracting dozens of enthusiastic participants in all levels. Riverside is a perennial force in badminton and each year sends a number of players to the district and Fraser Valley Tournaments. Tryouts begin in late February or Early March.  It is recommended that you participate in Cross Country or another Fall sport that will build cardio in order to be ready for our very intense season.  Fitness will be a factor in making the team. For more information, contact Riverside’s athletic director, Mr. Colombo.
  • Girls Soccer
    Are you a girl interested in playing soccer? Well, make sure you are at tryouts in February. The team is coached by Mrs. Lazar and Mrs. Cuccione. “We always have a great bunch of girls come out – It’s a lot of fun,” said coach Lazar.
  • Golf Program
    ​Are you ready to hit the links with Riverside in the spring? If golf is your game, look for Mr. Jamie Askew in mid-March. Riverside’s golf team is constantly on the move, golfing at courses all over the Lower- Mainland. Both boys and girls are welcome. See Mr. Askew for more details.
  • Rugby Program
    The Rugby season starts in early February. For information on boys’ rugby, contact Riverside’s Athletic director Mr. Colombo.
  • Tennis Program
    Riverside’s tennis team has been successful since its inception two years ago, going on to win tournaments. The team is always looking for new players, both boys and girls, from grades 9 to 12. Listen for announcements in spring of 2014. To join you can contact Mr. Colombo or Mr. Askew.
  • Track & Field
    Riverside’s track and field teams are very successful every year and many of our best athletes join track. Practices are usually on Mondays and Tuesdays after school and the track meets are held Thursdays at the Town Center track. They begin in March and run through June. Contact Ms. Leonard in room 113 for more details.
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