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Multicultural Luncheon A Success

February 16, 2017

​The day broke like any other except on this day the trays of food arrived with labels attached, volunteers appeared with smiles on their faces, some folks donated money to support the  cultural collection of food items and students eagerly gave of their time to help volunteer at Monty Middle. Our community truly rose to the occasion as our parent/ guardian community heard the call for volunteers and people stepped up to carry and serve food from the plate. We had parents cutting, slicing, stirring and arranging food trays to best allow our students to see and sample the various food items. We had families the day before and the morning of, take time to prepare a favourite dish ranging from Butter Chicken to Ukrainian Sausages, including Bannock and Shepherd's Pie with tongue twister names but with tantalizing tastes like Chrusciki and Goolagoola.

All of these delectable items plus more,

came to our school through the front door,

for our kids to be able to adore and explore,

while they sat on the floor in groups of five or four,

with little pieces of coat of arms and projects for décor,

the goal of the event was to help build cultural rapport,

and to sow the thoughts of doing one every year as an encore.


Thanks to so many of you who offered healthy food items or contributed money to offset the costs of purchasing food trays from our local restaurants. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the parent volunteers who came out to offer their support with dedicated time and determined work efforts they accomplished a great feat of food preparation for all. Our staff did a wonderful job of pitching in and organizing the balanced division of food items for all to enjoy. An appreciative thanks to our Gr. 8 dessert servers who so gracefully and eloquently walked around offering the sweet treats to everyone after the first round of the main course. Our clean-up crew had the main dining areas prepped and cleared, so many of our students had brought their plates and utensils from home to use and to help us reduce the overall waste collection. This was a great start to our Random Acts of Caring Week and our community basked in the light it created by the positive energy that was put forth by so many to make our Fifth Multicultural Luncheon very successful and I have already heard students asking can we do this again next year. A very worthy thought to consider as we had students, staff and parents all working together.

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