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COL & CLOC Course List

Coquitlam Open Learning offers three types of learning environments, allowing you to choose the course format that works best for you:

Online (Continual Entry) – Students may register at any time from September to July. These courses are delivered completely online with the majority of student-teacher communication using online tools, such as email and chat.

Learning Centre (Continual Entry) – These courses are offered at our drop in centre CLOC, the Coquitlam Learning Opportunity Centre (map), near Coquitlam Center.  Learning Centre courses allow students to enter at any point during the year and are self-paced. Depending on the course and student preference, these courses could be either online or paper-based.

Fast Track (Online Blended) – These courses will have specific start dates and you will need to attend some regularly scheduled classes, with most of the course being completed online. Students will be required to travel to specific schools for face-to-face sessions. For days, times and locations, please see the course outlines or our most recent course catalog. The face-to-face classes will be used for seminars, group discussions, labs, and extra support.  July 2018 - next intake - visit for more information.

You must be registered with Coquitlam Open Learning in order to sign up for courses. Please register here.

Course Pacing and Completion Policies

1. Students are expected to complete all self-paced, flexible and online courses within a 10 month period.

2. Students are expected to complete 5% of course material within the 1st month after registration.

3. A final mark will be assigned to all students who complete at least 65% of the course requirements.

 Accounting 11
 Accounting 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Biology 11CLOC - Syllabus
 Biology 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Business Computer Applications 11CLOC - Syllabus
 Calculus 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Chemistry 11CLOC - Syllabus
 Chemistry 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Communications 11CLOC - Syllabus
 Communications 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Comparative Civilizations 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Data Management 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Earth Science 11CLOC - Syllabus
 English 10Online - Syllabus
 English 11Online - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus
 English 12Online - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus
 Family Studies 12CLOC - Syllabus
 French 10 Online - Syllabus
 French 11Online - Syllabus
 French 12Online - Syllabus
 Geography 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Grad TransitionsCLOC - Syllabus
 History 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Japanese 11Online - Syllabus
 Japanese 11 IntroOnline - Syllabus
 Japanese 12Online - Syllabus
 Law 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Literacy Foundations MathCLOC - Syllabus
 Mandarin 11
 Mandarin 11 Intro
 Mandarin 12Online - Syllabus
 Marketing 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Math - Apprenticeship & Workplace 10Online - Syllabus
 Math - Apprenticeship & Workplace 11Online - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus
 Math - Foundations & Pre-Calculus 10Online - Syllabus
 Math - Foundations 11Online - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus
 Math - Foundations 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Math - Pre-Calculus 11Online - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus
 Math 12 PreCalculusOnline - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus
 Physical Education 10Online - Syllabus
 Physics 11CLOC - Syllabus
 Physics 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Planning 10Online - Syllabus
 Planning 12CLOC - Syllabus
 Science 10
 Science and Tech 11CLOC - Syllabus
 Secondary School ApprenticeshipFor more info click here
 Social Studies 10Online - Syllabus
 Social Studies 11Online - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus
 Spanish 11
 Spanish 11 Intro
 Spanish 12
 Work Experience 12Online - SyllabusCLOC Online - Syllabus (Adults Only)
 Writing 12Online - SyllabusCLOC - Syllabus